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College President Bans School-Funded Travel to Indiana

College President Bans School-Funded Travel to Indiana
Suada Kolovic

In response to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, San Francisco State University President Leslie E. Wong has banned all school-funded travel to the state.

The controversial legislation, which was signed into law by Republican Governor Mike Pence last week, is meant to protect religious liberty but many have expressed concern that the law will become a tool of discrimination and a way to allow businesses to turn away lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender customers. So far, seven institutions in the state – Ball State, Butler, DePauw, IU, Purdue, Valparaiso and Hanover – have issued statements promising to honor their nondiscrimination policies. On Monday, Wong weighed in by blocking employees and students from using SFUS funds to travel to Indiana, effective immediately. "I am dismayed, if not extremely disappointed, in the recent legislation signed into law in Indiana. It is unconscionable for this great university to spend its resources in a state that attempts to legislate discrimination of any kind," he said in a written statement. (For more on this story, head over to The Huffington Post.)

In the midst of this national debate, Governor Pence has said he would support new legislation to "clarify the intent of the law"...but is it too little, too late? What do you think of Indiana's new legislation? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Comments (93)
ClaraD. 4/22/2015
Would it be considered appropriate for the atheist owner of a restaurant to refuse to serve a beverage or meal to a minister or priest? What if that is the only establishment in a remote area? Do you remember all those restaurant owners who just 50 years ago did not believe that they should serve African-American customers?
Lil Wayne 4/8/2015
People should be able to serve and do business with who they choose. Although this may lead to discrimination.
Dale L. 4/8/2015
I live in Indiana. I am not upset with the legislation. It does not encourage discrimination. It simply protects the Christian community that is being forced to compromise their constitutionally protected right to freedom of religion. There is no way it right to FORCE someone to play a part in something they believe to be fundamentally wrong. Everyone screams for tolerance of opposing opinions -- unless that opposing opinion is held by a Christian. Stop attacking people simply because they choose to believe that what you are doing is wrong. They are not saying you cannot do it. They just don't want to be a part of it. Stop forcing your belief system on Christians. You scream that they are forcing religion down your throat yet you are giddy at the chance to take them to court to force them to cater your wedding or bake a cake that celebrates something they oppose. Freedom only works when it works both ways.
Sarah G 4/7/2015
To all those that do not support Indiana and it's religious freedom law. Like Roberto S claims, "It DOES NOT allow a business to discriminate against a person, based on who that person is (LGBT, Straight, Black, White or whatever)... It allows a business to refuse service based on what that person wants." To put things in a different perspective, a German man walks into a bakery and the owner just happens to be Jewish. He the man asks the baker to create him a cake that had the face of Hitler on it, in celebration of Hitler's birthday. The baker has the right not to serve the man because of WHAT he is asking, not because he IS German.
Adrienne L 4/6/2015
Another person who hasn't researched the law or know what it truly means. Brain-washed by the media.
Ann R. 4/3/2015
I support Indiana's decision. I agree that a for-profit business has the right to assert “the free exercise of religion” and that "A person whose exercise of religion has been substantially burdened, or is likely to be substantially burdened, by a violation of this chapter may assert the violation or impending violation as a claim or defense in a judicial or administrative proceeding."
Sheila E. 4/1/2015
Not tolerant of people who disagree with your viewpoint, Mr. Wong? You would be screaming if an Indiana college president prevented students/faculty from travelling to California because they did not agree with our law regarding this topic. I don't personally agree with the law, but I am tolerant of others who hold a different opinion than mine. If people want to boycott it on their own, fine, but you are taking it a step too far.
Eva t 4/1/2015
Theta should ban every single state that join the stupid religious law!
Monique F. 4/1/2015
I agree with knee-jerk comment. SF students/faculty should not be penalized because of a law in Indiana. I think the tide of anti-discrimination is turning on itself. Get used to it. There has to be a check at some point.
Sophie D. 4/1/2015
This is kind of a knee jerk reaction to the new law. Just because the legislation had passed the law, that does not everyone agrees with it. There ARE people in Indiana fighting against the law or at least to modify the law. Who knows, if students do go to Indiana, they may be able to learn more about the situation at hand and could be a valuable experience to anyone studying political law.
