Updated: April 5, 2021

Scholarships.com Direct Mail Campaigns

Scholarships.com’s direct mail campaigns allow clients to reach their desired audience, increase brand visibility and brand awareness and without many of the risks associated with affiliate marketing networks. Our experienced staff and state of the art data processing center provides in-house campaign processing and same-day service. Browse through and select from comprehensive student lists within the following categories:

High School Students of all geographic locations within the United States.
College Bound High School Students who have indicated an interest in continuing their education upon completion of high school.
College Students attending approximately 6,200 colleges and universities.
Graduate School Students enrolled in graduate school attending approximately 3,500 universities.
Young Professionals who are college-educated, have high-income earning potential, and work in professions such as medicine, law, business management, education, architecture, engineering and design.
Multicultural Youth from specific ethnic groups including; Hispanic/Latino, Asian American and African-American. Most respondents have specified religious affiliation.
Lifestyle Interests in specific areas including athletic activities, academic activities, career interests, organizational involvement, and more.

Download Direct Mail Campaign Requirements Guide

Direct Mail Requirements

Campaign Details

To get started, provide the general premise of the direct mail campaign, including: who, what, when, and audience size on your broker/client purchase order.

Target Audience

Provide the key details of your intended target audience.

Target Audience Size

Specify the exact quantity of records/names required for your direct mail order.

Direct Mail Creative Assets

Include the client mail piece intended for the targeted group, lettershop/fulfillment house name, zip code list, and other relevant specifications.

File Transfer Information

Please specify desired file transfer methodology with any preferred instructions to download the data files and client format specifications. Usage agreements for each direct mail order will be sent to specified client email recipients. If the client does not specify instructions, we will post a password-protected zip file, with the data file and usage agreement, and forward a link so it can be downloaded.

Campaign Timing

Direct mail campaigns can be turned around same-day if all mailing assets are provided upfront, or can be scheduled for a future date per client request.