Updated: July 8, 2024

Success Stories

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Maddy G

Maddy G.
Ellwood City, PA
Grove City College
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com made applying for scholarships so easy! For me, it could get to be very overwhelming sorting through dozens of scholarships trying to find which ones I could apply to, that I was eligible for, etc. The Scholarship Directory made this process easy and navigable! Additionally, the Student Resources guide provided me with very helpful information in the scholarship application process. I highly recommend this website for any and all scholarship-seekers. Thank you Scholarships.com!"

"Through my experience with the Taco Bell Foundation and other scholarship organizations, I've learned to never give up.You never know what door may open for you, so apply for any and all scholarships that you can. Keep going even if you receive a rejection- that means something greater is out there for you! These scholarship communities and administration are filled with inspirational, admirable, and hard-working individuals. They have given me life-changing opportunities, and I am forever thankful for their kindness."

Edward Z

Edward Z.
Fremont, CA
University of Pennsylvania
PhD Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"When looking for potential sources of financial support for my academic career, Scholarships.com provided a convenient one-stop-shop for assessing the wide world of available scholarships. I had always heard that there was a vast pool of potential scholarships out there, but individually seeking them all out seemed like an overwhelming task. Using Scholarship.com's search filters, compiling my own spreadsheet for managing application links and deadlines became much more manageable."

"It was a great honor to win the Live Mas Scholarship. After winning that scholarship, the Live Mas Foundation connected me with a wonderful network of like-minded Live Mas Scholars. The financial support played a crucial role in enabling me to focus on completing my two degrees, an undertaking that usually takes 5 years to complete, within 4 years. The NSF GRFP and the most recent Live Mas win will enable me to maintain further control over my own research direction during my Ph.D. studies."

Michel W

Nashville, TN
Fisk University
Class of 2025

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has helped me greatly in the pursuit of financial help to pay for a college education. The scholarship matches search tool allowed me to focus on scholarships that I qualified for and to complete applications before each deadline. I highly recommend scholarships.com for any student looking for scholarships."

"My experience with applying for the Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship and winning the scholarship was simple, but life changing. The application process required me to create a short video explaining my life and career goals. The Taco Bell Live Mas scholarship is an opportunity that everyone should apply for."

Abbey S

Abbey S.
Ontario, NY
SUNY Oswego
Class of 2025

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was very user-friendly, everything was very quick and easy compared to many other websites I tried to use during my application process. Without Scholarships.com I would not have won the scholarships that I did, and I would not be where I am today. I am forever grateful."

"After only sending in a quick two-minute video and answering a short form for the Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship, I am so incredibly honored to say that I won $10,000 and was able to renew it each year of college. In total, I received $30,000 from that scholarship alone and I will graduate college with absolutely no student loans. "

Jordyn D

Jordyn D.
Danville, PA
Elizabethtown College
Class of 2025

Scholarships Awarded:

"Figuring out how to pay for college can be extremely stressful in addition to the new chapter you are starting. Scholarships.com is a great resource to help alleviate some of those financial burdens. I enjoy how intuitive and easy it is to navigate the site and would recommend to all prospective students!"

"When I was 15, I got my first job at the Taco Bell in my hometown and have continued to work there part-time through high school and now college. I am currently a Shift Lead and have learned a lot about leadership over the years. I can't thank them enough for awarding me this wonderful scholarship 2 years in a row."

KayLeisha L

KayLeisha L.
Albany, NY
Southern New Hampshire University
Class of 2025

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is a fantastic resource for every student - no matter what year you are in or what year you are returning. As a freshman going into college, Scholarships.com helped me look into numerous scholarships within my college primary and other notable search criteria that you can look into, such as achievements, women-targeted, and African Americans-targeted. I recommend Scholarships.com to any student who may get stressed and overwhelmed with scholarship hunting and paying for college needs. Thank you, Scholarships.com, for highlighting my story!"

"As someone who has always worked full-time while in school to get the money I needed for tuition, winning the Taco Bell Live Mas scholarship was an honor and blessing. Being surprised on my Taco Bell shift as team manager shift was a heartful occasion, and I will never forget the day. Thanks to the Taco Bell Scholarship, I have had many opportunities, from graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in forensic psychology to continuing my education toward a Master's. I have also made many connections and future network opportunities along the way! Thank you, and Live Mas!"

NyAzia R

NyAzia R.
East Pittsburgh, PA
Robert Morris University
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was very easy and helpful to use. The most helpful part was them finding scholarships tailored to you specifically. This made the stressful process of finding scholarships so much easier. It is very easy to use so I recommend it to those looking for scholarships!"

"My experience applying to the Taco Bell scholarship overall was easy! All you had to do was create a video. They ask you questions which makes it more helpful when being in front of the camera! After applying they notify you if you won in April. Overall applying to this scholarshi[p was easy and I’m so grateful I applied!"

Aaron P

Aaron P.
Coatesville, PA
Drexel University
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is user-friendly and really made the scholarship search and application process easy. I was able to find all the information I needed in order to apply for each scholarship. Scholarships.com helped me find and win financial aid for college."

"Winning the Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship was incredible. As a longtime employee of Taco Bell, it felt especially rewarding. The application process was straightforward, and the support from my workplace made it even smoother. Winning the scholarship validated my hard work and alleviated my financial burdens, allowing me to focus on my studies and future goals."

Genevieve S

Genevieve S.
Portland, OR
National University of Natural Medicine
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was a lifesaver in finding such great scholarships that fit my criteria. I normally have a difficult time sifting through multiple scholarships that I do not think apply to me. It takes a lot of time, but using this scholarship website made my life so much easier. I was so grateful to find the Live Mas scholarship that I ended up winning!"

"The Taco Bell Live Mas scholarship required a video essay of my passion in life, and that happened to be what I’m pursuing as a career! I talked about how driven I was to become a Chinese medicine doctor, and how much it means to me. I was awarded a scholarship from them which significantly released a financial weight I held!"

Elizabeth D

Claire C.
State College, PA
Stanford University
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is an amazing resource for all students! It makes looking for and applying to scholarships easy, especially with the scholarship lists you receive that are tailored just for you. I’m grateful for Scholarships.com in helping me pay for my education."

"The scholarships I won not only provided financial support for my college education but also mentorship and inspiration to expand my impact on my community and the world. Being selected as a Coca-Cola Scholar and U.S. Senate Youth Delegate connected me with many incredible individuals who share my goal of making positive change. Through the opportunities Scholarships.com has introduced me to, I’m excited to continue serving and uplifting others."

Elizabeth D

Elizabeth D.
Juneau, AK
Harvard University
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com helped me make the most of my senior year. As a rural and small town student, I was able to discover scholarships beyond my immediate surroundings thanks to Scholarships.com. Like an online window to the world, this website not only helped me view upcoming deadlines but also focused my attention on the ones I was eligible for. Thank you for shedding light on my scholarship journey and making the road to college that much more possible!"

"From the moment I landed in Atlanta, I felt I’d found a truly special community: Coca-Cola Scholars Weekend amplified my drive for changemaking tenfold. There, I met students, non-profit founders, and alumni who became my roommates, friends, and mentors. Meeting the people behind the impact refreshed my hope and inspiration in everything my generation can and will accomplish as we strive to create positive differences in our unique ways."

Samantha M

Samantha M.
Overland Park, KS
UNC Chapel Hill
Class of 2026

Scholarships Awarded:

"I am very grateful for Scholarships.com. As a student who depended on scholarships for my college education, scholarships.com has helped me so much with my scholarship search. I discovered many new scholarships that I was unaware of. It is a simple platform to use and I highly recommend Scholarships.com for any student who is finding themselves stressed over scholarship hunting."

"I was very doubtful when it came to the Taco Bell Scholarship. After multiple rejections, I wasn't very confident that I was going to win. However, after receiving the scholarship and being a second-year renewal scholar, I am beyond grateful for the scholarship and knowing that someone believed in me. The scholarship has allowed me to take advantage of the opportunities provided and build a long-lasting friendship with other scholarship recipients."

Dillon H

Dillon H.
Davis, CA
University of California - Davis
Grad School 2nd Year

Scholarships Awarded:

"Finding the right scholarships can be quite a challenge, but using Scholarships.com made the process a lot easier and even enjoyable for me. I could search for scholarships that actually matched my background and academic interests. iI made finding and applying for scholarships so much simpler and more effective. I've found it incredibly helpful, and it's definitely made a big difference in my scholarship hunt!"

"I’m thrilled to share that this is my second year winning the Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship! What I love most about this scholarship is that it focuses on your passion, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the typical requirements of other scholarships. This year, I talked about how Taco Bell’s support inspired me to fundraise and even host my own scholarship in honor of a dear friend. It felt amazing to be recognized not just for academic achievements but for my community service efforts as well."

Sophia W

Sophia W.
Herington, KS
Auburn University
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"As a student coming from a small town in Kansas, using Scholarships.com was a vital component to seeing success in scholarship applications. This is an amazing resource to keep track of scholarship applications, find exposure to almost every single scholarship that you will be eligible for, and to allow members of your family to be a part of this process. I recommend using Scholarships.com because it relieves the stress of trying to find scholarship opportunities on your own."

"Applying to and winning the Coca-Cola Scholarship has been one of the most surreal moments of my life. My biggest piece of advice when it comes to completing the application and continuing through the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship is to let your personality shine through your answers. Of course it's important to highlight your activities and showcase your academic excellence, but this foundation is looking for people who genuinely aspire to create change in their communities. I recently looked at parts of my application and wondered how I got the scholarship because I didn't provide the most polished answers, but I knew that I gave answers that came from my heart."

Hope C

Hope C.
Ketchikan, AK
University of Oregon
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was an incredibly easy and accessible site to use. It sent me reminder emails about deadlines so I'd never miss an opportunity and introduced me to many scholarships I would have never known about without the site. As a student who had no idea where to start with applying for scholarships, Scholarships.com made it so simple and easy for me to apply for scholarships and manage all my applications."

"I am forever grateful for this site and it helped make college possible for me as a low-income student. It was imperative to my success and offered me so many opportunities to look into, helping me win the Coca-Cola Scholarship and get a full ride to the University of Oregon. I now have the opportunity to connect with other scholars and explore all that my education has to offer without financial restrictions!"

Gerkariah S

Gerkariah S.
Grand Prairie, TX
Brown University
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was incredibly helpful for me when it came to finding scholarships. Their scholarship emails let me know about scholarships I hadn't realized existed. Thanks to their easy to use site, searching for scholarships has become so much easier. I really appreciate Scholarships.com for simplifying the process and helping me pay for college. "

"The Coca-Cola Scholarship and the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship have both been instrumental in helping me get into Brown University in addition to paying for college. As a low-income student, these scholarships were absolutely critical. I've sine been accepted into Brown University's BSMD program, where I'll spend the next eight years pursuing a degree in medicine. "

George C

George C.
Cary, NC
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarship.com's platform is both easy and intuitive to use. Weekly email reminders helped me narrow down which scholarships I wanted to apply for and regular deadline updates helped me stay on track on both prospective scholarships and competitions. As an anxious junior last year, unsure of how I would pay for college and which scholarship search service to use, I found Scholarship.com to be the best platform. It helped me take a considerable chunk out of my college tuition!"

"The Coca-Cola Scholarship and The Earth Prize opened doors and connected me with so many successful individuals in industries I was interested in. From touring facilities to meeting world leaders at the Villars Symposium, I was truly surprised by innovations and creativity in all sectors. As an immigrant, having these opportunities to explore my options makes it much easier for me to decide how I will contribute to making the world a better place. Thank you!"

Chase H

Chase H.
Tampa, FL
University of Florida
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Having a great resource like Scholarships.com helped me stay organized and maximize my scholarship search during my senior year of high school. I found dozens of scholarships each week that I qualified for, simplifying the whole process. Now, as a Lombardi scholar entering my first year at the University of Florida, I am incredibly grateful to Scholarships.com for helping alleviate some of the financial stress associated with an undergraduate education!"

"I am incredibly grateful to have been selected as a 2024 Coca-Cola Scholarship recipient. I have been introduced to an extensive network of hard-working and passionate individuals all over the country! This scholarship will not only significantly assist me in affording college, but it will also help me develop my future career and personal goals with the connections and guidance I have and will receive."

Kristy G

Kristy G.
Parlin, NJ
Harvard University
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"I can’t express how much scholarships.com has helped me when it comes to looking for scholarships. I started my scholarship journey the summer before my junior year, overwhelmed and with no idea where to start looking. Scholarships.com helped me to narrow down my search to scholarships I qualified for so that I could apply to them. I found scholarships that I didn’t even know existed on the site making me immensely grateful for this platform!”

"It is still surreal to me that I will be able to attend Harvard University completely free of cost, thanks to the Amazon Future Engineer, Horatio Alger, and Gates Scholarship. As a low-income and first-generation student, these scholarships have been a true blessing in that they not only relieve me of financial stress but also give me access to a valuable network and resources to support my career. I hope to continue helping others within the field of tech and education, paying this amazing gift forward."

Trinity J

Trinity J.
Conyers, GA
Georgia Tech
Class of 2028

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com opened many doors when it came to applying for scholarships. The website provides many scholarships from a wide range of communities I would have overlooked otherwise. Scholarships.com has provided me with a debt free college experience that I will take advantage of to the best of my abilities."

"Applying to the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship was seamless and straightforward. It was unique to other scholarships I have applied to, as the interesting and thoughtful prompts retained my attention and required me to think beyond the surface. Actually winning the scholarship seemed like a fever dream. The competitiveness of nationwide scholarships led me to believe nothing will come out of applying. I defied my expectations and the Amazon scholarship has unlocked many doors that will jumpstart my computer science career. Thanks to the Amazon scholarship, I will be attending school debt free with an entire network of likeminded individuals to help me reach my full potential."

Julia J

Julia J.
Greenwood, IN
University of Indianapolis
Class of 2026

Scholarships Awarded:

"Using Scholarships.com allowed me to find many scholarship opportunities. Without this website, I never would have become aware of the Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship! This website helped me find awards that would make a substantial difference in my decisions. I’m grateful this website exists for students like me who want to graduate debt-free."

"Applying for the Live Más Scholarship was a unique and fun experience. I got to write and perform my own short film instead of writing another essay. Thanks to the funds from Taco Bell, I was able to participate in a short study abroad program in South Korea! I would not have been able to afford a trip abroad without this scholarship. I was immersed in Korean culture, and it was a fascinating and enlightening experience."

Jadon O

Jadon O.
Parsippany, NJ
University of Michigan
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com made applying to scholarships and keeping up with scholarship deadlines extremely easy for me and alleviated a lot of the stress that I felt when I first started searching for scholarships. The summer before my senior year I was scrambling to find different ways to cover the cost of attendance for my college education and scholarships.com helped me narrow down and find different scholarships that I qualified for."

"Winning the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship is an incredible opportunity for me and having an internship after my freshman year of college will be pivotal in furthering my career. I also will not have to pay for college due to the Gates Scholarship and as a low- income student, I am extremely grateful and blessed for the opportunities I now have access to. I am excited to expand my network with other scholars and give back to all the communities that have helped me through my educational journey."

Dexter K

Dexter K.
Northampton, MA
Connecticut College
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was a fantastic resource for me. It was super easy to find scholarships that were relevant to me. Without it, I would have never even heard of the Live Más Scholarship, which proved to be super important in paying for my education. I would recommend it to anyone looking to help finance their education!"

"I applied to numerous scholarships, and there were times it really felt like a chore. But I didn’t let that dissuade me. I was willing to put in the necessary work and time and had access to great tools like Scholarships.com, all of which lead me to winning the Live Más Scholarship, twice!"

William W

William W.
Springfield, MO
University of Missouri - Columbia
Class of 2025

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com streamlined the way I was able to apply for scholarships. It allowed me to narrow my search and find scholarships that I was best suited for and gave me the ability to receive scholarships from organizations that I was passionate about. As an incoming freshman, I was clueless as to where I should look for scholarships to fund my education and I am grateful to have found Scholarships.com which made the application process simple and easy."

"The Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship seemed like a far-fetched dream when I applied before going to college. After I received the award and have re-applied each year, I have been able to truly embrace my experience as a student and worry less about the burdens of affording college and leaving with debt."

Eduardo G

Eduardo G.
Norwalk, CA
Cerritos College
Class of 2028

Scholarship Awarded:

"One day, while I was searching for scholarships, I stumbled across Scholarships.com. Somewhat defeated from all my scholarship rejections, I still decided to muster up whatever motivation I had left and placed it into applying for just a bit more scholarships. However, I had noticed that Scholarships.com made it remarkably easier to find scholarships compared to other scholarship searches, showing only the scholarships I was eligible for."

"The Amazon Future Engineers Scholarship should be enough to hopefully give me a full ride throughout my college days, as a low-income scholar. Additionally, the internship program the scholarship offers should help me with essential job experience in computer science."

Dante P

Dante P.
Detroit, MI
University of Michigan
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"My mom always said, “we’re not paying a dollar for college” whenever I mentioned anything about college. Each time she mentioned that I was emboldened to apply for scholarships. Scholarships.com provided such an easy platform to find scholarships that I fit the criteria for and was easily the best and most used scholarship search website I used. Without Scholarships.com, I doubt I would’ve applied to as many scholarships I’ve applied to make my mothers words true."

"The process of applying for the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship was funny. I stumbled upon it months before it was due and recognized it was an extraordinary scholarship that I fit the criteria for and would love to receive. But I procrastinated down to the wire and submitted it the day of the deadline. I honestly forgot I had applied to it until they threw a surprise celebration for me at my school and donated ten fire tablets in my stead. I’ll be forever grateful for receiving such a scholarship."

Vania P

Vania P.
Lilburn, GA
University of Georgia
Class of 2028

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was immensely helpful in the process of looking for scholarships. This amazing website made it very easy for me to find scholarships that matched what I sought. It was very intuitive to use and I am very grateful for the help it provided me to afford my college education."

"As a first-generation immigrant, I knew that it would be a challenge to find scholarships that would help me achieve the education I hoped to receive. I was fortunate enough to receive the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship, which not only gave me the aid I needed but also provided me with networking opportunities and an internship at Amazon after my first year of college, which will be fundamental for my career. I am forever thankful for having received this amazing scholarship."

Mark L

Mark L.
Hackensack, NJ
Stanford University
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Using Scholarships.com was really helpful during my scholarship search. Within minutes of creating a profile, I was matched with scholarships that fit me to a tee. Scholarships.com helped me find and apply for valuable scholarships, which significantly helped me during my scholarship search. I would recommend Scholarships.com to any senior looking to simplify the scholarship search!"

"I am very grateful to have received the Coca-Cola Scholarship. This award will provide financial support for my education and connect me with a network of inspiring scholars and mentors. I'm honored to be recognized and excited to continue making a positive impact with this amazing opportunity. Thank you, Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, for supporting my college education!"

