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College Student Allegedly Caught Poisoning Roommates’ Food

College Student Allegedly Caught Poisoning Roommates’ Food
Suada Kolovic

A University of South Carolina student is facing felony charges and possible jail time after a hidden camera allegedly caught her spitting and pouring cleaning fluid into her roommates' food.

According to police, 22-year-old Hayley King can be seen in the video – recorded on February 4th – spitting and pouring Windex into multiple containers of food in the off-campus apartment she shared with two roommates. According to Columbia Police Department incident report, King’s roommates set up the camera after "multiple altercations" with the suspect caused them to fear what she was doing when they were not home. They tried to get King to move out because of said altercations but she refused. Police arrested King on February 9th after her roommates showed authorities the video. After reviewing the footage, police called King in for an interview, where she later confessed to the incident. She has been charged with unlawful, malicious tampering with human drug product or food – a Class C felony carrying a term of up to 20 years in prison, if convicted. She was released a day after her arrest on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond.

Do you think King should face the maximum sentence of 20 years in prison? Share your thoughts in the comments section. For more information on roommates and communal living, check out our Campus Life section.

Comments (180)
Maurice M 10/27/2015
I believe for this situation we have to think in terms of the worst case happening. If they would have never had the video recording, she would have probably got away with harming two innocent people. I think some jail time is well deserved but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
Jasmine C 5/11/2015
I believe that King deserves to have some jail time. Although, the max sentence of 20 years is a lot and I think a smaller portion of that time should have been served. She should not have been granted bond because she needed time to reflect and acknowledge her wrong doings. Thankfully her roommate was not killed but she could have been. Germs and cleaner products can be very harmful to the human body and her roommates could have potentially been seriously harmed had she not known. This is very dangerous and hope that in the future people are held a little more responsible for these actions. I know that if it were me, I would seek more punishment because safety is not a laughing matter and all people who commit crimes threatening that should be punished.
Jeffery Ross Jr 5/10/2015
in my personal opinion I think she should spent the maximum sentence in prison. She put her roommate in a situation that was extremely uncalled for. Like no matter how much you are bothered there is not reason to tam
Charlene C 5/10/2015
I feel as though Hayley deserved to get 20 years in prison. She needs to pay the price for what she did, and understand that its not right. 20 years does sound a little extreme though. If not 20 years, then she should get some time in prison for what she did. To suffer the consequences of poisoning people's food.
Lisa Jones 5/9/2015
I do not believe that King should receive the maximum sentence or any prison sentence at all without having a psych evaluation. If she is found competent, she should serve no more than 5 years because she's at an impulsive age. I don't mean to discount her actions but there are murderers who don't go away for that long.
Tabitha B. 5/8/2015
I believe that King should be arrested and given time in prison. I believe this because if she is poisoning peoples food they could have died. If through complete investigation if King was provoked in such a manner to poison her roommates she should be put in a mental institute or jail. King could potentially poison someone else. This incident is pouring others in danger and is threatening their lives. If she doesn't get jail time King should be in counseling so that when there isn't a camera watching her people will be safe.
Alyssa J 5/8/2015
It depends because if she needs mental help that's another factor but I don't think anyone would just potion their roommates for no reason. What about King's rights. I'm pretty sure that even if you are in the same room with someone you still need permission to record them. If King knew about the cameras she probably wouldn't have done it in front of them. In not excusing the act I just wondered if the evidence would've been void or not.
Carrie M 5/7/2015
Although I feel as if Haley King was prevoked in some way by roommates, I still feel she should get at least half the sentence. She shouldn't have ever poisoned there food. That's terrible and sitting in jail will make her think twice about her actions and how to better handle such situation next time. Her actions could've been lucky and she was just lucky enough that they weren't this time.
Tayler K 5/7/2015
She should get the maximum sentence. That was uncalled for.
Amanda S. 5/7/2015
Of course she should, she also should never be allowed to work in the food industry or near food ever again in her life. Serving 30 years sounds better. Itd pretty much attempted murder what she did.
Cody W. 5/7/2015
Tbh, I want to know what the past history between these roommates was. I have a hard time believing someone would go so far as to poison someone without (in her mind) good reason. and if there were no reasons, why set up a camera? I'm not saying she's not guilty or that what she did can be justified, but how do we know her roommates weren't guilty of something equally bad or worse? I could be wrong, maybe one of them just didn't buy toilet paper, but unless she had serious mental instability it seems unlikely that this was unprovoked. She should still be punished, but there should be more investigation of the situation. (And if she is mentally unstable, she needs help, not 20 years in an environment that cultivates mental instability)
Alejandra C. 5/7/2015
She got off with a slap on the wrist. Her actions were irresponsible and nearly fatal. The judicial system failed to conduct further examinations of her mental and emotional stability. Either way, she needs to be alienated from people for a while for her self-reflection, whether it is in prison or a hospital. In addition, while young teens from minority groups are being criminalized on a daily basis for any movement, this girl got let go at an instant. I don't mean to offend, but the reality is that her status as a white female granted her the privilege to have walk away. Meanwhile, the mass incarceration of colored people has dramatically increased over the course of time, but only because the judicial system embrace negative racial stigma. This girl got lucky; most people won't even get to voice their position in trial.
CindyB 5/7/2015
This young woman does not need jail time. She needs counseling, which she will not get in jail. We think jail time is the solution to everything, but it more often than not creates more problems. The person learns more criminal behavior behind bars and when they get out they have problems getting jobs. Then this often leads to more criminal behavior in an attempt to survive. We need to find better solutions which provide rehabilitation. Yes, she did do something which she should receive a judgment, but I do not believe 20 years behind bars is the answer that will lead to getting her some mental health assistance.
