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End of the Year 2017 Scholarships

End of the Year 2017 Scholarships
Susan Dutca-Lovell

'Oh what fun it is to win scholarships to help pay for college! We've curated a selection of the best scholarships to apply for before the year is over. (Considering the 3.7 million scholarships we have, it was no easy task). Check out this list of 2017 scholarships and get a jump start on your financial aid package for next year by winning scholarships for college. :

  1. NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund Youth Essay Contest
  2. Seeds of Fortune Inc. Scholarship
  3. First Annual Prayer Soup, Inc. Scholarship
  4. AAG's Do Something Good Grant
  5. Peter J. Hengel Thai Scholarship Program
  6. The "Tell A Friend" $500 Sweepstakes
  7. Because College is Expensive Scholarship
  8. Competitive Gaming Essay Scholarship
  9. Urban Art Scholarship
  10. Linly Heflin Scholarship
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