John H 4/1/2015
I suppose Mr. Wong certainly has the right to run SFUS like a totalitarian regime if he so chooses. At least it would appear that the school board has given him that authority. So much for toleration.
Tanya B 4/1/2015
Tiffany M if you don't like it move:) both my brothers live there and they love the new law.
Megan s 4/1/2015
I personally think this is stupid. If they want to go to Indiana then let them. Who knows, maybe they can learn something while they're there. If not, then at least they had that experience. I believe that witnessing how other people live in other parts of the country is a good thing. Maybe it'll help brighten our next generation. As for how it can be used against lgbt community? I don't know how this would affect them. However I do not know enough about this law to know for sure..
Tanya B 4/1/2015
Excellent !!! It's about time we conservatives push back . San Francisco what? No worries indiana your not missing much if the people don't come to your state schools. Rejoice in the contributors not the takers . stick with principle . Awesome . Stand for what is right ;Our rights as religious people our right Believing in something above ourselves and not be discriminated against . Which is why liberals are made . If they have a right to rights ; than so do we . Way to go . I hope Texas follows. Texans pay for their own way. !!!!
joseph H 4/1/2015
The college president is discriminating against his own student’s staff and faculty. He has no business using the college for personal politics.
Veronica I 4/1/2015
I love when States such as NY and schools make these ridiculous dramatic gestures on behalf of the LGBT community. What do students from San Francisco go to Indiana for other than sports anyway? Who cares? It's stupid and won't accomplish any change whatsoever. I read the Law, there is nothing that attacks the LGBT community, so this is all a dumb, no real news, waste of time as usual... How bout those Iran talks for real news huh? Maybe the first place Iran bombs will be the U.N.SF.
Tiffany M. 4/1/2015
As a citizen of Indiana, I am not proud of the religious freedom bill, even though I am a religious person also. It is discrimination to not just homosexuals but to many other groups as well, considering it is very broadly worded and no restrictions has been put into place thus far. However, people like this college president are being just as bad. We Hoosiers did not get a say in whether or not this bill was passed and most of us are just as outraged as the rest of the country, so we want to know why others in the country are punishing all of Indiana for what Mike Pence did? Businesses are threatening to pull out of the state as well as other annual organizations and frankly, I don't blame them. I don't want to be affiliated with this bill, either. Yet, I am. All Hoosiers are put into this group just because of Pence even though many people weren't even aware that this was happening until it happened. So please don't judge all of Indiana just because of Pence.
Stacy B 4/1/2015
You, sir, are crazy if you think this law is a form of discrimination against anyone. This law, if you even bothered to read it (which I doubt), says that the state can't interfere with the right of the business owner to refuse to do business with anyone if they are being asked to participate in something they find objectionable.
joseph H. 4/1/2015
This is discrimination against any student who goes to Indiana. Woman, Veteran’s, Hispanics, blacks lower income students etc. Not an intelligent decision. Legal Issues involved here.
D M 4/1/2015
Honestly, Indiana is no different than the small religious towns in Kansas. Simple minded people with a small town mentality. Several of these "SO CALLED CHRISTIANS" are behind closed doing some of the worst things possible. I believe in God and prey daily yet I believe people change and things evolve. Old beliefs change to new beliefs and discrimination is wrong, period. This is a free country and we should be viewed as a human race rather than a religious group.
Angie B 4/1/2015
Good. I live here. I am a parent, very active on my community and do not know one person who is for this. Keep the pressure on. Pence is finished.
Steve S 4/1/2015
I would guess that he would ban travel to any state with such legislation. Running out of places to go.
Corey O. 4/1/2015
As a Nation we should support the end to religious intolerance; those on the left, particularly the scholastic elitists who turn away from religion for fear of having to face their own sins should cease their bigotry.
Paul w 4/1/2015
It is unfortunate that a president of higher learning has such a knee jerk reaction. This law is to protect people from government overreach against people's religious beliefs. Either he doesn't understand this or he is declaring he is pro the gay agenda above people's religious rights. Either way, with his response it is a good enough reason to skip this college. What will he say when a black photographer is sued for refusing to shoot at a KKK rally or a Jewish baker says no to serving at a Nazi club at school. Should they not have the right to say no? I guess not.
