Finding Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

Finding Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

When investigating ways to pay for your undergraduate college education, it’s  important to thoroughly research all your options. There are many different financial  aid scholarships for individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are a graduating high school senior or you have been out of school for several years, it is likely  that you are eligible to apply for a number of undergraduate scholarships.

Finding financial aid scholarship opportunities doesn’t have to be time consuming  or difficult. You may be surprised to learn that there are many financial aid scholarship  opportunities in your own back yard.

Places to Look for Financial Aid Scholarships:

  • Check with the admission and financial aid offices of the school, or schools, that you are interested in attending and ask about institutional and local scholarship programs.
  • Contact the president (or other board member) of local professional organizations that serve professionals in the field that you plan to study and inquire about scholarship programs.
  • If you are currently working, check with your employer’s human resources department to find out if the company offers tuition reimbursement for employees pursuing higher education.

If there is a community foundation in your area, speak with the scholarship administrator about your situation and goals to find out what types of scholarships and grants they administer that might be right for you.

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