Female Wrestler Scares Off Burglar

Female Wrestler Scares Off Burglar
Susan Dutca-Lovell

A burglar who targeted college apartments in Cobb County is now in jail after Kayla Mesar, a freshman university wrestler threatened and scared him off campus property.

The identified suspect, Amir Williams had allegedly broken into several other college apartments near Life University before entering Mesar's unit through a back unit where her mother had stood. Mesar, who was around the corner and startled by the intruder defiantly told Williams, "Where I come from, we would have shot you. You would have been dead on my floor. That's not a path you want to choose, you know." Neighbors claim the suspect "likely had no idea how to react to Mesar and her mother," especially when he was told her mother owned a gun.

The most recent statistics available reveal that there were 15,500 on-campus burglaries in 2013, which makes up 56 percent of all crimes, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (2016). Furthermore, more burglaries were reported at institutions with residence halls and roughly 53.3 of the burglaries that took place on campuses between 2012 and 2014 occurred in student housing, according to Get Safe. College campuses with the most reported all on-campus burglaries included Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Saint Augustine's University, Central State University, Virginia Military Institute, and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. While states including Vermont, Maine, Mississippi, DC and West Virginia have the highest rates of college burglaries, Minnesota, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Alaska have the lowest incidents of on-campus burglaries.

The latest information on college campus crime reported by the NCES in 2015 states that campus crimes have decreased overall since 2012. What kinds of criminal acts do you see occurring most often on your campus? In your opinion, what preventative measures can be taken to help reduce these incidents?

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