S Jackson 4/1/2015
I love the support for all free speech. Some people still have a sense of moral sensibility that I appreciate.
Max Lang 4/1/2015
We don't want you in Indiana anyway.
Sophie L. 4/1/2015
What is it about the First Amendment that people have a problem with? Time to stand up for our rights before they are trampled over!
Stuart A. 4/1/2015
Personal and religious freedoms for the Non-LGBT community are not important; whatever freedoms the LGBT community deems appropriate are? People should be forced to capitulate regardless their beliefs. Typical nonsense coming out of San Francisco and the far left Huffington Post!
Darnell P 4/1/2015
In this great country we live as free men and women. Hatred or discrimination of any kind is not acceptable neither is forced acceptance of another's beliefs. I do not believe in homosexuality, but I am not going to dislike individuals who are convinced that this type of relationship is right. The Bible addresses this matter and I believe the WORD of GOD is true. Let the wheat and tare grow together, there will be a separation on judgement day.
Linda D 4/1/2015
I support this legislation! Christians who believe the Bible to be 100% truth- God's Word - should have right too. They should not be required to provide services for people who choose to continue to live in sin. This would be supporting their sin and going against God's Word.
Jeff S 4/1/2015
The lack of maturity in what is considered "higher education" especially by those in leadership roles is stunning. How about a focus on education that grows our nation instead of media pitches on "who was the latest to offend me". Our nation is growing intolerant of those who are sitting in positions of influence just so somebody notices them....
Julie Hardgrove 4/1/2015
Maybe you all should really "read" the law before banning anything. This law is not against gays/lesbians. I'm not going to explain the law to you -- read it and take it upon yourself to learn what it really says before you starting spouting opinions.
Jessica m. 4/1/2015
Wong isn't banning visitation to Indiana he just won't allow schools to fund it. A law is a law and the only way to fight it is to voice your opinion to the people in charge in Indiana. The way to change the law is to fight for what you personally believe is right.
Concerned Citizen 4/1/2015
Thank you Governor Pence for your vote to protect religious freedom. As for Mr. Wong, he succumbs to pressure from a very small minority. Mr. Wong should remember that this country was founded on religious freedom over 200 years ago. Sexual sin is just that. Sexual sin. Homosexuality is sinful as is adultery, pornography, murder, telling lies, gossiping, covetousness, stealing, etc. Does Mr. Wong want to protect those acts too? Separate the act from the person. God says those acts are sin. We all sin, because we are human, but sin can be forgiven. We all need to ask God for forgiveness and realize that Jesus covered our sins in His sacrificial death. God is gracious. He loves us!
Tommy M. 4/1/2015
Effective immediately I have cancelled all funding to anyone in my family going to San Francisco! Liberal university presidents always amaze me how they always want to be in the spotlight.
Lisa K 4/1/2015
Wong a well known Bigot who hates Christianity...Christians should boycotts is college
Loretta C. 4/1/2015
There are 2 differences between the law in Indiana and the law in the other states. First, most of those states specify that the law protects only not-for-profit businesses. Second, most of the other states have separate laws that protect the LGBT community from discrimination. Indiana is the only state that does neither. The law may not specifically state that you can discriminate, but it opens the door for it. One of the main supporting groups of it, Advance America, has posted on their website that this law will allow businesses to stop serving homosexual customers. Is it just coincidence that the head of this group was in the "private ceremony" with the governor when he signed the law? I doubt it. I'm from Indiana, married with children, heterosexual, and appalled at our government right now.
Danielle W. 4/1/2015
Way to go President Wong! Thank you! Actions like yours do appear to be effecting a change.
Donna W. 4/1/2015
As a Christian, I feel that I am forced to accept and sometimes even support ideas and actions that are in direct opposition to my religious beliefs. No one ever says that you are discriminatory if you say that you don't want your children to keep company with thieves or murderers. The bible that I read puts all sin in the same category. Why is it that we are willing to accept some sins and not others? We are all part of God's creation - I don't think any Christian will tell you that they would reject a person, but they don't want to be forced to support an action that they believe is wrong.
