Alabama Golf Association Women's Scholarship Fund

March 5, 2025
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

Alabama Golf Association Women's Scholarship Fund recipients must attend an accredited college or university and must be enrolled as full-time students carrying a class load of no less than 12 hours per academic semester or quarter unless written permission is obtained from the AGAWSF prior to the commencement of the semester or quarter. Scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum of a C+ (2.4 out of 4 point) their freshman year and a B- (2.8 out of 4) thereafter, Scholarship recipients must submit a copy of their grades to the Alabama Golf Association’s (AGA) Director of Women’s Golf immediately upon receipt of the same. This may be done by email, fax or mail.

Prior to entering college, the recipient shall furnish the AGA’s Director of Women’s Golf the school they are attending, student ID number, the contact person in the Financial Aid Office and their address as well as when the tuition is due. The recipient shall sign a release form in the Registrar’s Office of the college enabling the AGA Scholarship Committee to receive reports on the recipient’s academic performance. Scholarship recipients must remain a bona fide resident of the state of Alabama through college graduation. Scholarship recipients must submit any change in home address, telephone number, current school address, major and graduation date to the AGA Director of Women’s Golf. Any change in college choice, transfer or withdrawal must be reported immediately to the Director of Women’s Golf. If a scholarship recipient is not going to graduate on time, a letter of explanation and a request for an extension must be sent to the AGA Director of Women’s Golf. Extensions are not automatic and must be approved by the AGA Scholarship Committee. Although it is not a requirement, scholarship recipients are asked to make every effort to speak at or participate in any AGA or Scholarship event when invited. Scholarship Search