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10 Easy Scholarships to Apply for Over Winter Break

10 Easy Scholarships to Apply for Over Winter Break
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Looking to spend some (but not all) of your time this winter break applying for scholarships? Then these are the top 10 easy scholarships for which you should apply, based on their ease of application for the amount being offered. Prep yourself financially in the upcoming new year and school semesters while you have time off from school, starting with this list of scholarships*:

  1. Herb it Forward Scholarship
  2. The Anhelo Project Dream Scholarship
  3. Annual Prayer Soup Scholarship
  4. The Troublemaker Scholarship
  5. The Sara Scholarship
  6. Pride Foundation Scholarships
  7. Digital Privacy Scholarship
  8. Keep Your Chin Up Scholarship Fund
  9. eQuality Scholarship
  10. Bill & Shireen Kirk Scholarship Fund

*If the deadline to the scholarship to which you wish to apply has already passed, be sure to make note of the upcoming scholarship application cycle so that you can apply in the future.

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