Extracurricular Activities Can Win You Scholarships

Extracurricular Activities Can Win You Scholarships
Izzy Hall

When you create your free scholarship search profile on, you’ll want to include information such as your GPA, the academic majors you’re interested in and the colleges and universities that are on your list. But did you know that what you do outside of the classroom can help you qualify for scholarships, too? Extracurricular activities of all kinds can tie into scholarship opportunities.

If you play sports, whether for your high school or for an outside team, you’re probably familiar with the athletic scholarships that can get you in touch with. When it comes to sports scholarships, it’s not just about your team’s records, but more about your passion and dedication to the game. You don’t necessarily have to plan to play for a collegiate team to apply for some athletic scholarships. If you play a sport in high school, it’s worth your time to check out the scholarship opportunities for that sport here at

Are you more of an artist than an athlete? has a whole section on artistic interests as part of your scholarship search profile. You’ll find options for dancing, singing and playing various musical instruments, performing in the theater or as the stage crew, creative writing and many different forms of art-making. Many scholarships that ask you to flex your creative muscles fall under these special Artistic Ability categories. Like athletic scholarships, even if you don’t plan to study art in college, your interest and talent in artistic fields can help you win scholarships.

Art and athletics aren’t the only kinds of extracurricular activities. Take the school paper, for instance. If you research and write articles, you may be interested in Journalism scholarships. If you take photos for the paper, try searching for Photography scholarships. What if you help prepare the paper for print? A Graphic Design scholarship may be a good fit for you! As you can see, just one after-school activity contains so many potential avenues for scholarships.

Finally, your extracurricular activities that take place outside the school can also lead to scholarships. Maybe you’re involved with your church, synagogue, mosque or other place of worship. Maybe you volunteer at a soup pantry or help clean up your local forest preserves. Have you started your own business? Do you have a job? All of these activities can translate into scholarship opportunities.

Now that you’ve learned how extracurriculars can help you qualify for even more scholarships, what are you waiting for? Head to your scholarship search profile here on and try adding new majors, interests and more to expand your scholarship search.

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