Avoid Scholarship Scams

Avoid Scholarship Scams
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Finding trustworthy and accurate scholarship and other financial aid information can be tricky these days, especially when it comes to sources that offer unreliable, often misleading content. "Scholarships" offered by scammers who charge fees and operate outside the laws, rules and ethics of modern-day netiquette abound. Here at, we carefully and thoroughly vet scholarships so you can apply to the most legitimate and worthwhile opportunities. Check out some of them here:

  1. Girls Who Illustrate Awesomeness Scholarship

    Deadline: December 1
    Maximum Award: $750

  2. Certified Angus Beef Colvin Scholarship Fund

    Deadline: December 12
    Maximum Award: $6,000

  3. MWSNIBIA Scholarship

    Deadline: January 2
    Maximum Award: $500

  4. Chesterfield County Black History Month Century Scholarship

    Deadline: January 3
    Maximum Award: $2,500

  5. Greenhouse Scholars Scholarship

    Deadline: Janaury 4
    Maximum Award: $20,000

  6. NRA National Youth Education Summit

    Deadline: January 13
    Maximum Award: $30,000

  7. Microsoft Scholarship Program

    Deadline: Janaury 26
    Maximum Award: Varies

  8. Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund Scholarship

    Deadline: January 31
    Maximum Award: $20,000

  9. Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarships

    Deadline: January 31
    Maximum Award: Varies

  10. Rheumatoid Patient Foundation Scholarship Program

    Deadline: January 31
    Maximum Award: $1,000

  11. Cancer for College General Scholarship

    Deadline: January 31
    Maximum Award: $16,000

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