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Financial Aid Awareness Month - February 2020 Edition

Financial Aid Awareness Month - February 2020 Edition
| Staff

True love - at least for college-bound high school seniors and current college students - comes in the form of free college financial aid, especially during the month of February. This February is Financial Aid Awareness Month 2020, and celebrates it with the rest of the higher education community by helping students and families navigate the college financial aid process and educating them about access to federal, state, and institutional college financial aid. To help students strengthen their financial aid literacy, higher education institutions and organizations host webinars, field questions on social media and host weekly topics that allow parents and students to ask questions about college scholarships, college grants, FAFSA, student loans, and other ways to pay for college. During this upcoming Financial Aid Awareness Month, will do what it has always done best. We'll be offering the best college scholarship opportunities and college scholarship information out there. As we see it, high school scholarships and college scholarships are the best types of college financial aid because they do not need to be repaid. To help kick off Financial Aid Awareness Month, put together a list of high school and college student financial aid resources that you'll love.

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