Niche College Scholarship

The Scholarship for Redheads

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April 27, 2024
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

This is the world's only scholarship for natural redheads. We redheads are a group of people who in some way have had their looks influence their lives. This unusual but unique scholarship celebrates the intelligence and creativity of those students, hoping to foster the higher education goals of those copper headed individuals. As members of such a small group, we hope this scholarship will help create role models.

We will be looking at academic standing, but the emphasis will be placed on the creative Redhead piece.

Eligibility: -Must be a natural redhead -Applying to an accredited two- or four-year college -Reside in the United States -A junior or senior in high school -Have a GPA above a 2.5

Application: -Two photos of yourself for proof of your hair color. One from when you were a child, one from present day -High school transcript -If you know what school you are going to, please include that as well -For the third part of the scholarship, it is up to you. Create something that represents what it means to be a redhead. This can be anything from an academic essay to a drawing or youtube video. Play to your strengths. It can be a funny story or an experience that was caused by being a Redhead. The more creative the better, but there is no wrong answer. Scholarship Search