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Adidas Expands Basketball Program with $1 Million Scholarship Pledge

Adidas Expands Basketball Program with $1 Million Scholarship Pledge
Izzy Hall

The sportswear brand Adidas has pledged $1 million to create a brand-new college scholarship fund for its Legacy program alumni. The new scholarship will be managed in tandem with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) through 2024, and is just the first installment in a planned $3.7 million pledge towards creating scholarship opportunities for Black and Latinx students in the U.S.

The Legacy program is Adidas’s basketball platform that empowers high school teams from underrepresented communities in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. About 27 high schools and over 800 high school athletes, equally split between girls and boys, are supported by this program, which has an emphasis on lifting up and inspiring Black and Latinx students. Teams that are part of the Legacy Program get access to resources and materials that they would not be able to afford otherwise, leveling the playing field for underserved communities.

The new Legacy college scholarship will be offered to program alumni – students who played on teams supported by the Legacy program. At the moment, no further details have been given from Adidas. On the Legacy program’s official website, the company suggests that the Legacy scholarship is just part of the $3.7 million commitment, and more scholarships sponsored by Adidas and managed by the UNCF could be on the horizon.

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