Edwin U 5/7/2015
The roommates were very wise to set up a camera.
isaac l 5/7/2015
I think the real question is how may times did she do this. If it washher first then 20 years is too long. Besides that why did her 2rroommates want to know what she was doing when they were not around. Usually the thing I would want to do beside that is get some work done besides looking at someone's life.
Anonymous 5/7/2015
Honestly, if the roommates could not smell the Windex in the food or at least notice the liquid, then something is wrong with the roommates. 20 years of jail for that is a bit excessive. I think if intentions were murder, five years is still a significant amount of time. I mean come on people... it's Windex.
Tylar L 5/6/2015
I believe that she should have faced the maximum sentence because she knew exactly what she was doing. She even confessed. If she gets released early that's not teaching her anything but that money is a life saver, which is not always true.
Devora W. 5/6/2015
What happened during the altercations with her roommates, and how they even started are unknown. She was upset and possibly wanted revenge, but this was not the way to go about solving the problem. She could have done more harm than good. I believe she should get the 20 years in prison, so she can learn that this is not okay. Along with jail time, maybe a good therapist can help her see the error of her ways.
KPW 5/6/2015
I think she should go to jail mainly because what she did was ultimately wrong. what if her roommates died as a result of chemicals placed in their food. What if one of them or all of them had an allergic reaction and became became very ill. Her malicious attempt to destroy the lives of other human beings should be made punishable in the court of law. She should be removed from the school and placed in prison to work hard labor which will allow her to think about what she did and allow her to shake off her childish and petty ways because if she was bold enough to do this once, she will be bold enough to do something much worse to others. I think she should have a psych evaluation to evaluate what triggered this malicious temper tantrum. And she should never be allowed to work in food service such at a fast food restaurant or any place else that services people. She should not ever be allowed to become a doctor or nurse. I consider her a danger to herself and others.
Jessica C 5/6/2015
yes absolutely think she should get the 20 years. She attempted to kill her roommate which is immoral and illegal.
MEECHIE 5/6/2015
That could've been really bad if Hayley's roommates would've ate that food; she could've killed those students! She definitely deserves some time, but maybe not twenty years--maybe 6 to 8 years.
Talyah C 5/6/2015
How is it possible that she can get 20 years in jail while child pornography only gets 5-6 years?
Chasity T 5/6/2015
Kings action could of had killed someone, without the hidden cameras how would they had ever known. 20 years may seem long, but justice needs to be served. A bail creates and gives the criminal the idea that money will solve the problem
Melissa S 5/6/2015
I believe she should get some jail time because it doesn't give any right to her to tamper someone's food. My question is why did she do that?
lequila A 5/6/2015
attempted murder, her roommate could've died and it was as stated, malicious intent.
James A. 5/6/2015
I think that things of this nature happen more than we would care to admit. People for the most part are malicious and vindictive with a cruel streak that runs straight through their character unfortunately. I do not believe that 20 yrs. is warranted but I think she should get at least a year and a few years probation. The real question is how many times in the past has she done this and gotten away with it?
Margaret M 5/6/2015
An addendum: She should have some serious community service time and counseling that the court carefully selects for her that will require her to develop compassion and positive engagement with people.
Desiree B 5/6/2015
Why would she do such a thing? Is she that insane or was it for a piece of revenge?
Margaret M. 5/6/2015
Its a shame they had to go to such links to get an obviously mentally ill roommate to move out. Thankfully, today they used the option to video tape her in action, and they were able to get the local police to respond. My beloved cousin George and his roommates asked their mentally ill roommate to leave and he shot and killed George. That was many years ago. George was a wonderful man. She should be incarcerated, no question. Being mentally ill is not an excuse that absolves someone from the consequence of being removed from society when they do not have the self-control to keep from planning and executing harm to others. I see that a few of the brightest students, highest achievers, are psychopathic superior conviction that they "will be the ones to decide how the rest of you live." They lack social skills, and are resentful and disstainful of others, and incapable of compassion. There is too much emphasis on achievement and superiority, and too little on humility.
Sarah B. 5/6/2015
I believe she should serve a minimum of 10 years in jail. For one, she clearly tried to harm her roommates; her intentions were set on poisoning the victims and getting away with it. The article even mentioned that what she did is a class C felony! In my opinion, there have been multiple cases in which the perpetrator has gotten a simple slap on the wrist. Of course, she didn’t kill anyone, but her sole purpose was to harm or murder her roommates. To me, her vindictive ways should not go unnoticed. She should not be able to walk away knowing that she can “get away with murder.” She needs to realize not only that her intentions were cruel, but that she could possibly kill someone one day and serve life in prison.
Brian M 5/6/2015
I think that is just deplorable behavior! 20 years seems a bit excessive, yet she needs to learn to curb her behaviors of that type!
Gentle W. 5/6/2015
She should do at least 15 years. She planned this all out and attempted to kill or to make her roommates really sick! She needs a lesson learned. It doesn't matter if she was retaliating, she could've gone to someone else for advice, maybe even get the police involved, or get a mediator involved. She took her anger much too face and now she should get what's coming to her. I do however believe she was doing this because of something (untold story). There's always two sides to a story.
Alex E. 5/6/2015
She deserves jail time to make sure that a solid example is set that such behavior is not only malicious but deadly. There is no justification for trying to kill people because you can't get along or because they don't want to live with you anymore. If that were the case, the human race would be extinct. She deserves to rot in prison for several years not just so she understands how ridiculous her behavior was but to ensure that other idiots get the message also.