Ariyanna S

Ariyanna S.
Tylertown, MS
Howard University
Class of 2029

Scholarship Awarded:

"My experience with Scholarships.com helped me find scholarships that I qualify for. It also made it easier for me to find more scholarships nationally. In the future, I plan to apply for many more scholarships. I also would recommend Scholarships.com to anyone who needs help with finding scholarships."

"While I was applying for the Horatio Alger scholarship, I did my research on the company, and it made me realize how much I wanted to be a part of their organization. The Horatio Alger association wants to help students further their education, despite their money situation. This association related to me in many ways, more than I could explain. Winning this scholarship was extremely phenomenal because it is a national scholarship and I was competing against a lot of people. I am so thankful for being able to win this scholarship."

Kelvin S

Kelvin S.
Houston, TX
University of Houston
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Paying for college and seeking a scholarship was a constant stressor. Thankfully, Scholarships.com came through when I needed it the most. This website has been the most useful tool in my scholarship journey as it sent reminders of what scholarships were available and tailored for me. It saved me both time and energy during my senior year. Without it, I would not have been able to apply for so many scholarships!"

"After finding the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship thanks to Scholarship.com, I applied immediately. This scholarship was a perfect match for all my qualifications. I had honestly forgotten I applied to it and months later I was surprised by my entire high school that I had won. I was so shocked and speechless because my mind was spiraling. This investment in my future will help me financially and accelerate my career path. Thank you, Amazon for believing in me and giving me an internship alongside a generous $40K."

Kennedi W

Kennedi W.
Memphis, TN
Northwestern University
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com made looking for and applying for scholarships very simple. I was able to browse numerous available scholarships and easily see whether I was eligible for them. Additionally, apart from specific essays that each scholarship might have required, I did not have to re-enter information I had already provided for previous scholarships such as my personal information and extracurriculars. This made the scholarship process less time-consuming which allowed me to apply for more scholarships."

"I learned about the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship through an organization I have participated in for many years, Black Girls Code. Black Girls Code is where I found my passion for computer science and participation in that program gave me the drive to apply to the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship. Winning the scholarship has alleviated so much stress from my family and has allowed me to be able to attend college and be able to focus completely on school. Also, getting the opportunity to have an internship in the field I am pursuing can further expand my knowledge of the subject."

Lilly T

Lilly T.
Walnut Springs, TX
Texas A&M
Class of 2029

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has been a game changer when applying for scholarships. Not only is it easy to use but it makes the application process run smooth and stress-free. I recommend this website to any aspiring student trying to pay for their college especially those who are attempting to do it on their own."

"In complete honesty, the application process for the Horatio Alger Scholarship was quite long and difficult. The application covers every adverse challenge the applicant has faced in their life, but this process can help the applicant reap the perspective behind their adversities. It's not only rewarding to see how far you've come, but it's revealing how powerful your determination for success can be when faced with challenges."

Addison C

Addison C.
Dieterich, IL
Indiana State University
Class of 2029

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was a great resource for me. Not only did it compile all the scholarships I was eligible for in one place but it also helped me gain the experience I needed to apply for and receive the Horatio Alger Scholarship. Scholarships.com is a great tool to learn about and get exposed to new scholarship opportunities. "

"The Horatio Alger Scholarship has changed my future so much already. The application process went very in-depth to ensure the legitimacy of the information being provided and allowed me to express how I have overcome important challenges in my life. Thanks to the Horatio Alger Scholarship I will now have major help in paying for and keeping up in college. Thank you!"

Noah B

Noah B.
Hermantown, MN
University of Minnesota
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was very easy to navigate and open to any questions I had regarding their site. They were transparent with the material each scholarship required and provided me with further opportunities I didn't even know I qualified for thanks to their comprehensive search engine. Compared to some of the other websites I've used, their site has been by far the most complete I've been to and has provided me with the foundation on which to build a stable future!"

"Needless to say, winning the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship has opened an entirely new chapter in my life. Besides making my dream school financially possible, it's provided me with the resources to build my professional career past college. I'm extremely grateful to both Scholarships.com for providing me with this opportunity and to the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Committee for selecting my application! Winning the award has confirmed to me that if you take the time to go the extra mile and put a good amount of hard work into a dream you have, you can achieve it!"

Fatima I

Fatima I.
Glen Ellyn, IL
University of Missouri, KC
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarship.com made it much easier to find and apply for scholarships. It was just so much easier to find scholarships that were a good match for me. Going from searching for scholarships on Google to using a site that matched me with the best choices saved me time and gave me confidence. I am grateful to Scholarship.com and the tools it provided to help me find scholarships for college."

"Once I found the Coca-Cola Scholarship, I knew I had to apply. It was a perfect fit, almost as if everything I had done in high school had prepared me for it. The application process was pretty long, from qualifying as a Semifinalist and then a Regional Finalist, and finally being chosen as a Coca-Cola Scholar. Not only did it provide me with substantial funds for college, it is also a great opportunity to connect with other Coca-Cola scholars and become part of a lifelong family."

Diana A

Diana A.
Laurel, DE
Thomas Jefferson University
Class of 2029

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has been a great tool for me in my scholarship search. During the fall of my junior year in high school, I began searching for scholarships, and this website became an accessible resource for me to find scholarships that I am eligible to apply for. Coming from a low-income family, not having enough money to pay off college is a challenge. I knew I wanted to take this burden of financial difficulties off of my parents; therefore, I began searching for websites to help me find scholarships."

"Winning the Carson and Horatio Alger National Scholarship still amazes me. Throughout the application process, I tried to be authentic and transparent when writing my essays, managing my time, and submitting these scholarships before the submission deadline. I am grateful to have won these scholarships, as they are life-changing. As a rising senior in high school, I will continue to apply to as many scholarships as possible and will prepare myself for college!"

Lexus B

Lexus B.
Plano, IL
Bergin College Of Canine Studies
Class of 2029

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarship.com was not only easy to navigate, but they also made sure to show scholarship opportunities that other websites didn't. I primarily use Scholarship.com due to this feature. I have found some amazing scholarships through them such as the Horatio Alger Association Scholarship. I wouldn't have been able to apply for this scholarship if it wasn't for the people who run the Scholarship.com website. I am greatly appreciative of their efforts to help students!"

"The application process for the scholarship was clear, precise, and it lacked any confusing statements or demands. It was also straightforward, but fun at the same time! I was in absolute shock when I was notified that I won the scholarship. As someone who comes from a low income family, I never thought that I would have enough money to go to college, let alone have $25,000 to my name. I am forever grateful towards the Horatio Alger Association!"

Kamsy U

Kamsy U.
Silver Spring, MD
University of Maryland
Class of 2028

Scholarship Awarded:

"Going into my senior year of high school, I knew the importance of planning on how I was going to pay for college. I decided to sign up for Scholarships.com to help me find a scholarship. For the past few months, I have been using Scholarships.com and it has been a game changer in how I find and apply for scholarships. With all the scholarship websites I have joined, Scholarships.com has been my most used one and has provided me with the most help."

"I’m beyond thrilled to say that I’m a winner of the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship. As a first generation student, winning this scholarship has lifted a financial burden for me and made my college process less stressful. Amazon Future Engineer is a scholarship that not only helps to pay for college but provides me with future connections, an emergency fund, paid internship at Amazon, connects me with other Amazon Future Engineer Scholars, and more. I’m grateful to have won this scholarship."

Vanshaj J

Vanshaj J.
Los Angeles, CA
Class of 2028

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was a game-changer for me. Prior to my scholarship search there, I wasn't aware of how many scholarships were available for me to apply for. Applying was quick and easy, thanks to the site's user friendly design. Scholarships.com really made finding scholarships easy."

"Winning the KMF Professional Development Scholarship was a huge step toward paying for my college and also further developing my skills. The access to mentorship and a network of like-minded students and professionals has been amazing. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and for the ability to further my education."

Kaylee S

Kaylee S.
Fayetteville, AR
University of Arkansas
Class of 2028

Scholarship Awarded:

"Senior year can be stressful with all of the college and scholarship applications, but scholarships.com has really helped me along the way. This is my go to scholarship website because of how easy it is to use and navigate, and I’m definitely going to continue to use it to find more scholarships. The sorting features are extremely helpful in finding scholarships that match the criteria you’re looking for, and I wouldn’t have been able to find the National Rice Month Scholarship without this website."

"This scholarship was a video contest about US grown rice, and, to win, I combined educational content about rice with some of my own personality and comedy."

Marc D

Marc D.
Gap, PA
James Madison University
Class of 2027

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am so thankful to Scholarships.com for simplifying the search for financial awards. It can be very overwhelming knowing where to start and the thought of accumulating so much debt for my degree was very stressful. The search feature allows me to easily find matches specifically for me. It is a huge time saver and allows your energy to go towards scholarships that are the best fit for your credentials. I am committed to finding as many scholarships as possible and Scholarships.com makes the process easy and allows me to direct my energies to my studies."

"I was thrilled to be selected as the recipient of the SAE Tau Beta Pi Engineering Scholarship. There is a professional organization to support my future career endeavors as well. I am dedicated to graduating debt free and this scholarship provides the financial support that I need. My engineering curriculum is challenging and requires a significant amount of my time and effort. I am so appreciative of this scholarship to support my education."


Gianna T.
Middletown, CT
Yale University
Class of 2027

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has been instrumental in helping me to attain thousands of dollars in funding that I can put towards my undergraduate education. Especially during a busy college application season, a streamlined process on where to find scholarships based on location, major, and demographics allowed me to win scholarships that were specific to me. Before discovering this platform, searching for scholarships was quite overwhelming as I did not know where to begin or look. Without Scholarships.com, I would not have access to and win as many scholarships as I did."

"As a first-generation college student coming from a blue collar background, college was a very daunting prospect that I believed needed hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to attend. Since winning the Coca-Cola Scholarship, affording my education has been more than secured as the idea of my finances determining my access to college is no longer applicable to me. Winning this scholarship has further impacted my education by providing me access to the Scholar Alumni Network that connects me with other Coke Scholars to find internships, peers around me anywhere in the world, and other opportunities related to my future career endeavors."

Shreeja K

Shreeja K.
Chantilly, VA
Harvard University
Class of 2027

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has been a valuable resource for finding and applying for scholarships, grants, and other financial aid opportunities throughout my experience as both a high school and college student. Scholarships.com provides an interface that is both easy to use and navigate, enabling me to search for scholarships that align with my individual needs and interests. Furthermore, Scholarships.com provides a range of tools and resources designed to support students in improving their scholarship applications, including guidance on crafting strong essays and advice on how to submit a competitive application which was extremely unique and helpful when I was drafting various scholarship applications! I highly recommend that more students utilize Scholarships.com, especially if they are struggling to find scholarships that align with their personal interests and goals."

"The VIP Women in Technology Scholarship offers numerous benefits to young women, like myself, pursuing a degree in a technology-related field. The WITS scholarship offers financial assistance to students to help them with the expenses associated with pursuing a degree, primarily covering the cost of tuition. This aid can be highly beneficial in reducing the financial burden that often comes with pursuing higher education. In addition to the financial assistance, the scholarship has also introduced me to a supportive community of intelligent individuals, which has provided valuable opportunities for networking and mentorship. Being part of this community has helped me build connections and gain significant skills and experience in the technology industry."

Gabriella C.
Princeton, NJ
Princeton University
Class of 2027

Scholarships Awarded:

"As a student at Princeton University, the #1 school in America, Scholarships.com was truly a game changer in terms of making education financially accessible. It can be super overwhelming to search for scholarships on your own, so I was glad to stumble across a tool that helped me filter through scholarships to find the best ones for me. It's crucial to save as much time and energy as possible while applying for scholarships because you're doing so alongside school, recruiting, and extracurricular activities."

"Scholarships.com brought me peace of mind because I knew I could count on this resource to keep me up to date with relevant funding opportunities on a daily basis!"

Dean T

Dean T.
Bronx, NY
Clemson University
Class of 2027

Scholarship Awarded:

"I had the Scholarships.com account in high school; however, when applying for the master's program, I revised my bio. The description was super easy and helped me understand with the scholarships that matches with my background. The questionnaire aims to align my background to scholarships, which will help me feel confident when applying. I'm pursuing my master's degree in Automotive Engineering at Clemson University."

"SAE scholarships assist in developing the future engineering workforce by helping students achieve their dreams of becoming an engineer. The SAE scholarship provided me with unlimited resources, and it helped fund my dream of pursuing my Master’s degree in Automotive engineering. With the scholarship, I received an SAE membership which I find beneficial. The reason is that I could go to some events, such as the other day I was able to take the tour of Hendrix Motorsport in North Carolina, and also be able to network with other SAE members as well. With SAE, I attended the career fair, and spoke with recruiters, and gained industry knowledge."

Joann J.
Cleveland, OH
Case Western Reserve University
Class of 2027

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com opened my eyes to how many scholarships are out there. I was able to quickly find and apply for all kinds of different scholarships. As a first-generation college student, I was completely lost when applying to schools and for scholarships. Scholarships.com made this whole process easier and less stressful."

"The ATSSA Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship has strongly impacted my life as I attend university. The scholarship has allowed me to buy my books, live on campus, and focus more on my schoolwork by not being as concerned about money. I am incredibly grateful to have received this scholarship."

Layla W.
Hammond, LA
Southeastern Louisiana University
Class of 2027

Scholarship Awarded:

"When using Scholarships.com, I knew that I would be able to find scholarships with ease. The direct links to the organization’s website made the research process easier. Overall, the website is very user friendly and up-to-date with open applications. I am grateful for this accessible platform and proud of it’s impact on many students’ scholarship search."

"The 431 Exchange’s commitment to providing opportunities for as many students as possible truly inspired me. This scholarship was open to students from universities, vocational or trade schools, and even relatives of graduates from the Adult Education Center of New Orleans, Louisiana. Scholarships can have tedious requirements at times, so it was refreshing to see that their door was open to multiple types of students. This has inspired me to make my mark on campus and serve wherever I can."

Kaiser L.
Lakeland, FL
Florida Southern College
Class of 2027

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was very easy to use and was very helpful for finding scholarships that were relevant to me."

"The Arts for Life Schiolarship was a blessing. It helped me pay for books and other school supplies that I otherwise wouldn’t have been abler to afford. It was encpruraging to receive a scholarship award for my work."

Stephanie R.
Mississippi State, MS
Mississippi State University
Class of 2027

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was very helpful in my search to fund my education. Not only am I able to search for hundreds of scholarships through their site, but Scholarships.com matches me with aid opportunities that are specific to me and my passions including manufacturing, engineering, and community involvement."

"The Nuts, Bolts, and Thingmajigs generous scholarship allowed me to accelerate my education by covering the cost of my entire Winter semester at Mississippi State. Through this opportunity, I’m taking classes specialized in my major during my Freshman year to reach my degree sooner!"

Alisia A.
Santa Fe Springs, CA
Pace University

Scholarship Awarded:

"I stumbled across scholarships.com one day during my scholarship search and it has completely changed my life! Scholarships.com has made it easy to discover scholarships and makes applying to them even easier! Applying to scholarships can be stressful enough and they make their platform stress-free so you can focus on the application to each individual one you are applying for. I am very honored to be receiving this scholarship and I would 100% recommend making an account and applying to as many scholarships as possible on here because you can be just like me and receive scholarships to help pay for your education!"

Aundrea V.
Algonquin, IL
Northwestern University

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has helped me get off to a great start in my higher education. The site has made it incredibly easy to find and apply for scholarships. Scholarships.com was able to help me find many scholarship options that I was eligible for as a 16 year-old dual credit student starting off my education at Elgin Community College. This was my very first scholarship that I applied for, and the process was unbelievably easy. I will definitely keep using the website throughout the remainder of my education journey. Thank you!"

Alesha S.
Roanoke, VA
Virginia Western Community College

Scholarship Awarded:

"My experience at scholarship.com was a very informative and helpful one. After many nights of staying up crying looking for scholarships scholarship.com popped up one night and made everything easy. I love the site layout that makes it so much easier to keep up with all the available scholarships and ones you've already applied for. Lastly, I love how scholarship.com is always reaching out whether it be via email or on your account with other material to help college students. Scholarships.com has a great team that is ready to help when needed and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a scholarship."

Ashlyn N.
Hughesville, MD
New York University

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has genuinely made it incredibly easy to find scholarships that give some insane opportunities for success in the future. Throughout finding this organization, I’ve been able to see the hope of actually going to college by making the financial issue seem something smaller. Using this website has been a huge game-changer in the sense that it makes it incredibly easy to see my eligibility for scholarships while being easy to use! My last year of high school as a senior is met with incredible possibilities because of Scholarships.com!"

Amelia V. A.
Toddville, IA
Saint Ambrose University

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am so thankful for Scholarships.com. I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, but I didn't know if I would be able to accomplish my dream of going to college for a teaching degree. Scholarships.com has provided me with much-needed financial help, with a very easy-to-use platform. Any student worrying about how to pay for college should use this platform to help sort through scholarships you are eligible for, and can easily apply. Thank you Scholarships.com for such an amazing opportunity!"

Brooke B.
Columbus, OH
Capital College

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am extremely thankful for Scholarships.com. It has provided me with easy access to many eligible scholarships. It is very well organized, making it simple for students to navigate. This scholarship is a huge help for my tuition and I appreciate it greatly. I definitely recommend this scholarship tool to any student who is looking for an easy way to navigate scholarships that they are eligible for. Thank you again!"

Mark O.
Katy, TX
Blinn College

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am very thankful to Scholarships.com for allowing me to have the opportunity to help pay for my college. Scholarships.com made it easy and quick to find scholarships that I am eligible to apply for and the application process was simple as well. I would recommend this website to everyone looking to receive scholarships to pay for any expenses you may have in college. If you haven’t already, make an account and apply for any scholarships you can."

Christie D.
Whitmore Lake, MI
University of Michigan

Scholarships Awarded:

"Thank you for your service. Thanks to all of the scholarship opportunities you showed me, I was able to pay for my entire first year of college at the University of Michigan! One scholarship in particular that I earned was through the American Legion. Not only did they grant me money for my college education, they offered me the opportunity to join them at their national conference in Salt Lake City and give a speech to all of the Veterans of the American Legion."

"Thank you. Your scholarship finder has really helped me to pay my own way in college so I am on my way to achieving my dreams in the engineering profession."

- Christie D.

Brennan K

Brennan K.
San Diego, CA
San Diego State University

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com helped me in so many ways it's unbelievable. They made it so easy for me to find what I was looking for and consolidate in one easy to find web site. They even, by asking me a few questions during registration, weeded out all of the scholarships that I wasn't eligible for. This made it extremely convenient for me because I didn't have to look at this huge clutter of random scholarships, I only was presented with the scholarships that I was eligible for."

