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To keep students, parents, and educators on track, Scholarships.com recognizes the need for organized information. There are ample opportunities, but also ask questions such as: when should I seek them? Who do I contact? When and where is the next standardized test taking place? Which scholarships should I apply to/have applied to? We can help you track all this and more- below are several printable guidelines to assist you.

Our College Success Starter Packet contains a sample of our free student resources for your office, financial aid nights and college fairs/visits. This includes top ten lists, academic planning guides, scholarship and college application checklists – it also contains Scholarships.com posters and pens. These can be printed at any time- just ask us.

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If you need student resource materials immediately, just click on any of the links below and print them right now.

What is Scholarships.com?

Scholarships.com provides a safe and reliable way for students to find relevant scholarship opportunities, compare colleges and learn about financial aid.

Why Recommend Scholarships.com?

Scholarships.com is dedicated to making college more accessible through scholarship opportunities and financial aid education. To get further insight on the experience, read our members' testimonials.

How is Scholarships.com Different?

Scholarships.com has spent the past 17 years building and confirming the legitimacy of every scholarship opportunity in our database. The best part: there are no fees.

We hope you find our free scholarship search and resources helpful and encourage you to visit back often. Please consider linking to us to ensure your students are searching for scholarships and other financial aid information safely and successfully. We also invite you to contact us with any questions and/or suggestions you may have. We have been able to continuously improve our website and all of its resources for more than a decade. Many thanks in part to the feedback we receive not only from the students visiting our site but the parents and educators as well.

Last Edited: September 2015