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Black Lives Matter College Course Faces Criticism

Black Lives Matter College Course Faces Criticism
Susan Dutca-Lovell

San Diego State University plans to offer a course titled "Black Lives Matter: A Focus on Black Boys and Men in Education," which will be open to the public for enrollment this coming October. The course, which will cover topics of how black men are undervalued in the classroom, is under fire for featuring “speakers whose members have been accused of inciting violence."

SDSU Professor J. Luke Wood, who helped create the online course, stated that the course will "connect themes from the Black Lives Matter movement to issues facing blacks in educational settings." On the other hand, critics such as Craig DeLuz who is with the Sacramento-based Firearms Policy Coalition, are concerned that the university is "offering a course based on the Black Lives Matter movement which has promoted violence and segregation and has really little to do with education, let alone presenting a positive image of education."

Wood has mentioned that the course also promotes BLM activism, claiming "The Black Lives movement comes to the classroom via our doctoral class (live streamed for the general public) instructing school and college leaders on how to prepare, educate, and mobilize their educators."

DeLuz, who is also a member of Robla Elementary School District Board of trustees is organizing a coalition that plans to request SDSU to cancel the course. In your opinion, should these types of courses be offered at colleges and universities? Why or why not? If you're interested in studying education, cultural studies, politics or similar disciplines, you should check out scholarships like history scholarships, political science scholarships, education scholarships, cultural studies scholarships, and social science scholarships.

Comments (16)
Emma H 11/14/2017
Perhaps if it was simply called "A Focus on Black Boys and Men in Education" it would be fine. But truthfully, the Black Lives Matter movement has become so ridiculously disgusting. It's no longer about defending black lives, it's about putting down white people and spitting on cops. I most certainly wouldn't want a troublesome group representing an important and otherwise harmless course.
Anonymous L. 10/17/2017
I agree with most of the other reviews. Black Lives Matter is a group that wants to cause major trouble on campuses of America. ALL LIVES MATTER! This group doesn't care about equality for women, Asians, and many other groups, it's just black lives. So many blacks don't even agree with this group due to the fact that it is a hate group and most blacks aren't filled with hate and don't want all the trouble that this group has started.
Anonymous A. 9/12/2017
If a course is to be offered, it's NOT this one! A course should cover diverse cross sections of cultures and teach about all strife, including women who have been told to stay at home throughout history. A true learning course would teach about many races and genders, globally who face education discrimination throughout world history, not just one culture. ALL Lives Matter.
Rome N. 9/8/2017
If you believe a course like this isn't important, you're contributing to systemic racism. There's MAJORS of literally every racial, national, gender, and sexuality group. But there's a problem with a single course about the revolutionary Black Lives Matter movement? Like it or not this is American history. Combatting colleges that teach the real life plights of black Americans is just an example of white people and select Uncle Toms wanting to continue to live in the bubble of their own privilege. If there's courses about historic racists, there should be courses about the very real and very current fight against racism. Period. BLM????
Kirill Neko 9/6/2017
... it almost like people do not like racist organizations and movements - like BLM
Mai J. 9/1/2017
I completely agree with Ms. Stephanie P.'s comment. It is right on the mark.
Larry 8/31/2017
I have removed myself from the mailing list for for their support for this university's activities in supporting the terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter. I urge all self respecting humans to do the same.
truthr 8/31/2017
Policies like this break open wounds that, by and large WERE healed: however, it seems that many today want to retain a victimized mindset among some, and a guilty mindset among others. Such policies will only further aggravate what had been a largely dead issue. #Racism has two sides
Kevin B 8/31/2017
I can not believe you any organization would teach such a racist course.
Kelly B from Texas 8/31/2017
This is by far the dumbest, most asinine course I have ever heard of. Is this college for real? There is no way a college or university should ever be allowed to teach a class on BLM and why they are so undervalued. Because your not! We all need to get the hell over it and this group and groups like them, both white and/or black, that promote this kind of hate and violence, promote the ideology of "We should be given everything for nothing" like BLM preaches, etc should be abolished. Look at what Texas is going through right now. It does not matter the color of a person's skin, it just matters that you are a person. If you need help, you get it. That is how it should be. Everyone working together to help other people in need. Not because they are white, Black, Brown, it does not matter. Every life is important and everyone has been coming together to help others out. No way a course such as this would ever be taught in any Texas college or university.
REO 8/30/2017
It is unfortunate that only a certain group of people believe they have value and feel that they are the only group that matters to the point of forcing you into a guilt or shame because you are not of the same color or fall in line with their agenda. I refuse to accept that "goose step" mentality in which I cannot think for myself. This way of thinking led to the near extinction of a certain group of people in the 1940's. History will repeat it self, if we try to blot it out. Once this way of thinking gets a foothold in our schools, it will poison generations to come.
Stefanie P. 8/30/2017
I'm African American. "Black lives" do matter just as much as every other life. But to have a course on this is not necessary. It's not good. It sounds biased and is coming from a perspective, which may not necessarily be based on facts. Now, what may be a better idea is to incorporate the events of the Black Lives Matter movement into a history or sociology class; perhaps giving the background as to why the movement started, mission, etc....But to create a separate course....What will that accomplish?
Rita.B 8/30/2017
I will in no way support BLM they have caused a huge division in this country many of my POC friends like myself do not support BLM.
M. S 8/30/2017
Okay I seriously doubt the first person to comment on here is an AA. Anyways, you cannot condemn a whole group of people for the wrongful actions of just a few people. BLM was created in response to the police brutality and the fact that black men and women are incarcerated more for the same crimes committed by white people*. Also, just because this class focuses on the lives of black men, that does not mean that black lives of women do not matter, sheesh. Stop trying to derail everything. First there was extreme racism and lynching, segregation and Jim Crow Laws, and then there was "get over it". There is so much racism still out there and ignoring it is ignorance. People that were alive during Emmett Till's death are still alive. That is how recent this is. This was not 100 years ago, this was 50 years ago. Courses like this are important. This is cultural studies. *Google unequal sentences for black and white crimes. Do some research for yourself instead of asking for "source".
Lisa G 8/30/2017
Why don't black women's lives matter?
LaTishna A 8/30/2017
Are you serious!? BLM is in no way something that should be respected or even tolerated!! As an AA woman, I am embarrassed by the actions of BLM! They riot, loot, burn down businesses & turn over police cars! The majority of them are also bussed in to make it appear to be a bigger protest than what it ever had to be! You want to glorify these thugs & teach another generation to hate!!?? Our people are never going to rise above the bottom as long as ignorant liberals continue to incite racial tension! Teach your children to love, to strive, to be accountable, to be respectful...that is the change we all need!! A
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