"In the end I had to turn down some of the money just because I had over and above what I needed to go to college. I could have taken it all but I wanted to give another person in my shoes the same chance that I had. I want them to get a scholarship and continue the dream that I so honorably get to live."

- Brennan K.

Shelby F.
Lees Summit, MO

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships can seem intimidating for me, with all the essays that you have to write and all the information that goes along with them. They can be really hectic, but Scholarships.com makes it very easy to apply for scholarships. I’ve registered for many accounts like this one, and always went in with the mentality that I wasn’t going to win anything, but hearing that I won $500 just from registering is so amazing to me! I’m very very thankful for this scholarship!"

-Shelby F.

Cuc N.
Huntsville, AL
University of Louisville

Scholarships Awarded:

"I was the recipient of several scholarships. Among them, three were found here at Scholarships.com. Of course, just because I'm a Sophomore in college doesn't mean I've quit the scholarship search here at Scholarships.com! I'm still searching and don't count me out.

"I began searching for scholarships when I was a Junior in High School. My first stop was Scholarships.com. I began my scholarship search at the local Elks Club and was so thankful to receive the community level scholarship. This was totally unexpected but thanks to Scholarships.com I was made aware of this. My school counselor did not even make my class aware of this scholarship. I have Scholarships.com to thank for assisting me and my family on my search for scholarships."

- Cuc N..

Nalleli R.
Fort Valley, GA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am honored to receive this scholarship and be able to help pay college! Scholarship.com has many opportunities for many students! I recommend to make an account and find your perfect scholarship and apply ! I am so thrilled to be joined in such an amazing organization!"

-Nalleli R.

Victoria M.
Springfield, MO

Scholarship Awarded:

"The scholarship process can be very stressful and intimidating, and so I am thankful for Scholarships.com making that process easier and relieving some of my stress. After making my account I was instantly given scholarships that fit me personally and fit my interests. I’m grateful for the opportunity Scholarships.com has provided me with can’t wait to see what comes next. Thank you Scholarships.com!"

-Victoria M.

Ellen H.
New Haven, CT
Yale Divinity School
Yale University

Scholarships Awarded:

Ellen is a graduate student at Yale University.

"Through searching and using the resources of Scholarships.com I was awarded an Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship, a Zeta Phi Beta Scholarship, an Acton Institute Fellowship, approximately ten books from the Institute for Humane Studies, and an Honorable Mention from Polyethnic.com during the 2005-06 school year. The website does a great job in disseminating information about scholarships that I am actually eligible for as a graduate student at Yale University. I will continue to use the website to apply for additional grants this March and throughout the 2006-2007 school year. Thank you for your assistance."

- Ellen H.

Andrew K.
Ararat, NC

Scholarship Awarded:

"Finances often play a crucial role when planning for college. Many students, including myself, have to work while in school to support themselves. Scholarships.com provides a fast and easy way to search for scholarships which ease the financial burden of college. This takes some financial stress off of students who are already under extremely stressful circumstances."

-Shelby F.

Elliette D.
Mesa, AZ

Scholarship Awarded:

"Most students, including myself, are eager to find scholarships that match their interests, experiences, etc. However, applying for scholarships may seem overwhelming, especially when you do not know where to start. Scholarships.com is an amazing, helpful forum that offers scholarships tailored to you. Thank you Scholarships.com for making this process seamless and giving me the support to pursue my college dreams!"

-Elliette D.

Diane M.
Miami, FL
Tulane University

Scholarships Awarded:

"After years of winning scholarships through Scholarships.com, I thought it was about time that I express my gratitude. I started applying for scholarships around my 12th grade year in high school because only then did I realize how expensive college was. Out of all the search engines for scholarships, Scholarships.com is definitely the best. Everything is perfectly organized and right at my fingertips. I have classwork and clubs to focus on, I don't have the time to search through a confusing website to find a scholarship and hope that it pertains to me. Scholarships.com simplifies the process and just gives me the scholarships that matter."

"Thanks to Scholarships.com, I haven't had to pay a cent for my entire college education. I've collected a wealth of scholarships ranging from $500 to $10,000. I am currently a Junior at Tulane University studying premed and so far my college education has been completely paid for! I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for Scholarships.com. I just thought I'd say thank you for providing such an amazing service to college students. Keep up the good work!"

- Diane M.

Ivy H.
Fredericksburg, TX
Art Institute of Austin

Scholarship Awarded:

"I joined Scholarships.com a few months ago and checked for new scholarships every couple weeks. I came across the Passion for Fashion Scholarship and it really was perfect for the career I wanted to pursue. I think Scholarships.com is a wonderful way to find those 'hidden' specialty scholarships that are directly linked to your plans for the future."

- Ivy H.

Daniel M.
Muskego, WI

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com helps make the stressful process of applying for scholarships super easy. I'm so thankful for this scholarship! Not only will it help me financially, but it will also help reduce the stress that college adds to my life. I am currently a physics major and plan on going to grad school for medical physics. Thank you to Scholarships.com for making this dream seem more like reality."

-Daniel M.

Joshua C.
University Heights, OH

Scholarship Awarded:

"I registered with Scholarships.com in hope of winning a scholarship in order to contribute to my education fund. My education is something that is very important to me and vital to the success of my future. Winning this scholarship only confirms that college was the best idea for my future. This scholarship will allow me to open up new doors to learn and continue pursuing my degree in hopes of graduating. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity."

-Joshua C.

Bryan C.
Houston, TX

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is one of the best places to have access to variety of scholarships. I am a high school senior and I have not decided where I want to attend to college yet, but the scholarship I have received will make my college experience less stressful. Thank you Scholarships.com!"

-Bryan C.

Kenya G.
Fort Worth, TX

Scholarship Awarded:

"I joined this website less than three weeks ago and never thought I'd win anything! Especially within the first month! I really enjoy this website as it is very easy to use. I made an account and instantly got matched with many scholarships perfect for myself. I recommend this to all of my friends on our last year of high school before college. Won one, and hopefully more to come!"

-Kenya G.

Raul P.
Modesto, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is a fantastic website for students seeking scholarships, or any other source of financial aid to aid them in school. The system is simple to use and shows you the best available scholarships according to the information that the user provides. Scholarships.com has personally helped me and introduced me to a wide amount of scholarships that I had no idea existed. Being just another hard working student who could always use the extra income, Scholarships.com will help you find what you need. I recommend Scholarships.com to all students and wonder why more people don't apply for scholarships to help assist them through one of the most financial stressful moments of one's life."

-Raul P.

Allison M.
Sarasota, FL

Scholarship Awarded:

"Before the completion of my senior year of high school, our senior advisors made it imperative that we register with scholarships.com before we graduated in order to ensure that we were proactively searching for all of the countless scholarships out there. Here I am nearly four years later and beyond thankful for those high school advisors who made us take the time and become apart of a free scholarship database. If I had not been a member of Scholarships.com, I would have missed the alert for the InstaScholarship. Now, I am a huge Instagrammer myself with a side passion in photography (when I'm not busy studying for my nursing exams of course) and when I saw Scholarship.com's summer photo contest on Instagram, I just knew I had to at least try. And I am so glad I did! Four years later and it was long worth the wait! College is expensive, but there are always ways tp help pay, even creative photography opportunities like this that help students reach their dreams in school. I cannot thank you enough for what this scholarship means to me. My tuition for this term can now be paid with a major sigh of relief and allow me more time to focus on the most important thing at hand, my school work. Thank you, Scholarships.com for the coolest scholarship opportunity out there! And to my fellow scholastic peers, best of luck and don't ever give up!"

- Allison M.

Cain D.
Smyrna, TN

Scholarship Awarded:

"I was contacted after being chosen as the winner for the Register and Win Contest. I am a college freshman enrolled at Motlow State Community. I am a non-traditional student in so far as I am 33 years old and this is my first time attending college. Scholarships.com is very easy to navigate and use, and the funds from the scholarship will greatly reduce the financial stress of attending school. Thank you for this opportunity - I am very appreciative!"

- Cain D.

Jason H.
Seymour, TN

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has made finding scholarships a one-stop-shop. Anything helps when you are doing everything you can to better yourself and your future. Apply for everything that applies to you, because you never know how many scholarships you could end up with. I am in an RN program at Lincoln Memorial University and hope to get my CRNA within the next 5 years. This is my first scholarship I have received from scholarships.com and I am so thankful! Thank you Scholarships.com!"

- Jason H.

McCallah O

McCallah O.
Spring, MD

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am incredibly grateful to have been chosen as a winner of the scholarship.com contest. As I high school senior, finding college information and scholarship opportunities can be overwhelming. Scholarship.com makes this challenge easy and efficient. All pertinent information is easily accessible on their website. In addition to thousands of scholarship opportunities, the website is a great resource for finding all information and advice any college bound student may need. I am looking forward to attending Towson University this fall and feel scholarships.com has prepared me to embark on this journey!"

- McCallah O.

Bethany C.
Holly Hill, FL

Scholarship Awarded:

"The scholarship process is, to say the least, intimidating. All of the sudden you find yourself knee deep in scholarships stress. For me scholarships.com was a Godsend. It is truly an aid for any student, and one of the few things in this season of life that isn't confusing. Thanks to scholarships.com I am one step closer to getting my dream education!"

- Bethany C.

Darian B.
Acworth, GA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am so thankful for Scholarships.com simplifying the scholarship search by allowing me to keep all of my scholarship information in one place. Currently, I am a high school junior, participating in the dual-enrollment program at Kennesaw State University, and after graduation I intend on being a pre-med major at Mercer University. This is the first scholarship I've received, but hopefully not the last. Thanks Scholarships.com!"

- Darian B.

Laura L.
Mandan, ND

Scholarship Awarded:

"I was really stressed with school and my piling loan debt that I needed an easy way to find scholarships to help me out. There are so many scholarships out there and the thought of looking for ones that I could qualify for added to my existing stress. Scholarships.com made it simple and easy without having to look anywhere else for scholarship information."

- Laura L.

Kathleen L.
Dorr, MI

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am so grateful for being awarded first place in the "You Like Me...You Really Like Me" Facebook Scholarship! I am currently a sophomore Kalamazoo Valley Community College and will be receiving my Associate in Communication in August. I am transferring next fall to the University of Illinois at Chicago and with out-of-state tuition, I can really use the money along with the wonderful advice from Scholarships.com. I will be majoring in communication and have two minors in music and English. Thank you so much Scholarships.com for helping fund my education and future!"

- Kathleen L.

Kiersten S.
Philadelphia, PA

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has been the most successful scholarship search engine I have used. It is extremely straightforward and easily narrows down what scholarships apply to me. Because of this site, I have won my first scholarship and I couldn't be more excited as I prepare to attend Albright College! Thanks to Scholarships.com, I have more confidence that winning a scholarship isn't hard or impossible!"

- Kiersten S.

Zach B.
Aiea, HI

Scholarship Awarded:

"As a senior attending the beautiful Aiea High School, getting scholarships is one of the many crucial steps towards a future in a higher education. For me, finding the right scholarship that best fit my achievements and accolades was always a long and lengthy process – one could even say that it was half the battle toward receiving one! But thanks to Scholarships.com, the process of finding and applying to the scholarships that were best fit for me was made easy and simple. I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful resource to use in my scholarship search and am even more grateful to have won a Kindle Fire in a contest that was sponsored by the site. I will be attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the upcoming fall semester and will definitely be using this site for future scholarship applications. Mahalo Nui Loa Scholarships.com!"

- Zach B.

Billy R.
Lubbock, TX

Scholarship Awarded:

"Thank you, Scholarships.com! With its easy to use interface, I had no problem navigating the site to find exactly what I needed. I've already told many of my friends to head over to Scholarships.com if they're thinking about going back to school! Thank you again for all your help and for picking me as a winner. "

- Billy R.

Deonna L.
Palm Bay, FL

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am SO thankful for winning this scholarship drawing. I am currently going to school to become a registered nurse and working full time so every little bit helps! Scholarships.com is a great website that makes it easy to navigate available scholarships that I can apply for. Thank you, Scholarships.com, for helping me pay for my education!"

- Deonna L.

Jawaun B.
Capitol Heights, MD

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am excited to have won the Short & Tweet Scholarship! For one, I love tweeting, so this wasn't the hardest thing in the world. I am thankful that I am registered with Scholarships.com and its affiliates because I have been getting consistent information about financial and academic opportunities for the last three years. Scholarships.com has been a pretty useful resource in my life and I'm humbled to see that I was recognized as a winner."

- Jawaun B.

Tierra M.
Omaha, NE

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is unlike any other scholarship resource and is one that I would highly recommend to every student wishing to further his or her education. There is a scholarship for everyone on Scholarships.com and many of the contests are even fun! Like me, you can be rewarded for everyday actions that are as simple as tweeting! The opportunity seemed too good to be true but has proven to be incredibly helpful and rewarding."

- Tierra M.

Maria R.
Killeen, TX

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am so grateful for being awarded third place in Scholarships.com's Short & Tweet competition! College has always been a goal for me and through Scholarships.com, I am able to find scholarships. With my new Kindle Fire, I will be able to improve my vocabulary and reading level, which will make me more successful on standardized tests. After high school, I plan on majoring in music education and taking part in youth ministry programs. Thank you, Scholarships.com, for helping students like me reach their academic goals!"

- Maria R.

Gabrielle S.
Hammonton, NJ

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am so excited to be a scholarship recipient from Scholarships.com. Starting early to finance my college endeavors has been one of my goals and Scholarships.com made it so easy for me to navigate through the available scholarships.....and it paid off! I will use this scholarship to help pay for my Medical Degree. I plan on attending the University of Massachusetts and this scholarship will help make my dream a reality. Thanks Scholarships.com!"

- Gabrielle S.

Johnny M.
Roxie, MS

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am honored to win this scholarship! I plan to attend Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to study nursing and I will use this money to pay for my books when I enroll in college. Scholarships.com introduced me to so many scholarships that I didn’t even know existed. When I registered, it brought up scholarships that related to me and that helped make looking for scholarships easier. Thank you Scholarships.com for this award!"

- Johnny M.

Alix K.
Gainesville, FL

Scholarship Awarded:

"I was so excited to win the AXA Achievement $10,000 scholarship through Scholarships.com. I am now attending the University of Florida as a Sustainability major. The scholarship helped tremendously with my first year tuition expenses! Thanks Scholarships.com!!"

- Alix K.

Bhavin G.
Portland, OR

Scholarship Awarded:

"I'm most interested in studying economics and international relations. I'm aiming to go to the University of Pennsylvania for college. I enjoy amateur photography, playing some tennis in my free time, and reading. Economics is definitely one of my favorite subjects and I'd like to pursue a career in that field in the future. Thanks so much, Scholarships.com!"

- Bhavin G.

Megan G.
Escondido, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"As just another senior in high school preparing to go to college I was pleasantly surprised to be announced the senior winner of the Resolve to Evolve Essay contest! Because of Scholarships.com I have now received my first scholarship award and I am much more confident that I can find a way to pay for college. I am so grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams and interests in architecture/interior design. Because of this wonderful website I know that I can accomplish anything!"

- Megan G.

Mohammed R.
Auburn, WA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am greatly honored for being awarded as the junior winner of Scholarship.com's Resolve to Evolve Scholarship Essay Contest. I have been using this comprehensive resource to look for scholarships and essay contests for quite some time, and I have found it really helpful. I am a first-year IB diploma candidate. My favorite subjects include biology, literature, and math. I enjoy being involved both inside and outside of school. I am really passionate about pursuing a career in the medical field, and so I plan to study something "sciency" in college. Again, thank you, and I plan to continue using Scholarships.com to help pay for my higher education and ultimately help me achieve my academic and career goals."

- Mohammed R.

Lin Z.
Pinole, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"Life. What is life? That's a deep question that I've chosen to dedicate the rest of my educational career to through a scientific standpoint. The complex way each cell interacts with another at the molecular level continues to amaze me every day. In college, I plan to major in Biology and pursue medical school later on. I also love running track. The satisfaction of crossing the finish line first motivates me to work harder and harder to obtain my goals. Whether I'm struggling through a late study session or out sprinting a 400, I'll always remind myself, "a lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain" (Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand).

I would also like to express my gratitude of Scholarships.com as this foundation supports me through my educational journey. There are a plethora of scholarship opportunities on this website. As long as one puts in effort, one day, the results will be fruitful."

- Lin Z.

Katelyn R.
Phoenix, AZ

Scholarship Awarded:

"I joined Scholarships.com shortly before starting my freshman year. With the sudden realization that college was becoming incredibly close, Scholarships.com really helped me contribute to my future and gave me some peace of mind. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities the website gives me. In my free time, I really love reading and baking. I have also been playing the bass for over a year. In school I am a part of the Speech and Debate team, science club, and Key Club, which connects me with some great community service projects. While it is a bit early to decide what I will want to major in, I do have an interest in robotics and engineering. club and orchestra. In my free time, I enjoy studying and playing the cello."

- Katelyn R.

Jingyan X.
Westfield, NJ

Scholarship Awarded:

"After living in China, Japan and Canada, I moved to New Jersey at the age of seven, and have played the violin for twelve years and enjoy playing badminton, reading, and playing the piano. In school, my favorite classes include physics, chemistry and calculus. I hope to major in engineering and minor in computer science in college. I first started using Scholarships.com in the second half of junior year, and have found it to be extremely helpful in matching me to a plethora of relevant scholarships. It has made the college application process seem a lot less insurmountable, knowing that Scholarships.com would help me in trying to reduce the cost of my education. I would like to thank Scholarships.com for all of the resources it has given me access to and for giving me the help I need to achieve my dreams."

- Jingyan X.

Daniel S.
Billerica, MA

Scholarship Awarded:

"My name is Daniel Spencer and I have a wide range of interests. I love most subjects in school, especially Spanish, history, calculus and chemistry. My goal is to speak fluent Spanish in the near future, along with a number of other languages, including Russian and French. Obviously, I also love foreign languages. I find it incredibly interesting to study and learn about an entirely new way of looking at and describing the world, looking at things from the perspective of another culture. When I am not pursuing academic interests, I like to play video games and hang out with my friends, watch a little bit of baseball (I'm a Red Sox fan, of course) and read. My favorite book series is the great Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien.
When I head off to college, I plan on studying both biochemistry and Spanish, with a special focus in pre-medical studies. Scholarships.com has already helped the first step of my goal to become a doctor with this scholarship. I found and completed this scholarship and a number of other scholarships through their quick, easy-to-use service and I plan on using the website in the coming months."

- Daniel S.

Lindsay W.
Camas, WA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I attend Camas High School as a part of the Math-Science-Technology Magnet Program. I’m the president of Key Club, assistant director of the middle school's musicals, and Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper. I’m very thankful to have stumbled upon scholarships.com because of the opportunities it has provided. Thank you very much, what an honor!"