Ronald K 4/1/2015
I support this law and believe in its content.
Steve A 4/1/2015
I do not think the intent of the law is to discriminate against sales of goods to homosexuals. The intent is to protect small businesses from having to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle. Why would you want someone to bake a cake for you and participate in your weeding if they do not agree with it? Why would you want them to take your pictures? Religious groups are being targeted. Homosexuals want you to accept their lifestyle. They want to teach you their lifestyle as an acceptable alternative. It's not about being married, sharing bills, or inheritance anymore. This is a full press for everyone to agree with them.
Todd R. 4/1/2015
Adults should have the ability to make their own decisions. Now the law is in place, gays, lesbian, bisexual, and homosexual will not seek trouble or to be judged. They attend places of the same lifestyle. I believe a law on public affection would have suited this situation. Also, I am a christian man who believes man and women should be together. Not man and man nor woman and woman. However, we adapt to the community. We deal with it. In my opinion, banning funded trips and Indiana's new law is ugly in nature. The ones of AUTHORITY got personal. Help lives not tare them apart. People fight back over this stuff. Reason with people. Please.
Jalisa S 4/1/2015
I am not happy about this Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This means that businesses have the right to turn away people for being who they are, but am not sure that banning trips to a state for adopting this act is the right call. My husband and I are proud bisexuals and huge supporters of the LBGT community; we are also Wiccans. I believe that the right thing for us to do is to acknowledge that everyone - gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, intersex, black, white, purple, etc. - is a human being and of one human race. We should not discriminate someone and accept differences because we are all different. The founding fathers came to this country for religious freedom and I have seen this be abused in many ways. When are we going to stop fighting and start working together. We are of the human race. It's time to start acting like it!
Michele W 4/1/2015
Save the whales! Thank goodness for our First Amendment, and I'm referring to freedom of speech. Clearly Governor Pence and Leslie Wong will not be playing in the same sandbox anytime soon. Both have their right to their views. I love our country!
Jonny B. 4/1/2015
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion; OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF... Forcing truly Bible-believing Christians to participate in a homosexual "wedding" is like insisting that a muslim caters you pig roast!
Roberto S. 4/1/2015
Here is something to ponder...From a "Civil Rights" point of view... You have a basic right, to be who you are... But, you do not have a basic right to get everything you want... Especially, when what you want, comes at the expense of another person's basic right, to be who they are... This "Bill" isn't anti-gay... It DOES NOT allow a business to discriminate against a person, based on who that person is (LGBT, Straight, Black, White or whatever)... It allows a business to refuse service based on what that person wants... For example... A bakery can't refuse to serve a gay couple, who come in and want a dozen cupcakes, because they are gay. But, would allow the bakery to refuse to make a cake with two men on top, for a gay wedding... Based on their religious beliefs... Now, if the gay couple did not tell the bakery that the cake was for a gay wedding and placed their own "two man topper" on it after the fact, the bakery could not refuse... Remember, the freedom that allows you, to be
Theo M. 3/31/2015
Why These Homesexuals feel like they need to have control on every decision anyone can make in the world? This world has been ran thousands of years but now we all have to change towards homosexuality ! I don't know if this is a religion or political group but it's getting a little too much in everything. I feel like the rest of us need legal right not to be homosexual and just be whatever we want. or just be what we have always been. About hate, I don't see how it is performed. but I surely think this new group may have been formed out of hate because you can't speak of what you don't have from within. They like to say; " They hate us" but nobody else is saying it. Why do they feel like everyone is responsible to honor their choice? what is good in it anyway that they feel like Christianity need to stop and homosexual rise ? because they die at you age? immoral ? .....
