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Fall in Love with February 2019 Scholarships

Fall in Love with February 2019 Scholarships
Susan Dutca-Lovell has the scholarships your heart (and wallet) desire this month and we are sharing the love, beginning with this list of featured February 2019 college scholarships. Focus on scholarship love and worry less about how you'll pay for college this upcoming semester.

  1. South Bay Business Women's Scholarship
  2. Fukunaga Scholarship Foundation
  3. Catholic College Essay Contest
  4. Pathway to Success
  5. Mary Fran Carroll Non-Traditional Scholarship
  6. Sociedad Hispana Doylestown Senior Scholarships
  7. Ohio University Women's Club of Greater Cleveland Freshman Scholarship
  8. MathWorks Math Modeling (M3) Challenge
  9. Powering Futures Scholarship
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Brulaine Joseph 2/14/2019
So great
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