- Lindsay W.

Megan T.
San Diego, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"Apart from schoolwork, I enjoy reading, baking cupcakes, and watching sports on the weekends with my dad. When I’m not busy, I like to apply for scholarships to further my education. While my parents have worked very hard in order to give me a college fund, I feel like it’s my future, and it is my responsibility to help pay for it. At first, searching for scholarships was frustrating, and numerous times, I nearly gave up on the idea all together. I would get halfway through reading through the guidelines of a scholarship and realize that it was only for high school seniors or children of disabled veterans or residents of Illinois. While this may seem kind of corny, Scholarships.com helped change my entire perspective on how to apply for scholarships. The website made it easy to find what I was qualified for, and I will always be grateful for the opportunities it has presented to me that I would not have known about otherwise"

- Megan T.

Sydney B.
Waunakee, WI

Scholarship Awarded:

"I found scholarships.com the summer before my freshmen year of high school and I truly believe that it is never too early to start thinking about the future. The Resolve to Evolve Essay was the first scholarship that I decided to enter and I'm so grateful that I did. I can't thank scholarships.com enough for this opportunity.In college, I hope to major in business and I am eager for the future. Some of my interests are soccer, FBLA, student council, Spanish club and orchestra. In my free time, I enjoy studying and playing the cello."

- Sydney B.

Isaac A.
Avondale, AZ

Scholarship Awarded:

"I'm so grateful that I won first place in the Short and Tweet scholarship that Scholarships.com offered. This scholarship will allow me to continue my education as I begin college in the fall and has also helped me acknowledge what really matters in life: an education. I am at a loss for words right now. Thank you so much for choosing me to be the winner and for helping me in my pursuit to college by making it that much more possible. "

- Isaac A.

Courteney R.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am honored to be awarded second place for the Short and Tweet scholarship! Not everyone is excellent at writing essays and Scholarships.com understands that. They provide a ton of ways for students to apply for scholarships and earn money. One being the Short and Tweet scholarship. Who would have ever thought you could win money for school by doing something as simple as tweeting?! As a graduate of Fort Lauderdale High School and soon to be freshmen this August at Florida A&M University, I recommend that Scholarships.com should definitely be the number one website students go to to apply for scholarships!"

- Courteney R.

Patrick D.
St. Spring Lake, NC

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am beyond grateful and extremely humbled by the fact that I was chosen by Scholarships.com to be one of the winners in the Short & Tweet competition. In my opinion, the team at Scholoarships.com did an amazing job coming up with this idea as a way to get students and future college students more involved in the funding of their higher education. I frequently visit Scholoarships.com for vital information concerning my education and other opportunities to better my educational experience. I am currently a Junior at North Carolina Central University and plan to utilize this website more often in assisting me in my educational journey towards graduation. I want to thank the awesome team at Scholarships.com for doing their part in assisting students nationwide to accomplish their academic goals."

- Patrick D.

Taylor A.
St. Petersburg, FL

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am very thankful to have found Scholarhips.com! There are a ton of scholarship search engines out there but with Scholarships.com you can find scholarships that are tailored to your unique interests. Plus, there’s such a wide variety to choose from, it seems silly almost to not sit and try to win them all! I advise everyone to spend 30 minutes on Scholarships.com, I did and it was paid off! "

- Taylor A.

Dhanusha S.
Johns Creek, GA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I don't know what I would do without Scholarships.com! It's opened so many doors for me and allowed me to see and seize all the opportunities offered to me. It's shown me that scholarships can come in all shapes and sizes. As college education tuition and fees increase exponentially each year, it's nice to have options to help my family so we're not swamped with financial debt. I'm also super shocked that I won something via a Twitter contest! Who knew tweeting could be so useful?!"

- Dhanusha S.

Meaghan M.
Hackettstown, NJ

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am so grateful to have won a scholarship through Scholarships.com. I always thought it was a one in a million chance I would win, but I'm glad I kept applying for more scholarships because it lead me to this one! I'm a senior in high school and definitely need all the help I can get when it comes to paying for college. Through Scholarships.com, I am now a step ahead with my finances. Thank you so much for choosing me to be a finalist in the Short & Tweet scholarship. I definitely intend on bringing my new Kindle Fire to school with me."

- Meaghan M.

Hattie H.
Phoenix, AZ

Scholarship Awarded:

"I discovered Scholarships.com during my junior year of high school, when I was on the hunt not only for a school that fit my interests, but also for a way to finance my education! Luckily, Scholarships.com has plenty of accessible and achievable scholarships – who knew I'd be paying for college via haiku? – as well as information on universities all across the nation. It's a website that simplifies the ever-stressful post-secondary education search and even helps you de-stress in college, too, with organization and study tips that I'm already implementing just a few weeks into my freshman year. Education doesn't have to be unrealistically expensive: If you're willing to search for it, money is out there and Scholarships.com is the perfect place to start!"

- Hattie H.

Jade G.
Eatonville, WA

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has exposed me to a wide array of scholarships and resources that have broadened my awareness of the types of funding available for students like me. I often recommend the site to freshmen and friends seeking funding for their studies. The personalization of the scholarship search ensures that there are opportunities available to everyone!"

- Jade G.

Banita S.
Newark, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"In college, it is important to have support – both emotionally and financially – and Scholarships.com aims to give students both. Their insightful blogs and unique scholarship opportunities are tailored to help undergraduate students like me make the most of our college experiences. I feel honored to have been chosen as the third-place winner for the Haiku Ninja Facebook Scholarship contest...17 syllables were all it took! I will continue to use this website’s resources while I work toward a degree in biology from UC San Diego and pursue a career in the health field. Thank you for your generosity, Scholarships.com!"

- Banita S.

Adrian B.
Chicago, IL

Scholarship Awarded:

"When I first discovered Scholarships.com, I decided to sign up and give it a try without expecting much. This scholarship was the first one I decided to apply to and after a few weeks passed, I received an email that I had been chosen to receive this scholarship! At that moment I was thinking, "This is too good to be true" but I talked to my college advisor and she said that it is real. I was very glad to hear that I was actually receiving a scholarship because this will help me and my family towards my college expenses. I am very grateful for this award and if anyone is skeptical about applying for scholarships, they would be surprised if they take the time to apply!"

- Adrian B.

Kaleigh O.
Traverse City, MI

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am so honored to receive this scholarship and I never would have found it without the matching assistance of Scholarships.com. I was at a point where I didn't know where the money was going to come from for my next semester and this scholarship has helped tremendously! Thank you, HP and Scholarships.com!"

- Kaleigh O.

Timothy M.
Atlanta, GA
Emory University

Scholarship Awarded:

"Setting up a profile at Scholarships.com should be mandatory for any student applying to school. With the click of a button, I found HUNDREDS of scholarships that fit my background and interest. I have spread the gospel to my friends and family and thanks to the Short & Tweet Scholarship, the entire Twitterverse will know the go-to place for scholarship search – Scholarships.com!"

- Timothy M.

Tami B.
Tracy, CA
San Francisco State University

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is different than other scholarship websites. They actually show and prove that you can win their scholarships and that's amazing! Being a triplet can be rough when it comes to finances but Scholarships.com has helped me afford college. Thank you, Scholarships.com!"

- Tami B.

Heidi G.
Houston, TX
Texas Woman’s University

Scholarship Awarded:

"One of the primary challenges of earning a doctorate is finding the funding to support your studies. I had used Scholarships.com in the past for my bachelor's degree so I knew it was a site that I could trust to provide information about funding; because it is so simple to use, you can check in frequently to find new information. Scholarships.com is a valuable tool for students at all levels!"

- Heidi G.

Elizabeth M.
Malone, NY

Scholarship Awarded:

"I honestly thought Scholarships.com was too good to be true. It was relatively fast and easy: All I had to do was answer some questions and I was matched up with multiple scholarships. I would recommend Scholarships.com to anyone looking for scholarship opportunities!"

- Elizabeth M.

Amy M.
Auburn, NE

Scholarship Awarded:

"Being the third of five children to attend college, I knew I'd have to find a way to pay for my college expenses. Scholarships.com has been a great help to me, as I have applied for several scholarships in my first year of college. I plan on using Scholarships.com in my future years because it narrows down the scholarships and awards I can apply for. So far I have won a new laptop and hope to earn more, as the need for money is ever present in my future years. Thank you, Scholarships.com, for making the scholarship searching process much easier!"

- Amy M.

Jamarri R.
Rocky Point, NC

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has changed my scholarship experience. Since finding the site, I have been able to complete multiple scholarships that I am eligible for. With Scholarships.com by my side, I am more encouraged than ever to go to a university. Before finding the site, I wasn't sure if a full four years would be an option for me as I wouldn't receive much help from my parents, but thank you, Scholarships.com, for allowing me this opportunity as well as future ones."

- Jamarri R.

Willie X.
Corona, NY

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has been a godsend for me. In addition to helping me win its “You Like Me…You Really Like Me” Facebook Scholarship, it has also provided me with countless ways to pay for college. By connecting me to numerous scholarships that were matched to my goals and achievements, I now have hope that I can actually afford the tuition at Cornell University. Before I discovered this amazing resource, I had to rely on the meager amount of opportunities that were posted on my school bulletin, and information I received from my teachers and friends. Since many scholarships are geared towards specific categories of students, several of the ones I found were unavailable to me. My scholarship search process was tedious and frustratingly long; however, Scholarships.com changed everything and made searching simple. All I had to do was make a new account and answer questions about myself – the site did everything else! Scholarships.com has been the best thing that has happened to me this year and I recommend it to anyone who needs help paying for college."

- Willie X.

Celena S.
Muscle Shoals, AL

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com made looking and applying for scholarships so much less stressful. Initially, finding and applying for scholarships was a huge pain, but Scholarships.com made the process much easier by combining all scholarships that I was eligible for into one, compact website. Without scholarships, college wouldn't be as easy for me to attend as well as pay for and I’m forever thankful to Scholarships.com for giving me the opportunity to gain money for college. I will soon be attending Auburn University and without all of the chances presented to me through Scholarships.com, attending Auburn would still be just a dream instead of a reality for me. Thanks Scholarships.com!"

- Celena S.

Dovani D.
Stone Mountain, GA
Stone Mountain High School

Scholarship Awarded:

"I signed up for Scholarships.com a few months ago to browse through available scholarships. This website was very helpful in my search: It was very easy to access and has a simple design that is easy to maneuver through. Paying for college was something that I constantly worried about, but Scholarships.com takes some of the pressure off. It is a very helpful website indeed, and I do recommend it for everyone!"

- Dovani D.

Gabrielle S.
Chandler, AZ
Chandler High School

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has been immensely helpful in the scholarship search process! The organized search has allowed me to find and apply for several scholarships while keeping track of deadlines. It has also introduced me to many easy-to-apply scholarships, such as the Short & Tweet Scholarship. After writing two tweets, I was selected as a second-place winner. I have never won anything using less than 280 characters but now I can claim a Kindle Fire!"

- Gabrielle S.

Lucas O.
Cincinnati, OH
Milford High School

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has helped me gain the financial aid necessary to allow me to go the college I want. I found out about Scholarships.com through a "Paying for College" seminar and registered right away. After browsing the site for a while, I found a TON of scholarships that I was eligible for. Scholarships.com is the perfect collection of potential scholarships for any student."

- Lucas O.

Aida M.
Hamtramck, MI
University of Michigan

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was a life saver. As a former immigrant and refugee from a low-income family, I did not initially have access to scholarship, ACT/SAT or college admissions information. I worried a lot about how I was going to find the money to pay for college until I stumbled upon your website. The clean design, simple explanations and quantity of scholarships offered to me was remarkable. By applying to many scholarships, I began to understand what colleges looked for in a student and what I needed to do to succeed. In addition, the effort and hard work that was required of me to achieve success was worth it. It takes drive and some hard work to win a scholarship (or anything for that matter) but it is definitely worth your time. Thanks Scholarships.com!"

- Aida M.

Herby J.
Riviera Beach, FL
University of South Florida

Scholarships Awarded:

"I knew paying for college was not going to be easy so the summer after my junior year, I started looking for scholarships to apply for. The first placed I look for scholarships was Scholarships.com. There I was immediately matched with potential scholarships to apply for. Apparently, I could not apply for most of those scholarships until school starts over again in the fall. So I waited and when the scholarships where available I applied for them. Months later, the letters started pouring in and did not stop until now. Thank you Scholarships.com for making the scholarship searching process a whole lot simpler and thanks for playing a role in funding my college expenses."

- Herby J.

Ashley D.
Coatesville, PA
Millersville University, PA

Scholarships Awarded:

"I graduated in 2009 at the top of my class. However, coming from a low-income family, I was on my own paying for college. My guidance counselor suggested Scholarships.com as a resource for possible financial aid. I was astonished at the number and quality of scholarships, grants, and internships posted on Scholarships.com. I checked my home page almost daily, and there was always at least one new scholarship that I could apply for. Ultimately I applied for 17 scholarships! Of those 17, I was awarded 3. That may not sound like much but those 3 scholarships amounted to $14,000! And, with the skills I developed applying for those scholarships, I was able to complete specific school related scholarship applications with greater success securing an additional $12,000 plus full tuition to the university I am attending! I worked hard in high school to achieve success and Scholarships.com worked hard helping me find the money to further my success!"

- Ashley D.

Rulla K.
Charlotte, NC

Scholarships Awarded:

"My plan in gaining scholarship money was simple. I worked hard and applied to every scholarship that I qualified for. Eventually, after all the hard work and time spent on writing essays, creating videos, and filling out applications, I started seeing results. Scholarship notifications went from saying 'You were NOT selected as an applicant' to 'Congratulations! we appreciate your interest and applaud your accomplishments.' I believe that it has been an overall great experience, throughout my senior year. I have applied to roughly thirty scholarships but was the recipient of only two! Which is okay considering my academic, leadership, and community service achievements. I am the recipient of the Foundation of North Carolina's E. R. and Lillian Demmitte Scholarship $3,000 renewable, as well as the people helping people scholarship $10,000. If I was to give advice to rising seniors I would stress the importance of applying to every scholarship that they fit the description for. Not only is it a great experience (I remember how fun I had recording my voice for the Voice of Democracy audio scholarship), it's even a great opportunity to strengthen their writing skills and they might hit the jackpot if enough effort is put in. Even though applying for scholarships was tough, annoying and most of the time disappointing when I come out (most of the time) empty handed, the most important thing that I taught myself was to never give up, and convinced myself that some committee is going to notice my hard work and effort and reward me the money I need to pursue my post secondary education. Scholarships.com was a great tool to gather, organize and most importantly find the right scholarship for me! Thank you for the Scholarships.com team for helping students like me and many others in making the scholarship hunt easier."

- Rulla K.

Alex T.
Chippewa Falls, WI

Scholarships Awarded:

"I would first like to extend a big thank you to everyone at Scholarships.com. With your help I was able to apply and receive several scholarships, totaling $2600! Thank you for everything you have done and I hope to use this source in the future as well. I will be attending college in the UW system. Thanks again."

- Alex T.

Brittany C.
Kentwood, MI

Scholarship Awarded:

"I won a $2,000 scholarship via information from Scholarships.com. The scholarship I won was from the Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation one. Without this site, I'd be taking out one more loan. All the opportunities and information this site offers is such a blessing. Getting information about new ones and deadlines often helped me as well. Thanks Scholarships.com."

- Brittany C.

Derrius Q.
Chicago, IL
Morehouse College, GA

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was the most frequent tool I used in my scholarship search. It had the most interactive interface, it provided the most reliable links for the most prominent scholarships I applied for, and it also sent e-mail notifications for deadlines and for new scholarships that fit my profile."

- Derrius Q.

Molly L.
Fresno, CA
Brown University

Scholarships Awarded:

"I always knew I would be a great candidate for scholarships and grants, but I just needed to know where to look for them. As soon as I found Scholarships.com, it was my one-stop shop for a review of so many scholarships. I have won over fifteen scholarships totaling over $50,000 in awards, including some titles like Dell and Coke Scholar, which is an amazing honor. I would not have found these opportunities without Scholarships.com. I can only hope for the same opportunities for many others who use and will use Scholarships.com, because they really do provide the most scholarship opportunities, and the best detail of how to get a hold of the scholarship provider. Aside from my counselors who provided me with local scholarship opportunities, Scholarships.com was my number one, reliable resource, and I am very grateful for the opportunities they opened for me, and for all the money I now have for college! It has been an amazing experience overall with Scholarships.com."

- Molly L.

Ryan F.
Riverside, CA
Dartmouth College, NH

Scholarships Awarded:

" As a junior in High School I knew that I wanted to attend a prestigious college. I also knew that my mother could not afford any kind of college education. During the summer of my junior year in high school I went on a mission, and that mission was to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

My high school counselor advised me to check out Scholarships.com and to search for scholarships there. I applied for every scholarship on Scholarships.com website that I thought that I qualified for. Needless to say my summer was long and tedious because I quickly found out that applying for scholarships required extensive writing.

During the spring of my senior year, all of the writing and headaches finally paid off. I applied for over 20 scholarships, and of course I did not receive them all, but the ones that I did receive made my efforts worth the while.

I currently attend Dartmouth, and with the financial help of these scholarships plus others, my Ivy League education is fully paid for! It is worth it to log onto Scholarships.com and apply."

- Ryan F.

Aaron F.
Columbia, SC

Scholarships Awarded:

"Scholarships.com was the best tool that I have used. I have two other scholarships search accounts but this was the one that I used the most because it kept me organized."

- Aaron F.

Jasmine W.
Fort Pierce, FL

Scholarships Awarded:

"During the summer of my high school year as a freshman I started working toward my career goals and college funding, I began to take college classes as a dual-enrollment student, I knew my parents couldn’t afford to pay for a higher education because I have three other siblings that was faced with the same similar situation I would be faced with after the end of my senior year. I knew I needed a head start to obtain scholarship funding and Scholarships.com was one of my engine searches. During my ninth grade year, I started volunteering in my community, involved on school flag team, held class positions from 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade as president and/or parliamentarian. I worked at a local bank on Friday as a bank greeter, and was involved in academy programs, such as Upward Bound, College Reach Out Program, Educational Talent Search, About Face Program, Youth Crime watch of America, and federal funding programs that was free of charge through my high school years. I was able to finish two years of college and high school in the same year. I received full paid tuition assistance for four years and Pell grant, along with many other scholarships for my entire years of a college education. I can truly say you can not go wrong if you register with Scholarships.com and my plans are to obtain the highest education degree in Rosen College at the University of Central Florida, and one day become an entrepreneur of my own hotel exchange."

- Jasmine W.