Ebonee F 5/6/2015
she needs jail time because if they didn't have that camera they would have ate it and died
Hannah S 5/6/2015
I believe King should go to jail. Everyone gets angry/upset but we have the ability to cope with those feelings in a harmless way. If King doesn't like her roommates the. She should leave especially if they have already asked her to, but she declines and then poisons their food! That's incredible, and not in a good way. Anyone with a brain knows that's not okay, and ultimately that could've poisoned the girls and gotten them sick perhaps even dead! This deserves time in jail.
viral 5/6/2015
y did she do it?
Tony G 5/6/2015
I think she should go to jail. Probation and fines only promote the thoughts of getting away with a crime. Her actions were premeditated. She had a chance to leave the situation, but she decided to stay and take matters into her own hands. She definitely has some mental issues. Why should she let off easy; so she can do it again another time and maybe kill somebody. This is the sign that we are always looking for before something really bad happens. Hold her accountable.
Ikeivia C. 5/6/2015
I believe justice should be served but not by making someone spend 20 years behind bars. People always root for one of the worst case scenarios in A situation such as crimes but think about If It had been your child, would you root for 20 years In jail then because you can never say what your child wont do. Im not saying the student shouldn't have consequences, In my opinion I just think 20 years of incarceration Is a bit much especially when the other student Is still alive. That's A blessing!! Hopefully the student committing the crime has learned A very valuable lesson but doesnt have to suffer consequences as harsh as serving 20 years. REMEMBER, we've all made mistakes!!
makinsey f 5/6/2015
Yes, I believe she deserves to be charged and serve 20 full years in prison. Kings roommate feared for her life and placed hidden cameras to make sure she was safe, but found that she wasn't. When she showed police footage Kings face was plastered on the screen physically showing attemptive murder, kings roommate is lucky to have caught it in time. If she doesn't face some kind of charge at all what's going to happen to the next person she lives with? What about her family?
Starr H 5/6/2015
She need to go to prison for a while And get evaluated for the mental hospital, because why would you try and kill someone when they have done nothing or close to nothing wrong. Theres obviously something wrong in her head. Yes, her roommate isn't dead but she still should be punished For even trying to attempt man slauter.
lauren b 5/6/2015
I believe she should serve 20 years in prision. First of all, it was a class C felony. If she did actually poision her roomates, they would've been sent to the hospital and possibly have died. Nothing to mess around with.
Tyler R 5/6/2015
She should face a twenty year sentence because she clearly did this with a logical and clear intention. If I knew that a roommate was doing this to me, I would press cage he's on him or her and see that justice is done.
Grandma V 5/6/2015
Yes, she should get the entire 20 years. Haley could have done some serious damage to her roommates or killed them. That's what's wrong with the judicial system now, they never give enough jail time. Thank GOD the roommates installed that camera. I can almost guarantee that her parents are condoning what she did, if not they shouldn't have gotten her out of jail. That's another thing....too many parents are holding up for their children when their wrong.
Natalie P. 5/6/2015
No. I don't think she should serve 20 yrs. She didn't kill anyone, even though she may have tried to bring bodily harm. But, she should be corrected or punished in some way, that she may know the danger of attempting such acts, and the expected consequences. Most likely, the smell of the chemical should have been noticed if anyone started to eat or drink it. Otherwise, who is going to eat or drink something that smells like windex in the first place? If she has to serve time, to me the max should be 3 yrs. with 3 yrs probation.
Patricia E 5/6/2015
I don't think she should face the maximum punishment because for one she did confess to her wrong doing. I think she should pay the victims money if they ever encounter some kind of medical problems that relates to the incident. If she goes to prison, I don't think she will be rehabilitated . If she does go to prison, that means the state will have to take care of her for 20 years and that means increasing taxes.
Jimmy L. 5/6/2015
I believe she should be sentence for 20 years. The fact that she was not able to resolve an altercation at a calmly matter, instead she had given her roommates fear for their life because of her threats. If her roommates didn't plan on putting cameras in their room and they had drank the product that was "poisoned", hey could have suffered severe health issue and die which can lead to more than 20 years in prison and murder. If she is release than I would have to say she needs therapy and a parole officer watching her.
Marcia A 5/6/2015
20 years is not enough. She should get life. If someone was trying to poison me I wouldn't want even slight chance they could "try again" when they get out.
Janeen A. 5/6/2015
Yes, she should serve the maximum sentence. She should be held responsible and accountable for her own actions. The evidence is verified and her behavior is unreasonable. Her age indicates she is an adult and should serve the consequences. She is definitely evil and mentally ill. She knew what she was doing and should have been kept in jail without bond. Thank God the roommates are safe!
DH 5/5/2015
Absolutely not! She is still a young college student. Kids make mistakes. Have her go through a 12 month disciplinary watch and see visits to a counselor. Add community service hours in there and she'll regret ever doing it again.
Baka 5/5/2015
This is childish. 20 years is way extreme. I'm thinking more like anger management. Seems more spiteful then intent to kill. If she was feeding them cyanide or rat poison then no problems. That's a real attempt to kill. This is someone who has anger issues. I don't know what you people think as far as taking time for rehabilitation, but remedy the situation. Jail does not rehabilitate lt makes things worse, countless case studies for that factoid. Could you imagine yourself in this spot? It would be terrifying to know that you're petty hatebturnedbinto a hard 20.
Tomicka C 5/5/2015
Yes she should. She's a complete idiot and training murderer. If she would have succeeded she wouldn't have stopped. Give her 20 and no parole and make her do it all.
