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Morehouse College

The "Million Dollar Scholar"
Chicago, IL

Coca-Cola Scholarship $20,000
Horatio Alger Scholarship $20,000
Elks Lodge Scholarship $5,000
Gates Millenium $160,000
Dell Scholarship $20,000
Nordstrom Scholarship $10,000
Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship

Brown University

Molly L.
Fresno, CA

Coca-Cola Scholarship $10,000
Seymour Memorial Scholarship $1,500
Educational Employees CU $2,000
Dell Scholarship $20,000
Business Women of CA $3,000
Sam Walton Scholarship $3,000
Asian Pacific Scholarship Fund $5,000

Dartmouth College

Ryan F.
Riverside, CA

Coca-Cola Scholarship $10,000
Ron Brown Scholar $40,000
Elks Lodge Regional Scholarship $1,000
Elks Lodge District Scholarship $800
Dell Scholarship $20,000
Gates Millenium Scholarship $10,000/yr
Dell Scholarship $20,000

Tulane University

Diane M.
Miami, FL

Marine Corps Scholarship $8,400
Yarbrough Entrepreneurs Scholarship $500
Financial Planning Scholarship $1,500
Coca-Cola College Scholarship $1,000
Women's Excellence Award $6,000
Community Foundations Scholarship $2,000
Florida Blood Centers Scholarship $1,000