Jacob Z.
Scottsbluff, NE
Chadron State College, NE

Scholarships Awarded:

"It is my honor to introduce to you a place where you can truly begin making your dreams become a reality! Scholarships.com is a fantastic virtual site that truly lays down the base in helping students of all races, ages, and gender, begin becoming what they've always dared to dream.

It is a dream of mine to one day become an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and travel the world assisting underserved and underpopulated areas. As you can see, financially, Scholarships.com helped me gain the necessary funding to begin my professional career. As a student, I want to sincerely thank Scholarships.com and their affiliates for offering such a service. I am deeply humbled and I highly urge you to sign up today! It is well worth the minute!

I've now found myself double majoring in Human Biology and Business. Becoming an oral surgeon is just a step away! Just remember that Scholarships.com has a lot to offer - in just a few years you will be looking back and may not believe your eyes! Heck, I never thought I'd end up becoming the Student Senate President at my college! Thank you Scholarships.com for giving me various qualities that have allowed me to (1) never forget where I came from, and (2) dare to dream!"

- Jacob Z.

Nia H.
Thomasville, GA

Scholarship Awarded:

"As the oldest of six children in a single parent household, I understand the need to succeed with a shortage of money. I've always known that I would attend college, my mother made it clear that it wouldn't be an option! During my senior year, I applied to at least 3 scholarships a day, usually one with an essay and two with simple forms. I got denied on most of them, but finally, I received an email from Dellscholars.com, saying I had won $20,000 + a computer & printer! I was so happy! I was hesitant to apply, because the application took a whole week to fill out, but I am SO happy that I took the chance. I found The Dell Scholar's scholarship on Scholarships.com"

- Nia H.

Gloria Z.
Castro Valley, CA
University of California, Berkeley

Scholarships Awarded:

"I received $6,500 in scholarships thanks to Scholarships.com! As a high school senior going to the University of California, Berkeley next year, I had to find out how I was going to pay for it all. I needed information. I signed up for other scholarship websites but I found Scholarships.com the most helpful because of the extensive list of scholarships targeted towards what I had done in my past four years. I can say Scholarships.com truly bridged the gap between knowing what I have done in my life and finally filling out a scholarship form. This website helped me distinguish which scholarships I wanted to apply to in a clear, concise, and easy to use format. Thank you Scholarships.com for helping me win the five scholarships I received! Now I can enjoy my first year in college even more!"

- Gloria Z.

Tara M.
Littleton, CO
University of Denver, CO

Scholarships Awarded:

"I have found Scholarships.com to be an invaluable resource. As a full-time English as a Second Language (ESL) elementary school teacher and a full-time doctoral student at the University of Denver, finding time to hunt for scholarships that are appropriate for me can be difficult. The free scholarship search service at scholarships.com is a fantastic tool. By providing some basic information about myself, scholarships.com does the work for me by searching other sites and providing me with the information for funding sources that are appropriate for students in my field or at my level of study. In addition, the scholarship search results tab keeps me organized and helps to prioritize by deadlines or other pertinent award criteria. I am deeply grateful to both scholarships.com for helping me find scholarships to apply for as well as to the scholarship committees who have selected me as a recipient. I regularly recommend scholarships.com to friends and family who plan to study at all levels of higher education, but aren’t sure they can due to financial need. Thank you for helping me and so many others to achieve educational success!"

- Tara M.

Erica M.
Parma, OH

Scholarships Awarded:

"I have been a member of Scholarships.com for a few years now. My parents were willing to pay for my college education, but they told me that if I got college paid for, they would buy me a car instead. I figured, they'll be paying the same amount of money either way, so why not get a car and a college education? At first it was tedious, filling out all the applications, writing essays, and doing whatever else each scholarship required, but when I got my first phone call that I had won a scholarship, it made it all worth while. I mean, winning $4,000 just for spending two hours writing an essay or letting people know about all the achievements I had in high school was definitely worth it. I would have worked hard in high school even if I was not going to get anything out of it. But Scholarships.com helped me find organizations who were willing to reward those who worked as hard as I did. The biggest thing about students and scholarships, is people are not willing to even apply. There was one scholarship I won just because I was the only person to send in an application! People think, oh, I'll never win it, and don't bother to apply. It does not take that much time, and even if you don't win, the experience is still worth it. I applied to many scholarships, two of the ones I actually won were The Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship and The Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship. Total, these two provided me with $9,000 over my four years of college! I am still actively trying to find scholarships I qualify for because spending a few hours out of my day applying is worth the reward in the end."

- Erica M.

Brittany M.
University of California - Los Angeles

"Scholarships.com has helped me by both making known and available a number of scholarships. I have applied for many in which I would have known nothing about otherwise. I was born and raised in a military family with my dad overseas for many years. I never thought that this much financial aid would be available to families with members who have served in the armed forces. Basically Scholarships.com does the scholarship finding task for me. All that's needed is a few questions on my background and then the website finds scholarships that matches my profile. Definitely convenient and easy. Not to mention the email updates are very helpful as sometimes I forget to stay on top of these types of things. However with their email updates, it keeps me focused and makes sure we as students don't miss opportunities."

- Brittany M.

Don H.
Ocoee, FL

Scholarship Awarded:

"Because of Scholarships.com, I was able to expand my search for money for college. I ended up winning my first outside scholarship after applying to one of the several scholarships posted. I'm so happy that a great tool like this is available to students."

- Don H.

Kathy D.
University of California, Berkeley

Scholarships Awarded:

"I'm the oldest of five kids in my family so it was expected that my parents wouldn't be able to pay for my college education. However, I wasn't deterred. As a freshman in high school, I found out scholarships would hopefully, be my source of financial support. I signed up for countless scholarship websites, but Scholarships.com proved to be the most comprehensive and updated website of them all.

The instant I began my senior year of high school, I applied to over twenty-six scholarships and was lucky to receive three. Each scholarship required a great deal of writing, but I didn't falter. The Gates Millennium Scholarship proved to be my golden ticket and because it covered all of my unmet financial need, I returned the two scholarship awards so other high school seniors would be able to afford an education; I also emailed other scholarship programs asking that my application be dismissed.

Never in this lifetime did I expect to receive a full-ride scholarship to the college of my choice. Everyday, I think of how blessed I am and am grateful websites like Scholarships.com exist. Even if you're not the smartest or the most talented, as long as you're willing to display your best efforts, apply for scholarships."

- Kathy D.

Mara C.
McKinleyville, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I won a scholarship from the Scholarships.com website. The scholarship is from the FFCCL Foundation for Christian College Leaders. $1,000.00 Thanks for all your help!! and thank you FFCCL!!"

- Mara C.

Gabriella H.
University of California, San Diego

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has enabled me to find the best-fit scholarships with great ease. After my father heard about the website on the radio, he encouraged me to take a look. After filling out a profile, listing my interests, and searching through numerous scholarships, I can say that Scholarships.com was the best tool in finding money for my freshman year in college. Through this web site, I was able to enter into the Elks National Foundation Scholarship and later win at the regional level. This and other scholarships I found will tremendously help me pay my way through college. With an immense database of scholarships to choose from, one can count on Scholarships.com as the ultimate source for money to pay for a college education."

- Gabriella H.

Joel M.
University of California, Santa Barbara

Scholarships Awarded:

"Currently I'm a freshman student here at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am a first generation student. My father has an income of less than 30,000 thousand but he doesn't have to pay a single thing. Thanks to the site Scholarships.com, I was able to find many scholarships that I was eligible for. I applied to over 15 scholarships and won 6. Three of the scholarships I won were referenced to me on Scholarships.com. Now I don't have to worry about paying a dime here at UCSB."

- Joel M.

Kayleigh V.
Irving, TX

Scholarship Awarded:

"My junior and senior years were very hectic, to say the least. I managed to keep NHS grades throughout school while playing softball and being involved in choir and art. I visited quite a few colleges and fell in love with University of Dallas, it was a perfect fit for me, a private university close to home in Irving Texas. Since the University of Dallas is a private college, it is not inexpensive. UD is also an NCAA DIII which does not provide any athletic scholarships which ruled out softball helping me to pay for college. I signed up for Scholarships.com and began surfing. I kept seeing the Army ROTC scholarship pop up and began thinking, 'Could this be for me?' I was never in JROTC in high school, but my sister and boyfriend were and all of our family enjoyed the academics, activities, community service and patriotism that JROTC provided. I made my decision to apply and have been extremely grateful to have received a full tuition scholarship from the Army ROTC program. This has been a whirl wind dream come true for me! I am going to get to attend my first choice school without financial stress, get my degree, play softball and serve my country!

I don't know if it would have ever popped into my head to apply to Army ROTC without Scholarships.com"

- Kayleigh V.

Sheri S.
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, MA

"I am a non-traditional student of Psychology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and have applied for a few scholarships through this site.

Scholarships.com is wonderful because it is easy to use. I work for a Community College and have referred students to use this site too-hoping it helps keep the site and sponsors prosperous.

It is great to have the reminder emails at the scholarship deadline times. Especially for forgetful people like me :)

I am in my junior year of college and am paying for a great portion of my education myself. The fees are very high during the school year-not to mention the price of text books are through the roof lately. It is my hope to continue my education and obtain a Master's Degree in the future. Having a wonderful site like Scholarships.com takes the stress out of finding potential scholarships available."

- Sheri S.

Anish D.
Carol Stream, IL

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am a high school senior, my jaw dropped when I found out how much I would have to pay for college. I immediately signed up for Scholarships.com and started applying for scholarships. Scholarships.com made a daunting process very easy. I'm glad to say that my senior year is nearing an end and with the help of Scholarships.com, I have received $40,000 in scholarships. Thank you Scholarships.com!"

- Anish D.

Hannah G.
University of Mississippi, MS

Scholarship Awarded:

"The summer before my senior year was a frantic start to an inevitable task of finding ways to pay for my schooling the upcoming fall. I registered with Scholarships.com with the thought that I would never find any scholarships to help pay for my college. After searching through different scholarships on different search pages, I was not having any luck. I was feeling discouraged until I searched Scholarships.com. My search immediately brought me to a scholarship for The University of Mississippi – The Luckyday Scholarship – which was worth $28,000 at maximum. So, I applied and never thought anything of it. Then, a few months had passed and The University of Mississippi contacted me to let me know that I had been chosen as one of the Luckyday Scholars. My college – Ole Miss – is now being paid in full because this one scholarship that I found on Scholarships.com allowed me to seek opportunities financially with the university. Without Scholarships.com, I probably would not have found the Luckyday Scholarship or been handed a chance of a lifetime: to attend the university that fits me without having to pay a huge amount. Thanks, Scholarships.com!"

- Hannah G.

Dakota N.
Bear, DE

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am so very thankful to have won the Register & Win Scholarship and will put the $500 award towards my college education. College is not cheap and I am glad that Scholarships.com was there to help me along the way. Thank you, Scholarships.com!"

- Dakota N.

Christy H.
SUNY College of Technology At Delhi, NY

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am 41 years old and a single mom of 2 teenagers. I have had a dream of being a Nurse for nearly 25 years. I was not able to go to college when I graduated from high school in 1985. I entered the work force right out of school and thought that I would never be able to go to college - hence - I would never fulfill my dream!

Last year, I made up my mind that I was going to leave my full time job and go to college to pursue my Nursing degree. The next step was to determine how I was going to financially survive and still provide for my children. I discovered Scholarships.com and was led to a scholarship from the Jeannette Rankin Foundation. I applied to 27 different scholarships. I was shocked when I received the phone call at work informing me that I had been chosen for a scholarship for $2,000! Actually, I believe I screamed 'I can't believe it' and I was at work at the time I received the phone call. I am so proud to be considered worthy of this scholarship. I work hard daily on my school work to maintain my grades.

I know that this road is not an easy one, I found that out real fast! But I am keeping my eye on the final goal - the day that I can add RN to my name! Thank you Scholarships.com!"

- Christy H.

Sherri A.
Oswego, NY

Scholarship Awarded:

"I applied for nine scholarships from your website. I received one but this one continues for up to five years. It was easy. The site would send emails and help to narrow the search for what you types that you may be eligible. It is definitely worth the effort to receive a scholarship."

- Sherri A.

Nick M.
Rochester, MN
University of Wisconsin

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has helped me find all the different scholarships out there to make college affordable. The scholarship I won was the Mayo Foundation Scholarship for $12,000 and has helped me pursue a great education at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire."

- Nick M.

Sara C.
Pewaukee, WI

Scholarships Awarded:

"I was not sure how I was going to pay for college for four years. Both of my parents urged me to look for scholarships to ease the burden of a private school education. Luckily I found many scholarships on Scholarships.com and applied to as many as I could. I have only used the website for a couple of months, but I have already been successful in attaining three thousand extra dollars for school. A couple months ago I didn’t think I would find a way to help pay for my education, but now I know that with a little work and effort there is money waiting for students like me. Thank you Scholarships.com!"

- Sara C.

Chasity M.
Jackson, MI

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am a senior in high school. My story started a couple months ago...I was looking for a scholarship and found one called: The Imagine America Scholarship. My admissions coordinator persuaded me to apply and so I did. This scholarship application only consisted of filling out one page of info and that was it! I had to wait for it to be approved by my school and college. I got an e-mail last month saying that I was chosen to get this scholarship! Thanks to Scholarships.com I got $1,000 towards my tuition at The Art Institute of Michigan! Thank You. "

- Chasity M.

Sam M.
Evansville, IN

Scholarship Awarded:

"Last year I received a $500 scholarship from Sallie Mae just for writing a simple 3 paragraph story about why I would like to earn the scholarship. I was contacted 1 month later and was told that I would be receiving a $500 scholarship! It doesn't seem like much for a college scholarship, but $500 paid for a semester and all of my books. I will definitely try to earn another scholarship, just by filling out some information and writing a few things about myself! There's no reason not to try! "

- Sam M.

Mayria S.
Eunice, LA

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com helped me when I was in a bind looking for scholarships. It was the end of my senior year and I needed a scholarship, so I signed up and right when I signed up, they immediately introduced me to scholarships that I qualified for. I found the kappa delta scholarship and got $200"

- Mayria S.

Cory N.
Gulf Breeze, FL

"Thanks to Scholarships.com I have received 2 engineering scholarships totaling $2500, and it greatly helped me fund 2 semesters."

- Cory N.



Maricela R.
Gridley, CA

"Throughout high school I was always encouraged to keep my grades up and apply to as many scholarships possible. I stumbled upon Scholarships.com on the search engine, tried it, and within 6 months I was able to find a scholarship that was going to help for my 4 year attendance to a university. Yet still in college I continue to use this website to find scholarships for college students; there is plenty of money out there we just have to go and look for it. I was glad I found this website when I was in high school, because it allowed me to prepare myself for other great opportunities that lied ahead."

- Maricela R.

Mike K.
Sherwood, AR

"I have to say I am very thankful to have used Scholarships.com. I was able to apply for some scholarships, but also, it made me realize just how bad I needed scholarship money and that I was losing time. Without all the weekly reminders I would have been sidetracked and probably never got the scholarships that I so badly needed. Thanks so much for your constant emails!"

- Mike K.

Kacy B.
Fort Smith, AR

"Scholarships.com helped me find a lot of scholarships I didn't even know existed! I never knew there were so many scholarships giving out FREE money! There's nothing better than having money given to you, and Scholarships.com helped me find money for college."

- Kacy B.

Kayla G.
Valley Village, CA

"School is extremely difficult as is, especially when you are trying to find ways to fund it. Scholarships help fill the financial gap I need in my education. Scholarships.com allows everyone no matter what major to apply, which makes it simpler and faster to find a scholarship you qualify for. Not having to work has allowed me to study so that I can achieve the best grades. Going to UCLA is tough enough and not having to worry about financial costs has made my stay at UCLA more convenient and enjoyable. With budget cuts and higher tuition fees, Scholarships.com gives everyone the opportunity to avoid the stress that comes with financial costs of school."

- Kayla G.

Jeffery O.
Carrollton, TX

"Scholarships.com has really helped me find inexpensive ways to get cash for school, something that is not easy to say in this era of economics. What I enjoy most especially is that the site has occasional drawings for awards, requiring no more than a few scraps of personal/contact info from participants. I am thankful for its services and am optimistic that many like myself will be given a second chance to pursue their scholastic dreams without uncertainty or insecurity. Thank you Scholarships.com."

- Jeffery O.

Michelle C.
Tulare, CA

"Finding Scholarships.com has helped me apply for numerous scholarships and allowed me to better understand the requirements needed to earn money for college and it reminds me of how diverse my background is. I have realized that I am capable of receiving many scholarships based on religious, ethnicity and family background."

- Michelle C.

Bri D.
Greene, ME

"Paying for college has become impossible without financial assistance beyond what is offered through FAFSA. Scholarships.com has helped me find ways to make up the difference through alerting me of scholarships I am eligible for, thus making the search process much easier."

- Bri D.

Eric E.
Rossville, GA

"I started using Scholarships.com a little before mid way though my senior year. I was referred to Scholarships.com by a friend whose words were, 'you can find anything you’re looking for on there.' I went on and registered, filled out my profile and everything, and within a matter of minutes I had a huge list of scholarships that had been picked out for me based on the information I had entered. Scholarships.com helped me to find a large number of different scholarships with different requirements and monetary value, but all related in some way to the information I had put in. Through Scholarships.com, I was able to apply for several different scholarships, and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get a few."

- Eric E.

Jordan R.
Mission, TX

"After I graduated a semester early from High School, I knew I needed to start a plan for college. I had ideas of where I wanted to attend, but the thought of money left me feeling lost. I heard about searching on Scholarships.com and gave it a try. The company had so many options for me to choose from, and even ones that matched my profile. I became estatic and went all out in signing up with different companies featuring scholarships. Without, Scholarships.com I wouldn't have enough money to pay for college and would have gone through much difficulty. Thanks Scholarships.com!"

- Jordan R.

Mike O.
Whittier, CA

"Well right when my senior year started it hit me.... next year I will be going to college, and I was excited but then a couple of days later it hit me, how was I going to pay for it? I knew my family would be able to pay for about $2,000-$3,000 of the cost and so I did some research. I found out college is expensive. It was about $23,000 per year right away, I knew I wasn't going to be able to come up with that kind of money myself. Therefore, I went to the college center at my school because I knew that's where I could go to find out more about scholarships. The counselor said, 'There are many scholarships you can apply for in paper, but online it would be easier and quicker.' Then he gave me a list of web sites that were scholarship engines and Scholarships.com was one of them. I quickly was able to create my account and soon I was already filling out applications. It was so easy, fast, and convenient. It has probably been my number one source of scholarship help. Thank you very much =]"

- Mike O.

Camille J.
Hernando, MS

"So, I joined Scholarships.com my 10th grade year to help with the rising costs of a college education, but I ended up learning a whole lot more! The helpful newletters that they send out to us weekly are so informative and always have a myriad of useful information in them to help future college students make important decisions! They've helped me narrow down my college choices and given me ideas for scholarships I'm eligible for also!"

