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Black History Month Scholarships

Black History Month Scholarships
Susan Dutca-Lovell

February is Black History Month, or National African-American History Month, and is annually spent celebrating the achievements and contributions of black Americans in U.S. history. MLK had a dream - what is yours? Ours is helping you go to college with as little debt as possible. If that's your dream, check out these Black History Month-inspired scholarships:

  1. NCAE Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship

    Deadline: February 6
    Maximum Award: Varies

  2. The Jackie Robinson Foundation

    Deadline: February 15
    Maximum Award: $28,000

  3. Regions Riding Forward Scholarship Essay Contest

    Deadline: February 28
    Maximum Award: $5,000

  4. Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship

    Deadline: March 1
    Maximum Award: $20,000

  5. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major for Justice Advocacy Competition

    Deadline: March 3
    Maximum Award: $5,000

  6. UNCF General Scholarship

    Deadline: March 24
    Maximum Award: $5,000

  7. Martin Luther King School Dream Foundation

    Deadline: April 1
    Maximum Award: Varies

  8. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Award

    Deadline: June 1
    Maximum Award: $1,000

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Yosef Haybano 2/3/2017
Free scholar ship for education so i loss supporter to learn Msc (i have BA degree in accountin and finance) so if you have free vaccancy please Assit me.
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