Anthony 3/31/2015
I believe this prejudicial, bigoted, intolerant president is as Godless, intolerant and bigoted as they come. She and her ilk had no problem when others were forced to accept their agenda against their respective faiths. And this law has been around for 20 years signed by the serial adulterer and user and abuser, Bill Clinton. I for one, and so are millions more, ready to defend our rights of religious freedom and choices of that freedom. Her sodomy Nazi bigotry will likely cause more people to distance themselves from their journey to the lowest levels of perversion there can be. Imagine in a free nation if one does not do or say as these bigots dictate, you are no good. Great one way bunch of invidious rats and creatures. And to add to her hypocrisy she says nothing about the stand of muslim's against sodomy and even the Jewish scriptures forbid this behavior but she knows to keep her mouth shut or there would be hell to pay.
Melony F. 3/31/2015
I don't think her ban is right. Why is it that religious freedom is the first to be banned? She didn't ban any local travel when California first voted yes on prop 8(banning same sex marriages). She hasn't banned any other state travel. I think she is trying to get attention for this. I uphold Indiana's right to refuse business to any person. When businesses used that right against same sex couples they were sued. Indiana did this so those business could chose to NOT service someone and be protected from frivilous lawsuits. Gay businesses also have the right to refuse people. You don't see anyone throwing a fit if they reject a Christian couple or heterosexual couple. The LBGT community needs to stop crying hate over basic rights. It's getting as old as the young African Americans who pull the race card every time they get pulled over. You are distracting from the real cases of racism and hate crimes. A business refusing to make you a wedding cake should be the least of your concerns.
Codey M 3/31/2015
I am so thankful there is someone out there that still believes in something. I am a college student who understands the outlandish phenomen of making everything equal. I appreciate someone who lives his believes. Thank God for religious beliefs!! Awesome
Raye B 3/31/2015
I guess I am the only one against this law. Discrimination is downright disgusting. You're telling me that it is a right to not serve a customer because of my discriminatory religious beliefs? Baking a cake (or providing whatever service) to a homosexual couple does NOT mean you support their marriage. You are simply just baking a cake, taking a picture of them, selling them clothes, etc. I am anti-teen pregnancy, yet I am required to serve pregnant teenage mothers. Does selling them maternity clothes mean I support their decision? Of course not. They have the right to purchase clothing and my only obligation as a worker is to help with the transaction. Honestly, this law is terrible, and is obviously intended to discriminate the LGBT community. I thought as Americans we moved past that pitiful period of discrimination (remember when blacks were excluded from eating at a restaurant, simply because they are black?)
Debbie F 3/31/2015
wow! libs have always touted tolerance but when a law is passed to allow protection for those with religious convictions to be able to manage their business according to their beliefs then tolerance goes out the window. Such hypocrits!
Louis C. 3/31/2015
This is nothing more than economic terrorism, and irony at best. Discriminating against the businesses of Indiana because of a perceived discrimination against the LGBT community. Isn't that the definition of hypocrisy?
Randall H. 3/31/2015
I am all for the law that protects religious liberty. People should not be forced to participate in an act that goes against their religious beliefs, which is also what the first amendment of the constitution protects.
Alisha G. 3/31/2015
I realize before I say my opinion that many of you will disagree but I really don't give a crap what you say because it will never affect me. Religious freedom is in our constitution and if your religion does not allow certain things like eating fish on friday or using electricity on the weekends or even disallowing a lesbian/gay man into your business then that is up to the owner. The last time I looked almost every business has a sign up stating that they reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE. It should be allowed by anyone here to do as they believe. It is the basis of our nation and if you don't like it then feel free to exit the USA and go find a country more suited to you. That said the person who refused school funds for travel to this state based upon a religious ruling from a politician well lets just say that maybe they are the one who is not allowing the students who believe the same way as this state is also doing the same thing by disallowing them FREEDOM!
Risha C 3/31/2015
Stupidest thing I've ever heard! Supposed scholarly people are letting the media drive their emotions. They're not even accurate about what the bill is about.
Jeff B. 3/31/2015
J. Timms has been the only one to actually say something itelligent on this subject. The ignorance at paly is astounding.
