14 High-Paying Careers for English Majors

14 High-Paying Careers for English Majors
Liz Montenegro

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get those creative juices flowing and express to your loved ones how you feel about them. If you’re an English major, there’s a good chance that you probably express yourself best through the written word. But on the flip side, you’re probably also tired of hearing the nagging question from friends and family, “What are you going to do with an English degree?” I’ve got great news for you!

Today’s world revolves around building up and contributing to digital platforms. People of all ages and social circles have one thing in common: they are hungry for new content. Whether you are a creative writer who aspires to publish song lyrics, podcast scripts, social media content, poems, short stories, romance or fantasy series, or any other pieces of literature, the possibilities are endless for writers. Whatever your niche may be, that industry needs writers. Find out how you can hone your craft and use your unique skillset to turn it into a lucrative career.

If you love to write but are unsure of how you would make writing your profession, take a look at the list of careers below. Also, check out these scholarships for English majors to help cover your college expenses. Side note: when it comes to scholarships, writers have the advantage because they’re less likely to be intimidated by the beastly essays or personal statements that may be required for the application.

Great Careers for English Majors

• Copywriting

• Content Creation

• Publisher

• Editor

• Grant Writing

• Marketing Associate

• Communications Executive

• Journalism

• Public Relations

• Social Media Management

• Teacher/Professor or Librarian

• Technical Writing

Pair Your Degree with a Certification

Liberal arts degrees such as English have received much negativity over the years, but it’s not the degree that is the problem. According to the Forbes article, “Long Live the English Major- If It’s Paired with An Industry-Recognized Credential,” a national survey’s results demonstrated that 61% of hiring managers prefer a candidate with an English degree along with a credential that was relevant to their specific industry. Holding an English demonstrates strong critical thinking, adaptability, and skillful communication, which is hard to come by in more technical careers like Cybersecurity. If an English major also holds an industry-specific certification, this shows that they have the total package. For example, a candidate with an English degree and a certification in Cybersecurity is likely to be more highly desired by the employer than a candidate with an English degree alone or a Cybersecurity degree alone. Moral of the story: pursue what you love, but make yourself marketable to your chosen industry!

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