3 Steps to Writing a Standout College Scholarship Essay

3 Steps to Writing a Standout College Scholarship Essay
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Need some scholarship essay guidance as you apply for college scholarships? Follow these three simple steps in creating a standout scholarship essay.

1. Avoid grammar and spelling errors - Why would there be any errors on a document that is so important? Between all of the editing tools available to you via the Web and on your computer, there is really no excuse for such errors, but you obviously can't rely solely on them. Get somebody to proof-read your work and make sure you go over it thoroughly.

2. Follow the directions of the prompt - As with many things in life, here, too, it is critical to follow directions and answer the question or address the topic presented to you. If you don't have sufficient knowledge to do so intelligently or aren't confident in your ability to do so, research the topic or talk to friends and family about it to perhaps get some inspiration.

3. Tap your creativity - Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the essay and application so you can really get into the topic and approach it in a way that is somehow unique. If you are too pressed for time, you really are much less likely to produce something with the best possible chance of helping you win the scholarship.

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