Lori K 3/31/2015
In addition to the other 18 US states who have voted the RFSA law in place, Arkansas voted today and put this law in place. I believe that is the homeland of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton who supported this federal law. Wake-up America and get educated. If 20 states have passed this law there are many more to come. Perhaps those who oppose religious freedom need to find another country to inhabit because America has always been based on religious freedom,
randi c. 3/31/2015
Not surprised to see the confusion or lack of empathy from the people below. Wong has the right idea. The more negative attention Indiana gets regarding this discriminatory law the better; even if it's just Indiana for the time being. Those suggesting that people "just go elsewhere" and that everyone has a "right to decide who they serve"...really? Segregation and discrimination are what this country needs more of? I don't understand how people can be so closed-minded. I'm just waiting until this law backfires on the people it's supposedly meant to "protect."
Sarah B. 3/31/2015
Unless if it a description of someone that can not be changed, i.e., Race, gender (true gender, not make up and technology disguised), and age, a person should be able to not serve certain groups. Wow, she didn't go that far for states that discriminate against blacks (which is done out of ignorance), no one has a problem with Sax Fifth Avenue, which is made to serve people who are past a certain income, nor liquor stores that discriminate against age nor the BMV, everybody wanna make everyone against gays look like a bad person, forgetting that they are stepping on our rights because it is someone's decision to be gay. Want proof, gay people no longer being gay, go interview someone. No hate towards gays, but as a Christian, I hate the practice. Because I surely don't hear anyone discriminating against people who fire liars on the job. You wanna be a liar, okay, I wouldn't recommend it, but don't act like I have to accept it. They're both wrong. Bible believers should know.
Tina 3/31/2015
Similar Law (which is & has been in place in several other states - a college or learning institution should know this) which is not discriminatory in any way at all. iit is a law protecting the discrimination "against" religious affiliated people, companies, institutions, organizations, etc. An Example removing the religious element; If I go to join a Chess Club but then I realize I prefer Checkers should I Firce or push that Chess club to "change" it's rules or beliefs and drop or bump Chess and change to Checkers?? NO I will go and join a club ie; A Checkers club that agrees, believes in and offers what I'm looking for. It's common sense. It's NO college or univ. business to take a stance EITHER WAY it's time to take action to start forcing SCHOLLS to remain nutruel like they used to be. If a school takes donations from PC Orgs.the school needs to start signing an agreement statimg that taking a donation does not mean a school will push that Orgs iagendas or issues.
Stephen M 3/31/2015
Isn't it discrimination to not support someone who believes differently than you do? Wait, isn't that exactly what the president of San Francisco State University is doing?
Alex D 3/31/2015
The comments I read here are disgusting. You people can live with yourselves after saying that "I have the right to discriminate". Charles A mentioned that he would refuse to serve Muslims. Is this what America has come to? "Sure, you can be free, but we'll still treat you like crud because you're different than us." Stella A argues that they should seek services from others with the same lifestyle. So if you were going to the grocery mart to pick up eggs, the black cashier refuses to sell it to you because you are white. You call the manager, but he defends the cashier, stating that "She has that right." Your arguments are ignorant and stupid, and you should feel ignorant and stupid.
Tom A 3/31/2015
Gee, I wonder if he has banned travel funds to parts of the Middle East where they stone Gays to death. I'll bet not.
Justine P 3/31/2015
People who belong to the LGBTQ community are people too. When someone is close minded af prejudiced, it DOES NOT give them the right to turn queer people away. It is NOT an issue of religious freedom, or someone's rights to "decide who they serve." It's about fair treatment and equality. Would you like to be treated like trash because you're not white or straight? No, you wouldn't. So try to be more open-minded. If the university doesn't want to fund travel to a discriminatory state, you should get over it. Maybe the state should be less discriminatory instead.
Ezmerelda C. 3/31/2015
It is fine if Wong doesn't agree with the legislation, but he doesn't have to ban his students from going to the state; the students and education system have nothing to do with his political stance.
L. Lopez 3/31/2015
People have a right to serve who they want to serve. That's all they are saying. There's no reason for homosexuals to get upset. People are blowing this way out of proportion. And it's none of Leslie Wong's business. Not everyone thinks that lifestyle is okay and not every religion thinks that lifestyle is acceptable regardless of how times have changed. So much for being open minded Leslie.
