Ciara Levels Up, Headed to Harvard Business School

Ciara Levels Up, Headed to Harvard Business School
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Ciara will soon "one, two step" in the halls of Harvard University's prestigious Business School according to her latest Instagram post in which she shared the good news of being accepted into the Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports program while donning a Harvard sweatshirt. The $10,000 program, which spans over the course of three days is open to talent and individuals active in the entertainment industry, according to Harvard Business School's website.

Even though Ciara has been successful with her music career, she "always dreamt of going to college." She just recently launched her own company, Beauty Marks Entertainment. The company's business model is "built on fully supporting the artist, the female-led enterprise places Ciara at the forefront of forward-thinking entertainers taking an entrepreneurial approach to their careers."

Other notable alumni of Harvard include Barack, Michelle and Malia Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Jared Kushner and Bill Gates. If you are looking to "level up" your education or career like Ciara, consider exploring our long list of business scholarships, film, television & interactive media scholarships, new media scholarships, and entrepreneurship scholarships.

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