Former KKK Leader Appeals College Suspension for Gun Photo

Former KKK Leader Appeals College Suspension for Gun Photo
Susan Dutca-Lovell
Photo credit: The Florida Times-Union

A former KKK leader with swastika tattoos attending the University of North Florida was suspended a week ago, but was back on campus on Monday to appeal the university's decision. The school had prepared for a possible neo-Nazi rally by supporters during the hearing, but only four people came out to support Ken Parker; while roughly 80 counter protestors made an appearance.

Parker was suspended from the university after he posted a picture of himself on social media last week holding a gun and “expressing in the caption that if anyone from the left-wing Students for a Democratic society chapter aimed to challenge him, he would 'shut them down.'" Students who hold similar beliefs as Parker have historically been protected under the First Amendment, but university officials believed that "the combination of the gun and the caption constituted a threat, which was why Parker was suspended."

Even though the University of Florida was fairly confident that the number of protestors would be small, Parker's appeal hearing was still moved to a building farther from the center of campus as a precaution, according to Inside Higher Ed. There was also talk about canceling classes that day, but university officials decided to continue with the regular schedule.

A final decision has yet to be made as to whether or not Parker would remain suspended. In your opinion, is suspension appropriate for this incident and other similar types of incidents? Leave your thoughtful comments below.

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