College Students Help Administer COVID Vaccines

College Students Help Administer COVID Vaccines
Izzy Hall

COVID-19 vaccines are in the process of being distributed across the United States. There’s much to coordinate, between delivering vaccine dosages, scheduling vaccination appointments and actually administering the vaccine. In the state of Wisconsin, college nursing students are volunteering to help get the vaccine out.

Nursing students from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Technical College are joining mobile vaccination teams, or MVTs, alongside university staff, state health workers and members of the National Guard. MVTs will travel from college towns to rural areas to anywhere in the state of Wisconsin that lacks access to the vaccine. UW-Eau Claire students will also receive a $500 tuition credit towards their spring semester tuition for working 16 hours in the program. The university plans to expand the program by requiring junior and senior nursing students to participate as part of their clinical experience.

With hospitals busy vaccinating their staff and the Wisconsin state health department organizing county-level campaigns to vaccinate public workers and individuals over 65 years old, a third arm powered by the university and national guard will help spread the vaccine farther and faster. Nursing students will gain practical experience with public health administration, administering injections and working with patients, as well as do their part to help their state get closer to herd immunity.

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