Gina J 5/5/2015
Yes, I think Hayley King should most definitely face the maximum 20 year sentence. For Pete's sake, this could be equated to attempted murder. You just never know how her roommates' bodies could have reacted to those toxins, if they had eaten or drank out of those containers she tampered with. They could have been left with permanent organ damage or death. She needs to be brought to justice, before she pulls a stunt like that on someone else!
Vanessa B 5/5/2015
I believe that if she has any past felonies on her record, her sentence should be harsh. Also consider that she may be mentally ill. What kind of person would want to harm another human being for no reason? Have her examined further. If she is, she should be sent to a mental hospital. If she is tested and doesn't seem to have a mental illness, then consider up to 10 years in prison. 20 years is harsh for a young girl
Andrew M 5/5/2015
Yes give her a full ride in prison she will love the food and the room mates. But 20 years seems stiff 4 years and 4 more post grad should work.
Kay M 5/5/2015
no! Everybody makes mistakes it's just the stress of finals let her live
McQ 5/5/2015
A number of you really need to pull your head out into the sunshine.... The 20 year sentence is to cover people who actually DO kill people..., not boneheads like this girl. The worst case scenario here is that her roommates would have gotten ill. Windex is ammonia based. How many bites are they, you or me going to take before we smell or taste the ammonia? The girl needs to get her peepee slapped..., but not for 20 years!
bob m 5/5/2015
What the heck! If I were the government I would lock this girl up for good! Heck, im going to college soon and I dont want no paychopath like that living with me! What kind if world is this?
Scott M 5/5/2015
She shouldn't have talked to the police. She could have easily blown them off and the police likely wouldn't have had probable cause to arrest her. If they already had probable cause to arrest her without interviewing her, they would have done it. It is literally impossible to benefit in any way from a police interview because at trial the police can testify for the prosecutor but they cannot testify for the defense. In addition, if enough evidence exists to arrest you for a crime, you can't talk yourself out of being arrested, plain and simple. It literally can not help you to talk to the police, it can only hurt you. She pretty much screwed herself by agreeing to be interviewed by them. I think 20 years is a little extreme for this because it's not quite the same as attempted murder. I would honestly give her a deferred sentence if I was the judge because she doesn't deserve to have her entire life ruined for this mistake.
Kaila E 5/5/2015
I believe that King should serve a certain amount of time for her actions. She made the decision to follow through with the poisoning of her roommate knowing what the outcome could be. Anyone that intends on hurting another individual while knowing their actions are illegal should be charged for doing so.
Annie S. 5/5/2015
I was thinking of moving on campus for the 2015 fall semester. I'm kinda scare now about who my roommate might be and her evil plans. I think she should serve her 20 years in prisons, simply because the cleaning products might had killed her roommate. I also will like to know more about the reason to her actions!! This is rediculous
Phyllis B 5/5/2015
Yes, I fill that is a fair deal for King, she need to go to jail and be accountable for her action, she is also an adult and knew what she was doing, I fill she need 20 years to think about what she did. She also could have hurt or kill some one's children. If that was one of my children he would have did some time, he would have never had a fair trial. I will pray for her and forgive her for what she did.
Ellie C 5/5/2015
I think the court should order medical work ups on the two roommates she was found poisoning. The damages should be paid out to the victims from Ms.King as well as the cost of the medical orders in addition to what her lawyer is capable of getting for her in terms of jail time. She shouldnt have been awarded with bail, especially not the unfitting amount of $5000.
Tamara L. 5/5/2015
She should definitely face consequences but what we don't know is the reason for Her actions. We only heard one side of the story for one. How have her roommates treated her? Was she maybe mentally sick or have any signs of depression or suicide? What caused her to take it to that level? You never know. I agree, what she did was completey unnecessary and inappropriate! But people don't just try to poison people for fun. What was the whole story? Maybe I'm wrong and it was out of jelousy or she's just straight up stupid. Also 20 years in prison and a $5,000 bond do not add up. I know a child's rapist that got 3 months in jail and a $500 bond.
Haleigh M 5/5/2015
Yes, she deserves the 20 year conviction. She had intentions to either seriously harm or kill her roommates. No matter what they might have done to her, they didn't deserve that and she should be punished for her actions.
Marlina A 5/5/2015
I do think 20 years in prison is appropriate because in a way, that could also be seen as attempted murder. With the right amount, she could've caused some serious harm and perhaps even the lives of her roommates . This is not a situation that should be taken lightly .
Haleigh M 5/5/2015
Yes, she deserves the 20 year conviction. She had intentions to either seriously harm or kill her roommates. No matter what they might have done to her, they didn't deserve that and she should be punished for her actions.
Jennifer L 5/5/2015
She needs psychiatric treatment ASAP!
Scheba D 5/5/2015
kristyn m 5/5/2015
I don't know if 20years in prison is the length I would use, but what she did does deserve at least 10. Not only did she tamper with food, but that can also be seen as attempted man slaughter. Windex can be poisoness and deadly if not treated properly.
Tyrome F 5/5/2015
She should receive some type of punishment, depending on her record. She will be fined, placed on probation with a suspended sentence and given an order of protection to stay away from the girls.
jordan k 5/5/2015
Yes!! If the roommates did not set up the camera recorder, Hayley could have killed on of the roommates! If she is let go then she could possibly do it again. Obviously she has not learned the lesson and she will keep doing it . I hate to see someone go into jail but people could have been killed!