- Camille J.

Hannah J.
Ramona, CA

"I really didn't know where to start with my scholarship search until my sister told me about this website and it turned out to be a big life-saver. Not only did it make finding local scholarships easy and fast, it let me choose if I wanted to keep it or not on my list. It also saved me a lot of time that other students would take in looking for scholarships. Thanks!"

- Hannah J.

Christina K.
Long Beach, CA

"I am a current senior in high school and since the beginning of my junior year, college has been on my mind. Especially the fact that the cost of college is going to leave a hole in my pocket. I knew financial aid wouldn't cover all my cost, so of course I talked to my counselors and teachers and they all told me to apply for scholarships. I knew exactly where to go for that, the one place where I could find thousands and thousands of scholarships all in one place, with information and links. I think you know where that place is! Scholarships.com of course! Instead of looking up hundreds of scholarships separately on Google or Yahoo, I went to the site where I could find all scholarships in one perfect little website. Scholarships.com has really made my last 2 years of high school less stressful than it would have been. Searching for scholarships isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, but with Scholarships.com it made everything easy as pie!"

- Christina K.

Raquel W.
Ramona, CA

"Scholarships.com has made it so much easier for me to apply for scholarships. While I am still waiting to hear that I have earned some scholarships, I am so glad that there is a 'one stop' place to go!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!!!!"

- Raquel W.

Kyle P.
Boynton Beach, FL

"I have been very glad to find Scholarships.com. It not only allowed me to broaden my search for colleges, but it also gave me more options of scholarships to apply for. With so many selections, it has allowed me to apply to so many different and unique scholarships whenever I have wanted. I want to thank Scholarships.com for being here and providing me a solid website to search for a better future."

- Kyle P.

Stephanie L.
Falls Church, VA

"Finding out about Scholarships.com was from our school's meeting, explaining the basic steps towards our final year of high school. I took notes and the minute I got home, I looked up Scholarships.com.

Scholarships.com helped me find awards that match my criteria. There were SO MANY awards listed, you had to apply for at least more than one. Scholarships.com offers different scholarships for any type of person, whether they have a special disability, or they were born 7 feet tall, there's an award out there, and it's not that difficult to apply for.

If it weren't for Scholarships.com, both myself and others out there, wouldn't be able to have a chance to apply for FREE scholarships, like Scholarships.com offers. It's a great benefit for both us and the website as well."

- Stephanie L.

Devin O.
Boynton Beach, FL

"Thanks Scholarships.com for giving me a great opportunity and the tools needed to help fund my college experience. Your program is very appreciated. Thank you once again!"

- Devin O.

Lena O.
Monticello, FL

"Finding scholarships on Scholarships.com has helped me tremendously. It wasn't easy but I learned a lot. I never knew that there could be so many scholarships out there in the world today. All you have to do is apply for them. Scholarships.com was definitely a big help when it came to getting money. My favorite thing about Scholarships.com, is that they inform you by sending someone an email when a scholarship deadline is approaching. The reason is because I tend to forget alot of things. So by Scholarships.com sending me an email every now and then, it was very helpful. Thanks Scholarships.com!!!"

- Lena O.

Alyssa O.
Belmont, WV

"As a senior graduating from a private high school not located in my home town, I found that I did not qualify for scholarships from the city that my high school is located in since I was not a resident. My home town had many scholarship offers, but since I was not graduating from a high school in my home town, I did not qualify. So I had to turn to alternative sources. I found that there were many offerings. Although I have not yet heard back from many that I have applied for. I feel certain that at least one will be made available for me. I plan to attend Seton Hill University I have been admitted into their Music Therapy program. Thank you for the valuable service you provide."

- Alyssa O.

Richard R.
Monticello, FL

"Finding my scholarship on Scholarships.com has helped me to pay for my education at Central Connecticut State University. Furthermore, finding scholarships on Scholarships.com will help me reach my goal which is to graduate with my Bachelors, Masters and Law degrees."

- Richard R.

Corey S.
Canistota, SD

"Scholarships.com has helped me become more aware of all the scholarships available to people everywhere. I applied to many scholarships both on the Scholarships.com website and sponsor sites also. I did not succeed in winning any Scholarships from any of the sites, but I do plan to continue trying throughout my college career. Without Scholarships.com, I would not have known about many of the wonderful scholarship opportunities out there. Thank You"

- Corey S.

Dominique T
Longview, TX

"Scholarships.com has been very helpful in locating scholarships on-line by doing all of the leg work for me, I didn't have to actually write letters to all of the schools and organizations to find out what scholarships they have available, and whether or not I actually qualify for them. Scholarships.com has already researched the schools and the requirements, curriculums, etc. All I had to do is pick the one's that would be beneficial to me, apply my information, and sit back and wait for the opportunities to come rolling in. Thank you so much Scholarships.com you're awesome!!!"

- Dominique T.

Aly S.
Coeur D'Alene, ID

"Scholarsips.com has helped me out far more than I believed it would. To be completely honest, I thought it was a fake or a 'gimmick'. I needed help financially to continue through to college and I heard about this website from my own searching... Because of this website and awesome opportunity, I received a $576 scholarship to my college!!! I get to use that for books, supplies, etc. So my story is short and sweet. Going into debt with a loan is much harder to live with than receiving FREE MONEY! So, thank you Scholarships.com! Because of you I can continue my education debt-free!!!"

- Aly S.

Sameen N.
Walnut, CA

"I never thought that just by spending about ten minutes on Scholarships.com might save my whole life! It actually made it easier for me to choose the right college for myself - the most difficult decision every high school graduate needs to make.

Having a hard time finding the right college for myself, I was totally frustrated looking up on the Internet for several hours. The main problem was not, as many people might face at this time, chosing a perfect major, but it was the matter of the bulk of fees they ask you for. Having been in the US for only about 2 months, I was still a non-resident in California. Hence I was supposed to pay non-resident tuition as well for the whole year, which seemed almost impossible. It was only then that one of my cousins was standing by my side watching me as I went on from web to web when she asked me what kind of college I was looking for. And it was only after then she told me the website for getting free money to college - Scholarships.com - which gave me a new ray of hope. Scholarships.com made it possible for me to go for higher education in one of the best universities of the country."

- Sameen N.

Lillian A.
Gurabo, PR

"Scholarships.com helped me to find more options of masters degrees and colleges. It is very nice to have this tool to let know to all students how you can find a scholarship!"

- Lillian A.

Jesus T.
Anna Maria College, MA

"When I first looked for scholarships I had no idea where to look, but my guidance counselor told me about this wonderful site that brings you the information on possible scholarships you may be qualified for. Through Scholarships.com I found a few scholarships that have completely changed my life. I applied to the school of my choice and helped me pay for my tuition and what's even better is that some of them are renewable so I am able to re-apply as long as I meet the criteria of each scholarship.

These scholarships have made my dream and my family's dream come true because out of seven brothers and sister including my twin sister, only my twin and myself are currently in college and will be the only ones to get a degree thanks to the help of Scholarships.com and their resources. I came from a lower income family and a school that has more of a bad reputation than does credits. I overcame many obstacles including learning English since my native lingua franca is Spanish. The scholarships not only helped me financially but also showed my fellow schoolmates that everyone and any one can get financial help to go on to get a degree at an institution of higher learning. I cannot stress how much this site and the scholarships have changed my life for the best."

- Jesus T.

Denia L.
Corsicana, TX

"I signed up with Scholarships.com to find more scholarships in a wider range other than what they had at my school. Now I have received three scholarships one for being a teacher and one full ride to Navarro and an extra $1,000 scholarship. I am going to major in clinical psychology and early childhood education."

- Denia L.

Allyson P.
Baylor University, TX

"Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to go to Baylor University in Waco, Texas but knew that it was just out of my reach due to financial reasons. It was a private school and my family had always gotten by and then some. We just couldn't afford tuition for such a prestigious college. However, as I grew older and was exposed to all of my options, my hope grew as well. I also knew that although my grades were great and I was proud of myself as an academic, I was not running with the top dogs, so to speak. I wasn't in the top ten percent and I didn't play sports. That put a lot of scholarships far from my grasp. My numbers were good though from test scores to GPA. So, I began searching every outlet for independent scholarships, which is what brought me to Scholarships.com. Also, this was the same time that I finally decided to apply at Baylor, and I got in! I'm telling the absolute truth when I say that the day my acceptance letter came in the mail, I literally jumped up and down, the paper worth its weight in gold to me. All I had to worry about now was the dark cloud hanging over my head, the money. It turns out, Baylor awarded me enough scholarship, financial aid, and work-study money and I would be able to attend class there in the fall! I couldn't be happier with the way things played out, even though I wasn't awarded any independent scholarships from the websites. Thanks, Scholariships.com for giving me hope that there's always an alternative opportunity."

- Allyson P.

Samantha F.
Phoenix, NY

"Scholarships.com has helped me so much. My junior year I worried about how I was going to pay for college and all the stress that comes along with it. Finally when my senior year came along, I was clueless. My guidance counselor told me about Scholarships.com and I checked it out one night. I was on it for about 2 hours and kept coming back every half hour to see if there was more I could do. It was such a great help and I am graduating high school in about two weeks and I have $2,000 in scholarships. It may not sound like a lot but compared to 0 it is a lot more me. Scholarships.com has helped me so much and I would recommend it to anyone!"

- Samantha F.

ShuCora W.
Clarksdale, MS

"During my sophomore year of community college, I started to search the Internet for a website that will help me find money to fund my education for an architecture program at Mississippi State University. After a few tries, one of my teachers told me about Scholarships.com. To my surprise, this website was worth the time checking out. Scholarships.com was a great help to me. This website has given me access to information on a variety of scholarships. At first, I worried about finding the time to remember certain scholarships deadlines because of my job and my nineteen hour school schedule. Thanks to the special email alerts from Scholarships.com, I stayed updated on the scholarships I was applying for. After applying for the scholarships, I won one from the Dale & Bea Stuart Foundation. I never knew that my access to scholarship money was just a click a way. Thanks, Scholarships.com."

- ShuCora W.

Jamie L.
Spencer, OK

"Finding the scholarship on Scholarships.com was the easy part. After signing up and filling out my profile, there was little left for me to do. So I started applying. I saw the Voice of Democracy Audio Essay competition and sent in my registration form. After writing and recording my audio essay, I found a VFW post to sponsor me. I sent in my submission and waited. After a few months, I sent an e-mail to the director asking if there was any news. I had not heard if I had advanced in the judging or not. She replied saying that I had not made it into the top three. I was very disappointed, but I kept trying. A month later I received a letter from the Voice of Democracy headquarters. It contained a check! There had been a slight mix up in names, but I had received second place with a cash award! I was very excited. Thank you Scholarships.com"

- Jamie L.

Kellie W.
Racine, WI

"Scholarships.com has made my scholarship search so much easier. A lot of scholarship websites have promotional scholarships/contests that pretty much anyone can apply to. Scholarships.com includes those and many more, like one specific to my talents and interests. It is hard to win scholarships when there are so many people applying to them. This website has given me so many choices of scholarships which makes my chances a lot higher of getting something. I really appreciate all the hard work the people at Scholarships.com put into running the website."

- Kellie W.

Hannah B.
Spencer, OK

"Scholarships.com really encouraged me to apply for scholarships. At times, searching and applying for scholarships is discouraging. However, this website really helped me to stay focused on getting scholarships. It is very user-friendly and extremely beneficial."

- Hannah B.

Bryan G.
Racine, WI

"College is a tiring and expensive virtue. Through Scholarships.com I have been able to fill out an endless list of scholarships and gain that so precious aid which is very useful to pay that scary debt list. My senior year was practically drenched with activities/college to-do-list but thanks to this so wonderful website my last year in high school was a bit easier to get through without worrying of how I was going to pay for school."

- Bryan G.

Karessa W.
Spencer, OK

"Finding my scholarships on Scholarships.com has been one of the easiest and most successful things I have ever done. Scholarships.com has allowed me to receive scholarship money from a variety of places, and now I am able to go to college and not have to worry about going into debt. I am definitely going to recommend this site to all of my friends!"

- Karessa W.

Mary K.
East Greenwich, RI

"I was really worried about getting financial aid for college since FAFSA was not going to cover the cost for school, and I didn't want to have to take out a bunch of loans. Scholarships.com helped me find scholarships that applied to my major and interests, and I have received over $500 in aid--and I still have a couple of applications to finish! What's even better is that I get e-mails when new scholarships have been released so I don't have to constantly check back. I'm really glad I've used Scholarships.com!"

- Mary K.

Erin M.
Fort Irwin, CA

"My name is Erin, I am a recent JR college grad wanting to pursue BA degree. With the exception of a grant that pays my tuition the past few years, I have had to pay every last dime of college costs. It hasn't been easy. I took me 10 years to get my AA. Right before graduation I started to stress out about how I was going to pay for a BA. They are much more expensive at a 4 year university. Then I found Scholarships.com. Although I haven't been awarded any scholarships, I know there is hope."

- Erin M.

Tyler H.
Blacklick, OH

"Although I never won any of the scholarships I applied for on Scholarships.com; I was selected once as a semi-finalist for one certain scholarship. Nonetheless, through filling out the many scholarship forms, writing countless essays, and doing much research I have come to learn what colleges and scholarship programs are looking for and how to demonstrate that I am a perfect match for them. After just a few sets of scholarships it becomes apparent that the top four things scholarships seem to be concerned with are service, school participation, GPA and SAT/ACT, and determination. However it soon became apparent that there was no need to fret about finding a scholarship that suits my own personal achievement in these qualities. Scholarships.com did all the work and accurately conducted a search and gave me a colorful list of scholarships that were appropriate for me. Even more, with senior year being so busy and senioritis at its worse, applying for scholarships seems to be the one thing that always gets pushed the furthest down the to-do list. However, no worries! Scholarships.com sends you emails warning about upcoming scholarship deadlines and preventing you from missing your opportunity to apply for as many scholarships as possible. In all, my experience with Scholarships.com has been wonderful! I never missed a scholarship deadline, I was able to excitingly make it into some semi-finalist scholarship competition, and now know what it takes for next year to win scholarships! Thank you Scholarships.com!"

- Tyler H.

Jessica J.
Fairport, NY

Scholarship Awarded:

"First of all, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for helping me find scholarships during my very stressful senior year of high school! Through Scholarships.com I found and won a writing scholarship. I have won two writing scholarships; one writing scholarship in high school as well as one from the Society of Professional Journalists. I graduated from Charles Finney High School in June 2008. I am currently a 2012 student at Gordon College. Thank you Scholarships.com for helping me achieve my goals and supplying some financial aid for my higher education. Thank you."

- Jessica J.

Heather B.
St. Louis, MO
Webster University

"Scholarships.com has been a great resource for me and my friends. One scholarship in particular had requirements that I did not meet. But I recommended it to a friend and she won! I was very happy for her even though I was not able to enter that particular competition. All in all Scholarships.com is very useful and has helped me find many scholarships I had no idea were out there."

- Heather B.

Chris B.
Murrysville, PA

"With Scholarships.com it has opened my eyes and made me realize that I can afford my college education. I have found good scholarships that are going to allow me to make my dreams come true. I just want to say thank you Scholarships.com for having such a great place for students in need to find the money to make there dreams come true."

- Chris B.

Elyse D.
Excelsior, MN

Scholarship Awarded:

"I found out about the 2006 Goldman Sachs and Asia Society Award from Scholarships.com, and won the grand prize of $7,500! It was a wonderful experience!"

- Elyse D.

Cece C.
Carmine, TX

"This website has helped me to find other sources that have helped me to pay for my classes and books. I received a grant from school and I won a local scholarship offered by my town because of the helpful tips that were supplied to me from this website."

- Cece C.

Dhara S.
Excelsior, MN

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has many scholarships that I never thought were out there. I got a Walmart scholarship last year through Scholarships.com and it was awesome. I never thought I would get it because it seemed too hard to reach. Thank you Scholarships.com"

- Dhara S.

Toni P.
Washington, MI

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has so many amazing scholarships that everyone is qualified to enter and I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the "Award Back to School Photo Contest." Who knew that my awkwardness would actually come in handy some day? Thank you so much, Scholarships.com!"

- Toni P.

Averi W.
Mobile, AL

Scholarship Awarded:

"The reason I applied for this scholarship was because it was quick and easy! When I did not see the word "essay" anywhere, it had me sold! The second I received the message that said I was in the final 24 for the contest, I started to share that sucker like crazy. My family and friends helped a lot, as well! Today, I received the news that I came in 2nd Place of the Awkward Back to School Photo Contest. I am ecstatic! Thank you Scholarships.com!"

- Averi W.

Mikayla V.
Putnam, CT

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is a great and fun way to apply for many different scholarships. Not only did I receive a scholarship because of a photo, I also found a refreshing number of people that were willing to help me receive the scholarship, and this was all through Facebook!. It was truly rewarding to be selected as a finalist and to get so many "likes". Thank you Scholarships.com, keep being awesome!"

- Mikayla V.

Tiffany L.
Cerritos, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I'd like to thank Scholarships.com for their service in providing students with opportunities to help pay for their school tuition. When I came upon this contest, I decided to enter one picture that really fit the theme and I really didn't think my one picture out of the vast amount entered would be chosen as a finalist. I pay for my own college textbooks and the money I make from working doesn't come close to covering all the expenses so thank you Scholarships.com for helping me pay for my education and easing the financial burden on my family!"

- Tiffany L.

Crystal D.
San Juan, PR

Scholarship Awarded:

"My name is Crystal Denis and I start in Full Sail University in January 2013. I entered the Awkward Back-to-School Photo Contest, because it's hard to get scholarships and my tuition costs a lot of money. At least I had an opportunity to win the scholarship – just knowing that I did my best and I tried my hardest to win satisfies me. I've never won anything in my life, so I'm still happy that I came in second and won a Kindle Fire! Scholarships.com has helped me with my college search and has given me chances to apply for as many scholarships as I can. Once again, I thank you guys for nominating me and for letting me participate in this contest. It meant a lot to me. If I didn't give up on trying to win a scholarship, I will never give up in life. I'll always persevere. Thank you very much!"

- Crystal D.

Jacob S.
Tigerville, SC

Scholarship Awarded:

"I would like to thank Scholarships.com for granting me this opportunity to participate in a contest like this. I randomly began looking for scholarships when I happened to come across Scholarships.com and was astounded at the number of scholarship offered! I would recommend this site to anyone and everyone: It's such a great resource to be able to go on a website and have so many opportunities to be awarded money for school. I know it doesn't seem like much but with so many books being available online for purchase, a Kindle Fire will save me so much money on books in the long run! I had a great time participating in such a fun scholarship opportunity and thank you once again for making it available."

