Back-to-School Scholarships

Back-to-School Scholarships
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Believe it or not, the new school year is right around the corner and while you are making your back-to-school shopping list, we have made our own short list of "must have" items for the 2018-2019 school year... college scholarships and grants. If you are heading back to school but don't know how you are going to afford it (or want to add more scholarships to your current financial aid package), get schooled in back-to-school scholarships, beginning with our featured list of awards. To discover more scholarships for which you can apply all-year long, conduct a free scholarship search.

  1. Commitment to Diversity Scholarship
  2. Cameron Impact Scholarship
  3. The Kiefer Foundation Stop Distracted Driving Campaign
  4. Given 2 Fly Scholarship
  5. Writers' Square Scholarship Program
  6. Our First Amendment Freedoms Art & Essay Contest
  7. Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship
  8. National Eagle Scout Association Academic Scholarship
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