Maria S 5/5/2015
It is definently a fair punishment. If not, she could have seriously hurt or even killed her roomates, and she could be doing the same to other people in her life.
Amber H. 5/5/2015
Yes, she deserves to serve the time. Obviously her intentions where not good if she'd had previous altercations with them. First of all, ingesting windex can cause swelling of the throat, and difficulty breathing. If her plan had gone through, her two roommates would be seriously damaged or dead if not treated immediately. Although she may not have invented on "killing" them, it certainly could have happened. She should suffer the repercussions of her actions.
Taylor G 5/5/2015
Since her intent was to do harm, I think she should get 3-5 years. I also think she needs to get psychiatric help as well.
Ashley M. 5/5/2015
Yes!! She tried to intentionally poison her roommates!2
Jason R 5/5/2015
She shouldn't go to jail at first. Send her to a psychological treatment facility then release her on probation. If she does something again then lock her up permanently.
Angie k 5/5/2015
Libtard? Very intelligent. She probably needs a mental health evaluation to get the help she needs. A lot of depression and bipolar goes unnoticed at school because you're not around people who know you best.
Keshia N. 5/5/2015
Any time they sentence her to will be fit. She intentionally tried to cause harm to someone. Why should she be spared? She didn't attempt to spare anyone else.
Liana S. 5/5/2015
Kristen Charest 5/5/2015
I think she shoupd face the 20 years in prison. She put harmful chemicals in her roommates food that could have killed her. Obviously she had something against her roommate since there were other altercations. There is no need to poison someone even if you don't like them. She had the option of moving on but she was being stubborn and caused a big problem for her. She is now facing 20 years if she just moved out she wouldn't have thought of poisoning her roommate. No one has the right to do that to anyone. If she gets less then 20 years or nothing at all she is one lucky girl. She should be punished with the 20 years and be considered a criminal because of what she did. She could try this with anyone she doesn't like so she needs to be in prison so she doesn't harm anyone else.
Mark A 5/5/2015
Yes, age should also be charged with attempted murder. People who do these sorts of things know what they're doing and should be brought to swift justice, she deserves the maximum sentence of 20 years and then some.
LC 5/5/2015
It's a real shame being a university student to do such evil horrible things like poisoning her roommates. She also threw a career away, her family and friends are probably in shock. Unfortunately, yes she should be given 20 years for each roommate. That is serious taking a life or lives. How sad. Only Jesus Christ can help her. I feel for the roommates because of the trauma and whatever feelings they are going through. Thank God they set up the camera.
Jae 5/5/2015
Yes she should serve some time, but not the entire 20 years. Maybe 7/8 with probation, because purposely put those things in their food to hurt them. She could have seriously injured them girls, and herself if she had got something by accident.
India Sierra India Sierra 5/5/2015
We can't judge. Only God.
Brittany M. 5/5/2015
I personally think she should serve the 20 years in prison. That's very wrong of her to do so. What was the reason why she did what she did? Totally NOT acceptable! If she does not do the time, students at that school will be fearful for there lives. She needs to do the time!
"Crazy" person 5/5/2015
No, she doesn't not deserve to lose 20 years of her life or even 10. She deserves rehabilitation/counseling. The comments below make me extremely sad; what makes any of us better than her if we desperately want to take 20 years of her life, some even suggest death penalty. This girl is a victim of her own stupid decisions. Imagine the psychologic trauma she will go through after the hell she will go through in prison. She's only human and because of her stupid mistake, she will never have a normal life again. What she did was wrong but maybe if people were more sympathetic and compassionate, crimes like this would happen a lot less. To all those people that are quick to ask for death penalty, I hope you never have to be in a situation where you are the one being judged and everybody wants the worst for you without even knowing you, and the circumstances of the crime. How sad!
Brittany 5/5/2015
I personally think she should serve the 20 years in prison. That's very wrong of her to do so. What was the reason why she did what she did? Totally NOT acceptable! If she does not do the time, students at that school will be fearful for there lives. She needs to do the time!
Mia W. 5/5/2015
She definitely deserves to serve the sentence and she shouldn't have even been allowed to have the bail option. No matter the personal reasons or whatever, she shouldn't get off easy. Watch people! Everyone you think is your friend isn't.
Jasmine B. 5/5/2015
I believe she does deserve this punishment. What she was doing was attempted murder, and she must be punished for it. And judging by the fact that shes had previous incidents that led to her roommates recording her in the first place, who's to say she hadn't planned this out or tried to kill other people?
Dustin 5/5/2015
be nice to your roomates
Sam F 5/5/2015
I don't think she should face 20 years in prison but she should be punished with jail time. that's basically attempted murder, if she's willing to posin her room mates imagine what she could do now.
Kate-Lynn P 5/5/2015
Yes. She could have hurt someone or killed them. She needs to be chartered for her actions
Second Look 5/5/2015
I agree with Destiny D., she she should have to pay a fine, spend time doing community service, 10 years probation and be required to go to counseling for observation. She obviously needs mental help and that should be part of her punishment. Laws in this country have become overly strict. In the 1930's 2 men robbed a bank and killed 2 people. They got 6 years in jail. Now we send adults and kids to jail at the drop of a hat and the system keeps them there without rehabilitating them. Check out Sweden's prisons compared to ours. Ours are very inhuman and over crowded. People who need mental help often end up in regular prisons and it's not right. Politicians vote to be tough on crime to get elected, exacerbating the problem. We have more people in prison than any other country per capita.