- Jacob S.

Sheebah A.
El Cajon, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am a current senior in high school. I really didn't know where to start with my scholarship search, so I went on Google and typed in “scholarships” and was so overwhelmed to find a website that has so many awards for students like me! I am really happy that Scholarships.com is available to students because this site helped me win $1,000 for submitting a photo to the Awkward Back-to-School Photo Contest.Thank you Scholarships.com for everything!"

- Sheebah A.

Tolulope O.
University of Rochester

Scholarship Awarded:

"As a junior at the University of Rochester, I know the heavy burden I put on my parents to fund my education. I discovered Scholarships.com a couple of months ago and checked bi-weekly for new scholarships that I could apply to. Luckily, the Awkward Back-to-School Photo Contest came up and I immediately submitted my "awkward" photo. To come in second place is really gratifying. It may not have been the place I wanted but it has definitely continued to motivate me to apply for more scholarships. It's great knowing there are sites such as Scholarships.com aimed at helping students fund their educations. Thank you!"

- Tolulope “Lupe” O.

Gina S.
Florida State University

Scholarship Awarded:

"I'm a sophomore theater major at FSU and this is my first time supporting myself financially and living off-campus, so money has been tight. When I heard about the Awkward Back-to-School Photo Contest, I couldn't believe earning money for college could be so easy. I jumped at the chance to enter and it paid off!"

- Gina S.

Camille H.

Scholarship Awarded:

"I'm an 18-year-old from Stone Mountain, GA and an incoming freshman to George Washington University, where I will most likely major in speech and hearing sciences. When I was informed I was the winner of the Haiku Ninja Facebook Scholarship, I couldn't believe I had won $1,000 for writing a haiku! That's why I love Scholarships.com: It gives you simple opportunities to win money for college. "

- Camille H.

Josh P.
Lakewood, CO
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am very happy that I found Scholarships.com. My financial situation has always been stressful and every little bit helps: I wasn't even able to afford my books this semester, despite my loans! Scholarships.com was recommended to me by an adviser at my school so I figured it was worth a shot. I started out very skeptical that I would win anything but I am very happy to be proven wrong! Winning a scholarship really opened my eyes to alternate possibilities. Thank you Scholarships.com for making my academic goals a little easier to reach!"

- Josh P.

Jenn S.
Carterville, IL
Carterville High School

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has helped me so much. I've tried so many other sites to find scholarships that fit me but I could never seem to find any that matched! With Scholarships.com, I was able to apply for loads of scholarships that worked for me and I couldn't be more thankful for that. Receiving any kind of help for college is amazing and I couldn't have done it without Scholarships.com – it's fantastic!"

- Jenn S.

Lex E.
Cincinnati, OH
Centre College

Scholarship Awarded:

"I have been very pleased with Scholarships.com! In addition to being a grateful scholarship winner of the Short & Tweet Scholarship, I have also been directed to other great scholarship opportunities by the website. It is a wonderful tool that can be utilized by anyone in high school or college. Scolarships.com makes the process of finding scholarships so pain-free and easy, it is amazing! Thanks so much Scholarships.com for providing me with so many great opportunities."

- Lex E.

Tina W.
Martinsburg, WV
Shepherd University

Scholarship Awarded:

"Thank you Scholarships.com – you have given me one less thing to worry about! It is difficult to focus on success in school when I am confronted with the costs of tuition and books and fees and a whole host of other expenses each semester. The time involved in searching for assistance with these expenses is really intimidating but Scholarships.com eased the pressure by directing me to opportunities and providing me with the tools and guidance I need for success. Scholarships.com is an outstanding resource that I will definitely continue to use until I graduate!"

- Tina W.

Mark M.
Birmingham, AL

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is a great resource for anyone seeking financial support for education. I am glad I found this site and have shared it with many of my friends and those I know who are looking for education support. It is a great resource for all ages too! If you have not checked it out be sure and do so. Oh, and I am so excited that I won. What a great surprise!"

- Mark M.

Alex S.
Berthoud, CO
Berthoud High School

Scholarship Awarded:

"The Short & Tweet Scholarship was a fun and easy contest to participate in and Scholarships.com was really pleasant to work with – they didn't just leave me hanging when communications weren't coming through like some other sites I could mention! Searching for scholarships and colleges is a truly daunting task and can become very disorganized very quickly but Scholarships.com takes a lot of the pressure off and is an asset that really makes my search easier. The format is simple to understand and the matching is easy to use; they also host a lot of their own scholarship opportunities like the Short & Tweet scholarship contest. I highly recommend Scholarships.com!"

- Alex S.

Drew J.
El Segundo, CA
El Camino College

Scholarship Awarded:

"I’ve had a great experience using Scholarships.com. It's organized very well and easy to track down scholarships that fit my criteria. While I was hoping for the Short & Tweet grand prize, I'm extremely thrilled about winning third prize!"

- Drew J.

Lindsey L.
Lawrenceburg, KY
Anderson County High School

Scholarship Awarded:

"Since joining Scholarships.com, I have broadened my educational horizons with the help of the resources available on the site. Before signing up, I had no idea how to afford college when I am an independent student and would be receiving no financial assistance from my family; I also had no idea what scholarships I was eligible for – my method used to be “sign up for everything and maybe I’ll get lucky.” Scholarships.com has been an immense help in selecting scholarships so that I don’t waste my time and I’m able to focus on graduation and exploring career interests rather than stressing about how I’m going to afford my education. In the few short weeks I have been a member, I’ve received more college planning help from Scholarships.com than I have in four years from counselors, after-school programs and other sites. I am truly grateful for all of the resources I've been provided by Scholarships.com!"

- Lindsey L.

Heather Y.
Townsend, DE
Delaware Technical and Community College

Scholarship Awarded:

"Being a junior at a great college is a huge accomplishment: You think your almost done school and ready to graduate but for me, I was unsure if I made the right decision so I decided to follow my heart and switch my major from teaching to nursing. Not only did I have to start all over again in my requirements but I also had to switch to another college. I knew I would lose my loan and my teaching scholarship I had received and since I obviously could not afford to pay my way through school out of pocket, I decided to check out Scholarships.com. I wanted something that seemed reachable yet was simple and wouldn't take too much time out of my already hectic schedule. Sure enough, I found the Short & Tweet, which was everything and more I was looking for and more!"

- Heather Y.

Felise E.
Sacramento, CA
California State University, Sacramento

Scholarship Awarded:

"I was determined to work my way through college, but increases in tuition and decreases in job opportunities make that difficult. Through Scholarships.com, I’ve realized I don’t need to be a straight-A student to be eligible for help and applications for the many scholarships available double as excellent writing exercises. For example, entering the Short & Tweet Scholarship helped strengthen my summarizing skills and I now get nice comments about my concise conclusions. Thank you for the Kindle, Scholarships.com – as a Latin professor once told me, “Spem successus alit” (success nourishes hope)!"

- Felise E.

Maria M.

Scholarship Awarded:

"Ever since I had my daughter, I realized how important it was to get as much schooling as possible to be able to set a good example for her. So I went back to school, and I have strived to be as successful as possible, but money is tight when trying to raise a family and go to school at the same time. I found out about Scholarships.com after attending a seminar that covered scholarship opportunities, and I couldn’t be any happier! They gave me a thousand dollars after being selected as the winner of the Short and Tweet contest. The rules were easy, and it provided me with a wonderful opportunity to pay for my schooling which gave my family and me great joy! Thank you Scholarships.com for going above and beyond in helping students like me achieve our dreams and goals to become better individuals"

- Maria M.

Lucille T.

Scholarship Awarded:

"I have tried several other scholarship search sites, and Scholarships.com is by far the most helpful and easiest to use. It's everything you need to prepare for college in one, free site, and because of it, I have a chance at being able to afford my first choice college. This is a wonderful resource for anyone considering higher education, and I strongly encourage all you fellow students out there to use it! Thank you, Scholarships.com! "

- Lucille T.

Andrew S.

Scholarship Awarded:

"Thank you Scholarships.com! As a quadruplet I need all the money I can get to help me pay to go to The Ohio State University. I have three other brothers going to college at the same time, and every dollar we get tremendously helps my parents afford it! I'm very grateful for all the opportunities Scholarships.com provides and you guys provide a great financial tool that anyone can use to get money for college! I also greatly appreciate how Scholarships.com emails me about deadlines and such. Thanks again!"

- Andrew S.

Ashley M.

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com is one of the most helpful sites I have ever used to help me find scholarships. During my free period at school, I would log on and search for scholarships and enter as many as I could. The site is very easy to use and it always gives you a TON of them. I am so happy to win the Missing Link scholarship and its all thanks to Scholarships.com!"

- Ashley M.

Chandler J.

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has been a helpful resource since day one in my search involving money for school. They are very consistent with giving information on many scholarships that are easy, and resourceful. Every day in my email was something from the website, and it became my daily ritual of finding different scholarships that helped me pay for school. This website is something every student should know about in order to pay for school!!!!!!!"

- Chandler J.

Emily H.

Scholarship Awarded:

"THANK YOU Scholarships.com! I am very grateful to Scholarships.com for making my scholarship search so easy and convenient. As I began looking for options to help pay for college I only knew of athletic scholarship opportunities, but I didn’t realize how many more scholarships I was eligible for until I was referred to Sholarships.com. I honestly did not think I would find many that I was qualified for but was thrilled when I easily found and applied for several through Scholarships.com."

- Emily H.

Faith L.

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has helped my college and scholarship search in a tremendous way. When I first started scholarship searching, I was lost. Being able to set up an account and personalize my profile so scholarship matches would fit me individually was amazing. I was able to relax because this website had all the contact information readily available. I am so grateful for this website and would give anyone the advice to set up an account with Scholarships.com. My particularly favorite part of this site is the ability to rank scholarship matches in order of their deadline. It helped me map out which scholarships are due as well as keeping track of my everyday life. Overall, Scholarships.com made my senior so much smoother. Winning this scholarship is such a blessing. "

- Faith L.

Joseph B.

Scholarship Awarded:

"Honestly, at first I didn't believe that I could possibly win scholarships through a website, or if I did, there would be some sort of major catch. My experience with Scholarships.com definitely changed my thoughts on this matter. When I found out that I had won a $1,000 scholarship from Scholarships.com's Missing Link contest, I was astounded. Thank you Scholarships.com for helping to pay for my education!"

- Joseph B.

Lizbeth G.

Scholarship Awarded:

"Thanks to Scholarships.com, I won $1,000! I plan to spend this money on my college books for my freshman year of college. I will definitely return back to Scholarships.com for further help. Due to their excellent detailed variety in scholarships, I will sure find more scholarships that I am eligible to apply to."

- Lizbeth G.

Matthew T.

Scholarship Awarded:

"When I first signed up for the scholarship, I really didn't expect to win. I had a lot of doubts about site, but all of those doubts went down the drain when I was notified about my selection as a winner. I am so excited to have some help paying for school. I really hope to see many more of them before I start school."

- Matthew T.

Teralyn D.

Scholarship Awarded:

"In my search to acquire money for college, I was glad I gave Scholarships.com a try. It has provided me with plenty of information, as well as inspiration. The competitions for scholarships are often high, and to encounter success stories the site displays are quite motivating. Winning the Missing Link scholarship has given me great hope for my future, as well as greatly-needed financial aid. I am very fortunate to have acquired this scholarship, and thank you Scholarships.com for the opportunity to do so!"

- Teralyn D.

Yossellyne H.

Scholarship Awarded:

"I am a high school senior and thanks to Scholarships.com I have won a $1,000 scholarship that will help me a lot in college. We know that college it's really expensive, so at the beginning of this year my counselor told me about Scholarships.com and it has helped me a lot on finding new scholarships. I have been applying to several of them and today I'm happy to know that I have won this scholarship that will help me to pay some of my things in college. Thank you!"

- Yossellyne H.

Katie M.
Wilmington, NC

Scholarship Awarded:

"How was I going to pay for college? That was the ultimate question I asked myself after I was admitted. There is so much 'free money' out there waiting, but it was hard to find scholarships that I would be able to relate to and apply for. Scholarships.com made it much easier for my quest to finding the perfect match. All I did was make a profile that was true to myself and they did all the rest to pinpoint me to scholarships that were right for me. Who knows? They may even surprise you with a scholarship when you think your search is over!"

- Katie M.

Carlos V.
Dixon, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"Thank you Scholarships.com for helping me afford my education. The website was very easy to use and I am definitely going to recommend this website to my friends who are also going to college. I’m really glad I found this website and I appreciate you for helping not only me but all of these people on Scholarships.com. Thanks again!"

- Carlos V.

Peter M.
Ukiah, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I just graduated from high school and when it came down to paying bills, Scholarships.com had my back. I now am able to pay for some school, books, and rent. Because of the extra money, I don't have to worry as much about the costs of going to school and now actually focus on school. I also don't have to work as much and that means more study and school time! Thank you Scholarships.com!!!"

- Peter M.

Emily S.
Elko, MN

Scholarship Awarded:

"My senior year of high school my college adviser had suggested I go to Scholarships.com for financial assistance. This was some of the best advice I had ever received. Scholarships.com has aided me in finding many possible scholarships. Having the option to remove or add scholarships as favorites to my list helps me to stay organized and focused on the scholarships that would be best for me. Also, it is very helpful when Scholarships.com emails me updates when there are new scholarships available."

- Emily S.

Samantha S.
Milford, OH

Scholarship Awarded:

"My experience at Scholarships.com was simple but enjoyable. Ever since the 8th grade I knew I wanted to pursue my dreams of becoming a photographer, Scholarships.com helped me with that! Although I didn't enter for a lot of scholarships, it was very helpful for me to help make my dream a reality. Thank you Scholarships.com you are awesome!"

- Samantha S.

Steve M.
Lakewood, CO

Scholarship Awarded:

"I like to tell people I'm in my mid-life education crisis since I am an older student, but I just love learning. I'd probably stay in school forever if I could afford it. I only wish I had done it before, because a lot of my dreams and aspirations, like studying law, got put on hold for far too long. I am glad I decided to follow my dreams and go back to school. I was inspired by many people who did the same thing and it helped me realize it's never too late (or too early for that matter). I enjoy attending Metropolitan State College of Denver. The people here have been a great help in guiding me toward my goals. I am currently working on a double major in Economics and Finance, and am considering adding a minor in Accounting. The staff here is as committed as I've ever seen to giving every student a top-quality education. I have gotten so much help from my advisors, professors, and the staff here at Metro that I feel privileged to be able to volunteer my time and energy to give something back and help enrich the lives of other students. I am honored to be serving as a justice on the Student Court, and I am also the current President of the Financial Management Association here at Metro. I was recently notified I was selected for the Provost's Honor Roll. Without financial aid I wouldn't have been able to pursue my dreams and achieve any of this. Scholarships.com is a great resource in navigating the world of financial aid. I was simply ecstatic to be selected for a scholarship and highly recommend this service to all my fellow students. We all need help sometimes, and Scholarships.com really makes a difference!"

- Steve M.

Shaynah J.
New Brunswich, NJ

Scholarship Awarded:

"Scholarships.com has definitely assisted me in a significant way. When it came to applying for scholarships, Scholarships.com made my searches easier by just displaying rewards that matched my interests and intended majors. Unlike other sites, Scholarships.com took away the hassle of searching through hundreds of scholarships and that in itself made Scholarships.com my primary tool for searching for scholastic and monetary rewards."

- Shaynah J.

Lauren S.
New Brunswich, NJ

Scholarship Awarded:

"I sincerely thank Scholarships.com for this wonderful award, as it will greatly help in funding my study at Miami. I have used Scholarships.com for quite some time, just to browse and see what opportunities are out there. I have found it to be an excellent service, always easy to navigate and always providing a full and complete list of personalized choices! Thank you so much for this great website!"

- Lauren S.

Andrew M.
Lutz, FL

Scholarship Awarded:

"There are plenty of scholarship search websites on the internet, but I have had the most success with Scholarships.com. Your website has a clear and concise layout and is easy to use. When hunting for much needed college money, Scholarships.com is my first choice!"

- Andrew M.

Briana G.
Fort Collins, CO

Scholarship Awarded:

"My gratitude goes to Scholarships.com for helping me on the financial end so I can thrive in this wonderful place. It is marvelous to have some financial support while paying my own way through college. Their website has been very easy to use and the scholarship opportunities are almost overwhelming. Thank you Scholarships.com for helping me get one step closer to my degree."

- Briana G.

Cassandra P.
Phoenix, AZ

Scholarship Awarded:

"Women are underrepresented in the gaming world, especially since there are more female gamers than adolescent male gamers. Ladies, do not give up on your dreams!! You can do whatever you want in life. Do not let money hold you back. The first scholarship I applied to at Scholarships.com I received. If I was more on the ball, I would not have even had to take out student loans. Do not let anyone or anything limit your potential. Embrace the people who encourage you because they know how fantastic you really are. I got where I am today because of the undying support of my fiancé, my mother and myself. You can do it. Always rock it out!"

- Cassandra P.

Cheuk C.
Oakland, CA

Scholarship Awarded:

"I definitely feel excited that I have been chosen as the winner of the $1000 Scholarships.com College Design Scholarship when I received the email from Scholarships.com!

I found Scholarships.com as a great site that enables to fulfill both my academic goals and other interests. While I am majoring in Architecture, I began to search for different opportunities in order to learn and experience in the design world. Eventually, one of my approaches is applying for various scholarships to improve my writing skills and introduce my major and its significant meaning in my life.

During my early years in college, scholarships appear to be a difficult process for me because it deals with a lot of writing and it is too competitive to win the award out of the other honor students. By receiving this award, I become confident in other things that I used to be afraid to do. It encourages me to take a step closer to try participating in other opportunities such as internships and community services. Since it had so much impact on me, I think Scholarships.com is the first scholarship site that I relied on and I feel grateful to be given an opportunity for more confidence in myself. Thank you, Scholarships.com!"

- Cheuk C.

Deisha P.
Molokai, HI

Scholarship Awarded:

"A friend recommended Scholarships.com. I was a bit hesitant at first thinking my chances of winning would be like one in a millon...To my surprise I actually won something. Who would have thought this would be possible, coming from a small town in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. All minorities like myself are encouraged to apply. This free service works."

- Deisha P.

Marilyn D.
Aurora, CO

Scholarship Awarded:

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Kriti G.
Fremont, CA

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Robert D.
Omaha, NE

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Akwesasne, NY

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Vivian N.
Austin, TX

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Zachary M.
St. Anthony, MN

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Samantha W.
Centerville, IA

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Chagrin Falls, OH

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Crystal J.
Whitewater, WI
University of Wisconsin

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Samantha F.
Elkton, MD
University of Maryland, College Park

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Darby T.
Sherman, TX
Savannah College of Art and Design

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Aaron I.
Pittsburgh, PA
University of Pittsburgh

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April B.
Franktown, CO
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

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-April B.

