Find Scholarships for College Students

Find Scholarships for College Students
| Staff

Just because you're already in college - even halfway through or in your final year - doesn't mean you couldn't use more financial aid to help pay your college tuition bill. Scholarships for college students are everywhere, including undergraduate scholarships and scholarships for grad students. In fact, many of the prestigious scholarships and large dollar scholarships out there are offered to college students. We understand college students' hectic schedules and having to balance academics, athletics, and extracurricular, so we've put together a wholesome list of scholarships for college students to make things easier for you. Don't forget to check out even more scholarships for undergraduate students and graduate scholarships by conducting a college scholarship search:

  1. Once Upon a Poem Scholarship Slam

  2. Male Health Report Annual Health Awareness Scholarship

  3. La Unidad Latina Foundation Scholarship

  4. Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship

  5. Hispanic Scholarship Giveaway

  6. Dish Network Scholarship

  7. Courage to Grow Scholarship

  8. (ISC)² Foundation Women's Cybersecurity Scholarship

  9. The Zale Parry Scholarship

  10. Spirit Button Academic Scholarship

  11. Recycling Research Foundation National Scholarship

  12. CyberCorps Scholarship for Service

  13. Don't Text and Drive Scholarship

  14. Secular Student Alliance Student Activist Scholarship

  15. Catological Scholarship for the Promotion of Animal Welfare

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