Bill P 3/31/2015
"I am dismayed, if not extremely disappointed, in the recent legislation signed into law in Indiana. It is unconscionable for this great university to spend its resources in a state that attempts to legislate discrimination of any kind," For a President of a University, Wong has a lot to learn about the law. Indiana did not legislate discrimination at all. It simply did what a limited government ought to do and protected the property rights of business owners. This is NOT a religious liberty issue but a property rights issue. If the state of Indiana passed a law forbidding businesses to do business with a certain group, that would be legislating discrimination. However, the state is simply saying that they will not use violence and the guns of government to force an individual or business to associate with someone or a group they do not wish to. A business that makes a poor business decision or even a despicable moral decision by limiting their customer base will suffer the loss
Elizabeth D 3/31/2015
I support the rights of all christians to stand up for their beliefs. Its NOT racism. These States that are banning all business with Indiana are not representing all the citizens of their states. Many approve of this legislation. The liberal media never gives both sides of the story. Our rights are being taken away little by little by being bullied. I fear for our countries future. Free speech is dead. It all sickens me. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
Isa 3/31/2015
Stella A, you understand that many people don't have a choice in these matters. Gay people don't purposely seek out service from people who hate them; they go to establishments to seek goods or services that they need or want and now can be legally turned away from those things. We don't care if you like us or not. We just want to be able to use the same establishments you can.
Mary C 3/31/2015
This whole issue stems from people getting their feelings hurt. Move on.
y. r. enger 3/31/2015
i don't live in indiana but were i a resident i would not want wong or sfus funded students in the state. y. r. enger
Lisa W 3/31/2015
First of all, the law is much different than all others in place. The other laws, including that presented by president Clinton only applies to churches an religious organizations, not to individuals or businesses. Also, the other states have in place non-discrimination laws regarding the LGBT community, unlike Indiana. The same type of law that Pence put in place was used to discriminate against black people, Jews and Native Americans at one time. We cannot afford to take a step backwards. If you are serving the public, you must serve all the public without discriminating against any group of people. Churches and religious organizations are already protected. If a business person wants to discriminate, then they need to become a private, not public, business. Also, if this law stands, I think that all discriminatory businesses should have to prominently display that fact so that people who don't think like them will not inadvertently support those businesses.
Jill B. 3/31/2015
These comments disgust me. Discrimination, especially laws encouraging discrimination, should not be tolerated. Remember why we got rid of the Jim Crow laws??
Bridget D 3/31/2015
J Tiimms, maybe you should fact check before you tell others to fact check. The Indiana RFRA is totally different from other RFRAs, including the federal one. The Indiana law is so nefarious because it applies explicitly to private entities, therefore giving private business owners the right to turn away customers. It's totally different from laws that are in place for reasons like you mentioned (conscientious objector). Read up on it here:
Rob D. 3/31/2015
Thank you for the comments below. I am a Christian and I welcome all those who are different from me, including atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, gays, transgenders, etc. because in the Bible I read Jesus also welcomed people different from him. I just want my First Amendment right to not advocate/promote a lifestyle I believe is against God's wishes protected against lawsuits. Incidentally, those other lifestyles also include many heterosexual oines as well.
Cory M 3/31/2015
It's not about that, Stella. It's about a law that has passed in multiple places that allows people to put signs up on the doors of their businesses that say "No Gays Allowed". If you can't see how this resembles the Civil Rights Movement and their "No Blacks" / "Whites Only" signs, then you need to pick up a history book. This law is allowing discrimination in the name of religion. If you don't like serving people that don't share your beliefs, then news flash: lots of people aren't going to share your personal beliefs. Maybe you shouldn't be running a business that is open to the public.
Lori J 3/31/2015
San Francisco also allows people to walk nude in the streets. Need I say more? Did anyone read this bill? I did, no where does it discriminate. If anything by not agreeing, you may be discriminating against those practicing their religion. J Tiimms you got it right!
Clarissa H. 3/31/2015
I don't understand how this law is attempting "to legislate discrimination"? People have religious beliefs and if something happens that goes against their belief, they should be able to say "I'm sorry, but I don't feel as if I can do this." Personally, I don't care what a person's sexuality is, but I can understand a Christian individual feeling uncomfortable with doing something, such as making a cake, for a gay couple. That cake maker could say, "Hey, this is business, let's take it!" However, they choose not to. I do think that if the cake maker does turn someone away, perhaps they could offer a place that does make cakes for a gay couple. By the way, when I say gay couple, I'm including all sexualities, just simplified.