Jeffrey L.
Cerritos, CA
University of Pennsylvania

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Christopher K.
Basking Ridge, NJ
Boston College

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Alexandra A.
Big Rapids, MI
Columbia University

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Sara Sh.
Buffalo, NY
State University of New York at Buffalo

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Maribel S.
Toledo, OH

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Yadira R.
Texas City, TX

"I believe that scholarships has been extremely helpful when dealing with financial issues. I love it how you enter all of your information, and it comes up with all of the scholarships you qualify for, and the list is even ranked from the most qualified to the least. It is really easy to use and understand. Thus far, Scolarships.com has been a true life saver."

- Yadira R.

Anna A.
St. Louis, MO
University of Chicago

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Anna's Essay

Anna will be attending the University of Chicago in the fall, with a prospective major in economics or public policy. She enjoys learning about other cultures, playing tennis, and playing the piano. She hopes to pursue community outreach and social justice activities, ultimately building up to a career in the non-profit sector.

Theresa G.
Itasca, IL
Michigan State University

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Theresa's Essay

Theresa will be attending Michigan State University in the fall with a prospective double major in comparative cultures and politics and in journalism. She has a passion for traveling and recently traveled to Spain to participate in a cultural immersion program.

Alesa D.
Belleville, IL
University of Southern California

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Alesa's Essay

Alesa will be starting her undergraduate career this fall at the University of Southern California. At present, she intends to study communications with a pre-law track.

"Scholarships.com clearly recognizes the importance of higher education and does an exceptional job leveraging information technology to help students advance their education by tapping into the plethora of scholarship opportunities that exist. By capturing and integrating thousands of scholarship opportunities online (for free, no less), Scholarships.com heightens awareness among students and their parents of scholarship availability, sponsors, and the tremendous enabling power of scholarships in advancing education. I’m certainly grateful for the service Scholarships.com provides!"

- Alesa D.

Johnathan R.
Longmont, CO
Colorado State University

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Johnathan's Essay

Johnathan has always been fascinated in studying how and why things work. He is currently following his dream of discovering why the cosmos operates the way it does and what makes systems work by pursuing a major in engineering science with an aerospace emphasis at Colorado State University.

Jessica Z.
Vassar, MI
Northwood University

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Jessica's Essay

Jessica will begin her undergraduate studies at Northwood University where she intends to study business. She hopes to work as a financial advisor. She is a very active person and enjoys running, skiing, volleyball, hiking, and canoeing.

Melissa M.
Bel Air, MD
University of Maryland

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Melissa's Essay

Melissa will be attending University of Maryland, College Park in the fall. She has not declared a major but has interests in government and politics and the sciences, and also hopes to pursue creative writing.

"I found Scholarships.com very helpful and encourage others to take advantage of the information on the site. Even a little scholarship money will pay off down the road; apply for as many as you are able no matter how inconvenient it seems at the time."

- Melissa M.

Julie V.
Camp Hill, PA
Lebanon Valley College

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Click Here to Read Julie's Essay

Julie will begin her undergraduate studies at Lebanon Valley College. She intends to major in biology and has immense interest in genetics research.

"My experiences at Scholarships.com have been positive and effective in providing opportunities for scholarships that are not otherwise readily available. It was also very easy to use which is another reason I liked using Scholarships.com. This site also gave me the information about the Resolve to Evolve essay which helped incorporate my interests of biology into the environmental problems today's society is facing."

- Julie V.

Leanna D.
Mays Landing, NJ

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- Leanna D.

Race W.
Orland Park, IL
University of Chicago

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Race's Essay

Race is a recent homeschool graduate who will be attending the University of Chicago in the fall, with a prospective major in economics.

Cassidy W.
Redmond, WA
University of Washington at Seattle

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Cassidy's Essay

Cassidy is a student at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. She plans on majoring in either bioengineering or international studies, with specific interests in stem cell research and Pacific Rim relations.

"For me, scholarships mean lessening the burden on my family and increasing my own feeling of independence. In this case especially, it's nice to face a new challenge instead of relying on past transcripts. You almost never get a chance to write about political topics in school, so it's nice to get such positive feedback on your thoughts."

- Cassidy W.

Sara S.
Metairie, LA
Tulane University

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Sara's Essay

Sara will be starting her undergraduate career this fall at Tulane University in New Orleans. At present, she intends to major in political science and minor in English literature and Judaic studies. She hopes to one day pursue a career as a politician, but looks forward to dabbling in secondary English education and a variety of community service projects.

Kamal E.
New York, NY
Georgetown University

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Kamal's Essay

Kamal was born in Brooklyn and graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 2006. Kamal plans to study international relations and economics in college. In his free time, Kamal enjoys playing soccer and participating in Model United Nations.

Nicholas C.
Encinitas, CA
Georgetown University

Scholarship Awarded:

Click Here to Read Nicholas' Essay

Nicholas lives outside of San Diego, California. In the fall, he will be attending Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where he plans to major in chemistry.

Tori Y.
Overland Park, KS
Shawnee Mission North High School

Scholarships.com Short & Tweet 1st place Winner

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- Tori Y.

Faysal A.
Randallstown, MD
Morgan State University

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"I was bound to start my college education without a penny of scholarship money. I had put an effort into chasing scholarships which would pay off some of my tuition and after applying for seven or eight scholarships in my senior year of high school, I came up empty. I found myself frustrated with a feeling that no one cared to help pay off my expenses for college. Gladly, I kept searching. Scholarships.com was always a source for free money toward college but the Short & Tweet scholarship was a perfect starting point to win something:The days of struggle with tuition, books and other expenses got easier now that I have a scholarship under my belt but it is just the beginning…"

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Felicia W.
Ventura, CA
Ventura College

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"I want to thank Scholarships.com for the amazing help with providing scholarships that are right for each individual. I am about to transfer to a university from a community college and am very pleased about how easy it is to find scholarships that are right for me. I know I will need help with the costs of a university and Scholarships.com makes finding that funding easy. I didn’t think it would be that simple but I sent out a tweet and around a week later was told I won a Kindle! Thanks Scholarships.com!!!"

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Zach G.
Alfred University

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- Zach G.

Alicia A.
Lamar University

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Paula E.
University of California Santa Barbara

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Justice T.
Wilmington, NC

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Michelle V.
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- Michelle V.

Maireads S.
Port Jefferson, NY

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David T.
North Las Vegas, NV

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Ashley H.
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Robstown, TX

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- Isaac K.

Marcus R.
Corpus Christi, TX

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Sarah M.
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Elmira, NY

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"Thanks to Scholarships.com I have the extra money I need to go to school at Virginia State University. When I got an email saying that I received this scholarship I was so happy. Mainly because I didn't have the best grades for other scholarships, but thanks to this site college bound students with any grade average can win a scholarship. I knew from when I entered this site it was a great sign because it narrows it down to scholarships just for you. I am so happy and excited. I would recommend this site to anyone, your services are greatly appreciated."

- Ebony G.

Oksana H.
Middletown, NY

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"Scholarships.com is filled with a lot of chances and opportunities to win scholarships, making it easier to afford college. The website is very well organized and it makes it easy to apply for scholarships. It has a lot of resources and information that is very useful and helpful. When I received the call that I had won Tell-A-Friend Sweepstakes I couldn't believe it. It sounded too good to be true. I only entered in the sweepstakes just for the heck of it, not actually believing I would win. I was waiting to be told it was just a big joke and to start being laughed at but it never happened. I was instantly overjoyed when the thought sank in, that I had won. Thank you Scholarships.com!"

- Oksana H.

Matt D.
Newport, KY

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"Winning the sweepstakes was really exciting! It was the first scholarship I applied for and … I won. This prize gets me one step closer to paying for college and I am thankful for the opportunity. I have found the website extremely helpful and I am continuing to use it. My friends are also using Scholarships.com. In addition to being a well put together site, Scholarships.com sends me frequent updates with new scholarship information. Thank you for starting me on the road to my college education."

- Matt D.

Rebekah E.
Manassas, VA

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"I am a freshman at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia. Thanks to Scholarships.com and the Tell-A-Friend Scholarship I was able to tell my close friends and family where to find money to help them get ready for college and win some for myself. Thanks Scholarships.com!"

- Rebekah E.

Chad Y.
Howe, IN

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"This contest is just one more thing to add to the long list of things Scholarships.com has done for me! Thanks to this website, I have obtained enough scholarship money to pay for 2/3 of my tuition. Thanks Scholarships.com!!!"

- Chad Y.

Jonelle U.
Hagatna, GU

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"Thank you Scholarships.com! Since sharing this with my friends, they continue to say thank you and have helped us to get funding when we needed it!! With the winning of the sweepstakes, I'll be able to put the money to school also. This is so awesome!!!

I just received your package today. THANK YOU! I'll be using this for school and my deadline is this coming week. I've told my friends and family about your site and this has come in handy. My sister was able to find a $5,000.00 scholarship. So Thank You once again."

- Jonelle U.

La'shanae J.
El Cajon, CA

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"Scholarships.com has been a very helpful and easy way for me to find scholarships that interest me. It was really easy to sign up for and very easy to find scholarships that are for my personal interest like writing, fashion design, etc. I am very thankful for this scholarship and for Scholarships.com."

- La'shanae J.

Andres R.
Miami, FL

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"Scholarships.com is great. I really need some scholarships because I want to become a dietitian, but every other web site I went to was either really confusing or took a really long time because you had to read through all the scholarship opportunities to find one you are eligible for. It was great that on Scholarships.com all you have to do is fill out some information about yourself and then let the site find scholarships you are eligible for. I am already working on essays and everything because now rather than spending all my time looking for scholarships I'm eligible for, I can just go on there and find one within five minutes. It has been really helpful. I have told many people about Scholarships.com and they all loved the site. My experience there has been wonderful."

- Andres R.

Lori M.
Portage, MI
University of Michigan

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"When this sweepstake was announced, I was more than happy to provide emails of friends I knew would benefit from Scholarships.com because it was such a valuable website. I am thrilled to be a winner of the sweepstakes and greatly appreciate Scholarships.com Thank you so much Scholarships.com!"

- Lori M.

Rachel P.
Wichita, KS

Scholarships.com "Tell A Friend" $1,000 Sweepstakes Winner

"The experience that I've had with Scholarships.com this far has been incredible. I think I had only been a member of the website for a couple of months when I found out that I was one of the $1,000 winners in the Tell-A-Friend Sweepstakes, and I absolutely could not have been more shocked. The letter said that emails had been sent to me regarding my prize, but I had not responded. Can you blame me, honestly? I think I get a couple dozen junk emails a day saying that I have just won money or that there is cheap land available in Costa Rica, but the emails from Scholarships.com were - pardon my use of a corny phrase - the 'real deal'. Aside from being incredibly convenient in my search for college scholarships, I have learned from this experience that Scholarships.com provides money through the website itself. I saw my entrance into the sweepstakes as a complete longshot, but it paid off, big time. I'm going to take this $1,000 and put it into the bank ASAP to get a little bit of my college education paid for early. Thank you, Scholarships.com, for your invaluable help!!!"

- Rachael P.

Jasmine T.
Shelby, NC

"Scholarships.com helped me because I felt like there was no way getting into school, but when I discovered all of the free money that was out there, I knew there was hope!!! Now I'm going to school with more than enough money!!!!"

- Jasmine T.

Bina P.
Lakeland, FL

"Finding scholarships can be very difficult sometimes, especially when you do not know where to look. I for once have been in that situation, but Scholarships.com has completely fulfilled that need. With this website I have been able to apply for scholarships at the right time and complete requirements because of the systematic site. It has been easy to access, and very easy to find scholarships.

Scholarships.com also makes more time in the day for juniors and seniors in highschool. Since there is so much schoolwork to worry about, Scholarships.com makes it less time consuming since all the necessary information is all on the site, and given at the right amount of time to get the work done. I have had great experiences with several scholarships, and I so very much appreciate this website. Scholarships.com is worth the dedication for a better future, it's done wonders for me and will do the same for you!"

- Bina P.

Fanouchka F.
Port St. Lucie, FL

"Scholarships.com was incredibly helpful in my search for scholarships that fit my criteria. When I knew that I wanted to study abroad, I went to Scholarships.com and found so many scholarship programs for students like me, who needed the funds to be able to fulfill my dream of going abroad. My younger brother also benefited from this website. He received the Christopher Columbus scholarship and received $1,500 from it. He is using the money towards his tuition at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Scholarships.com is fantastic; quick and easy to use!"

- Fanouchka F.

Amber T.
Harvey, LA

"I found Scholarships.com and began my search through thousands of available scholarships, grants, and sweepstakes. They evaluated all of my activities with my goals and gave me the scholarships that matched me and not just random websites. They also filtered out the fraudulent sites that I've even seen a few friends fall into. So far I've been able to get a few things here and there from companies, and since I'm a college student now, every penny counts for something. Scholarships.com still helps me to find money no matter what my status in college is."

- Amber T.

Carrina R.
Carmine, TX

"As a senior I have been so busy since the first day of school. I find myself preoccupied with loads of Pre Calculus homework that involves more letters than actual numbers. When I'm not doing Pre-Cal, I am spending my limited time reading stories in Old English for English IV. With all this homework, I have found that time is precious. Preparing for college by getting transcripts, ranks, and test scores in also recieves quite a bit of my time. This is why I am so glad that Scholarships.com is available for me to organize the scholarships that I am eligible for. It is a great website that allows me to sort through all the available scholarships and prepare to send them out. Not only does Scholarships.com help me to find scholarships, it also alerts me when new ones come up. Without Scholarships.com I would most likely carry around another stuffed binder, and add to the burden that is put on my back daily."

- Carrina R.

Charles A.
Doylestown, PA

"As soon as I entered high school as a meager 9th grader, I've known that I would be needing significant financial aid to help me pay for college. As terrified as I was back then, I now see that finding scholarships that actually apply to me, isn't the excruciatingly painful process I once perceived it to be! This is all because I found Scholarships.com, as if it was sent from the heavens!

Scholarships.com has helped ease my mind about paying for college which in turn, helps keep me focused on my school career now, as a high school senior. I haven't found any site that compares to the effectiveness, accuracy and ease-of-use that Scholarships.com. All in all, Scholarships.com has helped me find accessible and achievable scholarships that are actually applicable to my extremely-hard-to-match lifestyle. Thank you Scholarships.com, you've really taken a load of my mind!"

- Charles A.

Theresa T.
Paeonian Springs, VA

"I have always wanted to run track in college, and after applying to numerous track scholarships I knew that it was possible! I never knew how many sports scholarships there really were out there until I joined Scholarships.com! Thanks for all your help! You opened the doors for me!"

- Theresa T.

Terri Phillips
Scholarship Provider
Exhibition Industry Foundation

Scholarship Submitted: Helen Brett Scholarship

The Helen Brett scholarship was established by Robert Kolinek, CEM, CMP, and named for his grandmother, Helen Brett, who was a pioneer in the tradeshow industry. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist individuals who are exploring the study of exhibition management with the end goal of advancing their career in this field. The scholarship serves to promote the exhibitions and events industry by attracting college level students into the field of study and encouraging their pursuit with financial support.

"The Helen Brett Scholarship for the Exhibition Industry has been awarded to Michael McClatchy of the University of Central Florida, Rosen College of Hospitality Management. Although, Michael's application was not received though Scholarships.com; of our top 20 candidates, I would say at least half of them were. Also, we believe Scholarships.com helped increase our applicant pool 10 fold. We went from 3 applications last year to 31 this year...the biggest surprise was the number that were requested. I probably sent out an unprecedented 250+. So, thank you Scholarships.com for connecting students with scholarship opportunities."

- Terri Phillips
IAEE - CEIR Admin Assistant

Carolyn Viles
Scholarship Provider
Tourism Cares Scholarship

Scholarship Submitted: Tourism Cares Scholarship

Tourism Cares benefits society by preserving the travel experience for future generations through awarding grants to natural, cultural and historic sites worldwide; by presenting academic and service-focused scholarships to hospitality and tourism students; and by organizing volunteer efforts to restore tourism-related sites in need of care and rejuvenation.

"I find your system to be very user friendly"

- Carolyn Viles
CTC, Program Director
Tourism Cares

Mr. Edward Tang
Scholarship Provider
The Tang Scholarship

Scholarship Submitted: The Tang Scholarship

Mr. Edward Cheng Ming Tang established this award in 2007 to provide financial assistance to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (l/g/b/t) Asian and Pacific Islanders (API) for post-secondary education. This scholarship is to help LGBT youth proudly achieving educational pursuits and dreams without shame. This scholarship awards one outstanding student annually a scholarship up to $15,000.

"Thank you for your email for clarification and verification. I had two inquiries already since Friday. Scholarships.com really works!!!"

- Edward Tang
The Tang Scholarship

Jessica Joram
Scholarship Administrator
Church Hill Classics

Scholarships Submitted: Frame My Future Scholarship

The Frame My Future Scholarship Contest is not your typical chance to win scholarship money for school...there are no long forms to fill out or an extensive list of requirements that you need to meet. It's meant to be a fun and creative way to earn scholarship money!

"I am the scholarship administrator for Church Hill Classics' 'Frame My Future' Scholarship Contest, and am writing to share the success of our first year running this program. Church Hill Classics created the 'Frame My Future' Scholarship Contest in an effort to give back during these challenging economic times. With our different approach in scholarship requirements, it has encouraged students across the nation to create visions for themselves for their own success and futures. After a seven-month entry period, asking students to frame their future on an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper, and expressing how they see themselves in their personal and professional lives after college, we received over 3,300 entries and visions! It was quite inspiring. I posted information about our scholarship on Scholarships.com back in September, where they featured us on their blog, as a 'Scholarship of the Week.' This site communicated our scholarship to so many of its members, driving students to our scholarship’s entry page. We want to say thank you to Scholarships.com for being a trustworthy communication channel to so many success-driven students."

- Jessica Joram
Church Hill Classics' "Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest

Jessie Osborne
Scholarship Provider
AFA Teens, a branch of Alzheimer's Foundation of America

Scholarship Submitted: AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship

In an effort to provide an outlet for teenagers to express their thoughts about Alzheimer’s disease and to engage the younger generation in this important cause, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) offers the AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship.

"I am the public relations assistant and AFA Teens coordinator at the Alzheimer's Foundation of America and I would like to thank you for selecting us as the scholarship of the week. I believe that it was this effort on your part, which led us to have such a great response to our scholarship competition. We have received over 400 applications and are in the process of selecting a winner now. Thank you for putting us at the top of your list so that we can continue to reach out and make a difference in the lives of teens nationwide."

- Jessie Osborne
AFA Teens Coordinator