Tholland 5/5/2015
I think this person is probably mentally ill and it didn't just start with this incident. She probably had a history prior to this incident that her family is familiar with. She should be evaluated by a mental health professional and then pay for her crime, in an appropriate way. The students could have spoken with the landlord to remove her immediately or tell the landlord that they would move. When you are dealing with someone who is not well its best not to be in that situation too long.
Stephanie C 5/5/2015
Yes, by all means she should spend time in jail. I think one of the problems in our society today, is that our punishments are not severe enough. We seem to slap hands and give people a second chance, when a second chance only proves us wrong again. Don't misunderstand me, I believe in second chances; but in a situation like this, where she was intentionally harming someone else, she should definitely do jail time.
Antonea B 5/5/2015
In my opinion I think that King should be convicted. King could have killed her roomates if they did not put cameras throughout the room. Convicting her is the right thing to do or some kind of mental home. It soinds like she have some kind of problem.
Aziza C 5/5/2015
She definitely deserved the punishment. Pouring windex in your roomate's food? Seriously? People can die from consuming that, and I think that was her goal. This is the reason why I do not want to live in a dorm room. There are college students out there that can do some crazy things to you, or your stuff, and I don't feel like dealing with that.
sh 5/5/2015
I believe that she should. Noone deserves to be poisoned. No matter what altercation she may face with her roommates. There are other ways to deal with conflict. Violnce is not the answer. She did the crime, so she must do the time.
Tamara G. 5/5/2015
That's why we have laws so they can be followed. If the punishment is 20 yrs she should get 20. What if her roommates had lost their lives? How many years would that be worth? What if they were physically injured by her actions? Just because she got caught do not mean she shouldn't do the time. She may feel as if the first time she got a lesser punishment so why not do it again. That's what wrong with America we never do as we say. It's like telling a kid if you get bad grades in school you're going to have to spend the weekend studying. If the kid gets bad grades the parent look at them and say just go out and play all day.
Shanika C 5/5/2015
She should get 20 years for what she attempted to do to either murder or seriously harm her roommates. I don't know the reason behind her evil actions but obviously she had something against both roommates to go on ahead to take that step. There are people out there who deliberately put stuff in people's food to destroy their lives and actually succeed. So all I can say is prevention is better than cure which basically means it is better for Hayley to go to jail for 20 years than succeed in killing/harming her roommates and get into even more trouble.
Casi sullivan 5/5/2015
She differently she not be allowed to attend any college anywhere and serve some time for being stupid with people's lives
Keller W 5/5/2015
Psychological testing should be mandatory for people living on college campuses.
Jose M 5/5/2015
It's just a college student. Was she drunk? Was it a prank? Maybe she was forced by her roomates and ten they recorded it. To many what ifs. She confessed, give her community service and a fine. Everyone messes up college. I say no jailtime.
Keller W 5/5/2015
This is why the whole roommate experience should be optional.
Alex Y. 5/5/2015
She absolutely should get all 20 years. How dumb are you? She should never be allowed to go back to school, EVER! You just can't fix stupid...
mo 5/5/2015
I believe she should serve 20 yrs. That's attempted murder on top of it premeditated, in which falls under first degree murder. The suspect knew what she was doing and she knew that poisoning them would cause harm. Of course, there are two sides to every story, now? But, the evidence shows it all. Hayley was asked to move out of the apartment, but refuse. And yes, most of us who had roommate problems, however, in many different situations. Also,did anyone noticed that someone paid for bailed of 5,000? Was it her parents, a relative, or a friend of the family? Either she comes from a wealthy family or she's got some good connections? Plus, how do any of us know Hayley won't return to the apartment, again? How do any of us know that she hasn't made duplicate of the apartment key? To try come back when the girls are not there for to do some more ill will harm? And most of you would think 'she wouldn't do that?' Yes, she will! Don't ever undermine someone that's capable.
gibran s 5/5/2015
yes. She should be put in prison for way more than 20 yrs. put her on life parole
Cory J 5/5/2015
she should receive time. The wrong message would be sent otherwise.
gibran s 5/5/2015
People like King are the reason why no one can't trust no one. Why would she even try to poison her roommates' food. What was the reason for trying to kill her roommates?
dextrice n 5/5/2015
yes I do, cause if it was the other way around she would have done the same.
Ricardo E 5/5/2015
She should be expelled and probation but not 20 years of prison
David p 5/5/2015
Yes 20 years seems to fit the crime because her two roomates could have beeen killed if it would have lead to extreme measures and it would prevent her from future harmto others
Elizabeth h 5/5/2015
I feel the student should get repromanded but not in jail.especially for 20 years.
Thomas 5/5/2015
She must be sentenced between 10 & 15 years in jail.
Diego R 5/5/2015
This is just more typical female passive aggressive behavior.
Gayle Y 5/5/2015
I want to know how it led up to this point. Regardless, jail time would have been called for. She has had a number of offenses with her roommates and didn't seem to make any effort to correct them. In fact she knowingly and willingly attempted to cause bodily harm them. Because adding such cleaning products can releasable kill a human being, she could have been taken in for attempted murder. She should have been convicted of SOME kind of Jail punishment, not just bail on apology.
Mariama P 5/5/2015
yes of course because what she did was deplorable and unnecessary, no matter the circumstance. There is absolutely no context in which another human may poison another. We do not live in the Middle Ages!
Laylani Allen 5/5/2015
I think it's very scary to have someone that suppose to be living in your room where you sleep at night, do something so brutal. She could have killed her , she knew what she was doing. imagine if they wouldn't have put the cameras up. then what? I think she deserves some type of consequence.
