Celebrating National School Counseling Week

Celebrating National School Counseling Week
Izzy Hall

The first week in February is known as National School Counseling Week. School counselors are an invaluable resource during your high school education and beyond. School counselors can help students discover colleges, find scholarships and offer advice on all parts of the college admissions process. They want to set you up for success in your career as a college student.

What makes school counselors such valuable resources?

Their experience:

Just as a teacher is an expert at teaching their class, a school counselor is an expert in helping students throughout their time in high school. They’ve mentored many students before you, and they’ve seen what works for many different types of students. School counselors can recommend what classes you should take, what grades you should shoot for, and which extracurriculars you should put into your schedule, based on what you’re interested in now and where you may want to go to college.

Their knowledge:

There are many things you can look up online about colleges, but chances are your school counselor knows a few extra details. They’ll known which students from your high school got into a particular college, and what grades and test scores they will need to be accepted there. School counselors also know how your high school stacks up against others in the area, and will be able to help you understand your competition and what it will take to get into selective colleges. They may even be able to put you in touch with recent grads who are going to your dream school!

Their reliability:

School counselors are easy to get in touch and often have office hours when you can meet and talk with them. Unlike teachers, who may have just a little time to meet with students in a busy day of teaching, a school counselor’s responsibility is helping their students. Whether you need help with your class schedule or help with planning for college, you can get in touch with your school counselor during a free period or over email and they’ll be there to help you out.

If you haven’t gotten to know your school counselor yet, take some time this week to send them a message and introduce yourself! And be sure to let them know about any college or scholarship searches you’ve done on!

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