Jan 3/31/2015
He has no right to make this decision for all. It should be up to each individual. This is a bunch of hype. What about all the other states that have similar laws? Will travel to those be eliminated as well. I am so amazed at how the "supposedly " tolerate have become so intolerant and hateful.
Mike W 3/31/2015
The claim of discrimination towards gay/ lesbian is getting more confusing, especially when we are forced to compare it to another claim of sin. Is either viewpoint the lesser of two evils ? Intelligent people at universities are discriminating against religious people, and this law does make a loud statement against lifestyles. When will our war cease?
marc t 3/31/2015
This seems to be more of a media stunt then anything meaningful. Any state or city claiming a ban on travel for its employees should first state the number of planned travel plans which would be affected by them. If they have never sent someone or rarely do, then these bans are empty and mean nothing.
Anna Y 3/31/2015
Stupid. If the sport team has a competition in IN, they will have to pay for it out of studens' pockets?
Jacob P 3/31/2015
I'd just like to know why on earth it's such a big deal, it's not as if the Governor went and issued a pre-Martin Luther King sort of law with a Gays only section in public places. What I'd like to know is why Gays always have to go looking for fights. Is it really so difficult to just go to another place that supports the lifestyle rather than pushing it on people who don't?
Rex 3/31/2015
Dude.. there are a host of other states that already have this type of legislation in place. Please add them to your list of banned places or drop the whole thing.
Sasha A. 3/31/2015
Whatever happened to freedom of speech, freedom of choice and above all free will? It seems to me that Homosexuals are trying to force everyone to accept all that they believe in but they need to understand that just like they are, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. There are many different customs, behaviors and lifestyles in this world and not everyone is completely accepting of all of it. We shouldn't feel forced to accept things that our morals and beliefs deem wrong. That goes for every single being in this world.
Janice H. 3/31/2015
Of course, we should expect this reaction from a university president in Sodom. I happen to have a religious objection to the murder of innocent people. Should I be required to sell guns to those who have chosen terrorism as a lifestyle? As a fitter of breast prosthetics for women who have had breast cancer, should I be required to fit them on transvestites? (And, yes, I have been asked to.) Each of these is a voluntary lifestyle as is homosexuality. Why is it that people like Leslie Wong think that they are the only ones who have rights that need to be protected?
R Black 3/31/2015
As as has been stated before, quite a few states have this in law. He should realize that instead of making a stupid fuss about it. For a group of people clamoring for the freedom of their voices to be heard, homosexuals and their allies sure love disrespecting and suppressing any voice against them. Incredible.
Mary B. 3/31/2015
Stella A, I wish I could like your comment like we all do on Facebook. I agree with what you said and I feel that America will be facing much more of not wanting to serve the homosexuals, then the Muslims and the Christians, the Jewish etc. And there's going to be a riot
Stella A 3/31/2015
People have the right to decide who they serve.....why are the Homosexuals upset? Why would they seek services from someone that don't choose the same lifestyle?? Go find like minded people.
Lauren D 3/31/2015
He has banned school funds that support trips to Indiana. You can go there if you want just don't expect the school to pay for it.
charles a 3/31/2015
I should have every right both in my personal life and business to decide who I spend my time with or have relationships with -- and who I wish to ignore, which may include red necks, Boston blue bloods, transvestites, corrupt politicians, poor white trash, John McCain, gays, evangelicals, Muslims, blacks, greens, grays, and my detested uncle Oscar. Just get off our backs, already.
J Tiimms 3/31/2015
Has President Wong also banned travel to Texas, Florida, and the 18 other states that have this law in place? Has she banned everything that President Bill Clinton has done because he was the President who signed the Bill allowing states to create the RFSA laws. People who try to bann others have been taken to court in these states and lost. There are too many knee jerk reactions by people who don't bother to fact check. The laws are in place for those who may need to challenge the state for religious purpose such as a conscientious objector.
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