Black Lives Matter College Course Faces Criticism

Black Lives Matter College Course Faces Criticism
Susan Dutca-Lovell

San Diego State University plans to offer a course titled "Black Lives Matter: A Focus on Black Boys and Men in Education," which will be open to the public for enrollment this coming October. The course, which will cover topics of how black men are undervalued in the classroom, is under fire for featuring “speakers whose members have been accused of inciting violence."

SDSU Professor J. Luke Wood, who helped create the online course, stated that the course will "connect themes from the Black Lives Matter movement to issues facing blacks in educational settings." On the other hand, critics such as Craig DeLuz who is with the Sacramento-based Firearms Policy Coalition, are concerned that the university is "offering a course based on the Black Lives Matter movement which has promoted violence and segregation and has really little to do with education, let alone presenting a positive image of education."

Wood has mentioned that the course also promotes BLM activism, claiming "The Black Lives movement comes to the classroom via our doctoral class (live streamed for the general public) instructing school and college leaders on how to prepare, educate, and mobilize their educators."

DeLuz, who is also a member of Robla Elementary School District Board of trustees is organizing a coalition that plans to request SDSU to cancel the course. In your opinion, should these types of courses be offered at colleges and universities? Why or why not? If you're interested in studying education, cultural studies, politics or similar disciplines, you should check out scholarships like history scholarships, political science scholarships, education scholarships, cultural studies scholarships, and social science scholarships.

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