Shantel D 5/5/2015
yes she should she was endangering her roommates also contaminating there food but also spitting in it I don't think she should spend 20 years though but maybe 6 or 7 years
bonita L 5/5/2015
I feel, that her penalty should have been the fines of paying her roommates' college tuition and rent until graduation. We need to keep the jails and the prisons open for the Real crazies. How many of us hate to pay for a speeding ticket? A waste of money right?!??
Kate p 5/5/2015
She should be tried for attempted murder
shephon Scruggs 5/5/2015
I think that she should go to jail for 20 years for what she did
Gus 5/5/2015
There are always two sides to every story. Just an FYI.
shephon Scruggs 5/5/2015
I think that she should go to jail for 20 years for what she did
JP 5/5/2015
It seems reasonable she could be subject to the harm she intended for others. While being personally responsible for the outcomes. Meaning whatever health harm occurs she should just have to live with it - without any state or federal aid. Another option is time... not necessarily in the slammer, but doing actual good works... like laundry for an incontinent wing of a care facility, cleaning public restrooms, highway cleanup near landfills...
Katherin P. Blount 5/5/2015
I feel as if Hayley King needs to speak with a phycologist and to be put on probation. I don't think prison will help her at all.
Michael E. 5/5/2015
Come on people. We know 20 years for attempted murder is too harsh. Thats what people who deal marijuana deserve -_-
Karen 5/5/2015
Yes she should face time as she could have killed these girls, my step kids did this to me and the doctors had know idea what was wrong with me, I was never so sick in my life . Big difference is they were kids. She is much older than they were and knew for more of what she was doing . My kids had only herd of it form other kids .
Terrence C 5/5/2015
yes! she could have injured of killed someone with the cleaning products! right away you want to filter the law, on the books it is a Class C felony. why does the libtard empathy have to always circumvent the laws! accountability people! start using it!
Terrence C 5/5/2015
yes! she could have injured of killed someone with the cleaning products! right away you want to filter the law, on the books it is a Class C felony. why does the libtard empathy have to always circumvent the laws! accountability people! start using it!
Shong V. 5/5/2015
I think that 20 years may be fit for her punishment, along with the charges she'll be facing after she does come out. I say so, because if she had succeeded, her two roommates would've suffered really painful and permanent injuries.
Cory P. 5/5/2015
I would want to know more as to her intent and reason behind her actions. However, it is quite clear that regardless of her intent this is a very serious and scary crime. In college there is a bit of a natural trust that must go around, meeting so many new people and coming in close contact with them around the same campus and city. So for someone to completely abuse and betray that trust is not right and takes away from the entire experience for everyone. She deserves at least 12+ years for what she did. I couldn't imagine being near something like that and still being able to feel safe and comfortable, and I think most people agree. She could of done nearly anything to attempt to harm those girls or anyone for that matter and she deserves to be very far away from that environment.
Asheek S 5/5/2015
She could of killed her roommate, and not only that she had many altercations with her roommate so yea its time for Hayley King to brought to justice.
Abigail B 5/5/2015
I believe she should because it's wrong and there should be more explain
Brittney Hamilton 5/5/2015
its sad and she should face something .!! Not saying 20 years but she need to face some years .!!!
Destiny D 5/5/2015
I think she should have to pay a fine (or ordered to pay for a years worth of rent for the roomates), community service, 10 years probation and be required to go to counseling for observation. She shouldn't have 20 years of her life taken away for her "first" bad decision. She obviously needs mental help and that should be part of her punishment.
Cire Tlobdog 5/5/2015
Throw the book at her and send a message to others that are thinking of doing a similar criminal act!
Theresa K 5/5/2015
Yes she should face the music. She's lucky she's not facing homicide charges. That is nuts!!!!
Derek W. 5/5/2015
Do they have the death penalty in South Carolina?
Crystal F 5/5/2015
i believe she should face jail and a fine. She is old enough and in college and knows that household chemicals like windex can cause serious harm to including death. She knew exactly what she was doing do the crime pay the time.
Daron F 5/5/2015
I hope they give her a long jail sentence for this. That is truly disgusting and hope the other roomates or okay and want get sick because of this.
Keohnna L 5/5/2015
20 years. She could have seriously injured someone. 5 years won't rehabilitate her, it will only pissed her off
Diana S 5/5/2015
Certain restrictions should be made temporarily instead of 20 years in prison such as in school, what they are able to buy, and stuff like that. Any restrictions violated, they should be fined heavily-not too heavily.
Shirl S 5/5/2015
This very unstable woman should face the maximum sentence. The other students could have been injured from the poisoning and been in the hospital for what she did. Just like stupid American court system to just let the criminal get out on bail of only $5000 too on a charge of up to 20 years!
Monazia T 5/5/2015
Yes I do think she should be doing 20 years in prison for trying to poison innocent human beings. I'm glad they recorded her doing that. In my opinion that's humane
Evelyn 5/5/2015
i think she should get 5 -10 years
Mason B. 5/5/2015
What she did was completely evil no matter the reason, but 20 years is too much. Maybe 5-7 years would be quite sufficient.
Ciara K 5/5/2015
She sounds like she needs to go to a mental hospital.
Adriana S 5/5/2015
King should spend 20 years in prison. She needs to learn her lesson what she did is was cruel she could have killed her roommate. King has a psychological disorder and needs help.
Pattie H 5/5/2015
I would not say she deserves 20 years in prison, but she does need to serve at least 5 years. If you just gets a smack on the hand she would possibly try it again with someone else. Her attentions was to harm the girl.
tanisha B 5/5/2015
She should be ashamed of her self, that's one thing that people should not do is poison someone. That's ridiculous and low down. She deserves all the time she gets. Why not just move out. Now she had destroyed her life and the life of her roommates.
Jahne B 5/5/2015
What would your response be if this was Shanika and not Haley?
John S. 5/5/2015
Man, what a bunch of bleeding heart liberals on here. This is what is wrong with this country now. If she does go to prison, and she should for attempted murder not the lesser charge,then she is going to have it better off at the tax payers expense. Prisons aren't what they were 20-30 years ago. Now they have televisions, weight rooms, libraries, etc... She can continue to get her education in prison a the tax payers expense. I have to tell you, if she tried to poison my child it would be me they would be putting on trial and possibly in prison not her.
The Word 5/5/2015
Yes, she should face up to 20 years at least if not life. People like her should not exist. They are detrimental to society.
elizabeth r 5/5/2015
she does deserve time but twenty years sounds a little too much for windex in food. I think 10 years should be enough.
Brittany L 5/5/2015
Prison for 20 years no! With living on and off campus with roommates I've experienced my share of altercation. Remember there is always two sides to a story hers just happen to be caught on camera! There is no telling what cruel things her roommates may have done to her in the past and seems as if it's everybody in the apartment against 1 person. Not saying what she did was right because I don't agree with something that may kill somebody but 20 years is way to long for somebody who just may have been done wrong herself.
Lessita Louis 5/5/2015
I think what Hayley did was totally uncalled for, therefore if you did the crime, you do the time. The intent was to hurt, potentially kill the roommates if not caught in time. I believe Hayley should face the full charge so she can realize and refresh on what she did but Also with mental help from doctors, becaus everybody makes mistakes, and some mistakes need serious consequences so we can learn from them.
Brittany P. 5/5/2015
My opinion is that if you did the crime you gotta do the time on any circumstances. If she did it once she can do it again and actually end up hurting someone.
Brandon T 5/5/2015
Absolutely! If it were my child getting poisoned I would make it my life's mission to make sure that girl served the maximum sentence! She could have killed someone! !
Steve Janbahan 5/5/2015
if it's here first conviction she should face a small jail sentence and pay a fine + probation for 10+ years with community services attached
McKenzie P. 5/5/2015
When a person is purposefully intending to cause harm to other people, there must be a response to their actions. The fact she has caused multiple problems and then poisoned her roommates food calls for punishment. She could have killed them in this process. The crime matches the punishment.
CCF 5/5/2015
No, I don't think she deserves 20 years. Please get this child help. Yes, she is an adult and what she did was wrong. But she obviously needs major pychological help. Putting her with hard core criminals in not going to rehabilitate her at all.
Jasmine J. 5/5/2015
No maybe 5 years but not that Long because she didn't kill the roommate
Lun K 5/5/2015
i dont believe she deserve 20 years in jail. She did the wrong thing but its too cruel to take someone's life up to 20 years.
Nmp 5/5/2015
Sounds like the intent wasn't to kill but make one suffer. She needs mandatory psychiatric help and maybe some time in a mental health facility. These people tend to advance to harder core behavior when getting away with non harmful 1st offenses. They just mentally don't get it.
Azariah Hurst 5/5/2015
I think that she should have a psychological evaluation done first for signs of mental instability then have her institutionalized.
Chiena T 5/5/2015
Further in depth questioning should take place for King. What was her reasoning? Does her childhood background play a part for her actions? Did she fully understand the fatal consequences of the liquid chemicals? A punishment should be implemented but 20 years would be robbing too much of her life if her actions were simply a major misunderstanding.
Adam U. 5/5/2015
This should be a clear indication of Hayley's poor mental health. If you prefer "justice" then leave it in the hands of the courts. I do believe that a degree of justice is appropriate, but I would prefer to see measures are taken morally educate and psychology strengthen this woman. Incarceration primary serves to ostracize individuals who have broken the law. I also believe that to strengthen society we need to strengthen its individuals.
Mariana R 5/5/2015
I think she should get the full term, half with good behavior. No matter if the roommates were hurt or not she was going to hurt them at some point she needs help.
Maria 5/5/2015
She should be sentenced for more than 20 years because of what she did..
Destin m 5/5/2015
What King did was wrong but to take twenty years of any persons life is no small choice to make. Ask questions first. Did she.mean them death or sickness? Would that cleaning fluid have cause the intended harm anyway? Her actions along with the cold facts should be explored.
Ajian W 5/5/2015
she should face time because she could've killed her roommate but since she didn't she could at least get half the jail time she was suppose to receive
Kenzie W 5/5/2015
Yes! She could have killed her roommate!
Desirae DS 5/5/2015
i believe she should because she in her right state of mind had knowledge of what Windex could do to them and she could have ulterior motives or even try to do this again
Marcus F 5/5/2015
Yes lock that psycho up
Kalia H 5/5/2015
Shs deserves it for sure. That's fatal
Elyssa U 5/5/2015
King should face a maximum sentence of 20 years. If her roommates hadn't put in the cameras they could potentially be dead.
Carlee B 5/5/2015
why should she face 20 years when other people in prison get away with a lot more than what she did? She did do wrong but I think 20 years is a long time for what she did
Amy S 5/5/2015
I think she should go to prison for what she did. If it was my family or friends, I wouldn't want them to get hurt. Though, her arrest bond was set low compared to what it could've been if her roommates didn't set up that camera, I do think it's fair and unfair that she gets a chance to leave if someone pays to get her out because what if she does it again? Not to be cruel; this is just my opinion.
Kiara m. 5/5/2015
yes!!!!! She deserves more than 20
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