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Fraternity Shut Down Over Racist Chant

Fraternity Shut Down Over Racist Chant
Suada Kolovic

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity shut down its University of Oklahoma chapter after a video surfaced of members singing a racist chant. The video in question, sent anonymously to The Oklahoma Daily, shows members of the fraternity singing a song that includes a racial slur for African-Americans and a reference to lynching.

In response, students rallied on the campus Monday morning to protest the video. University President David L. Boren condemned their actions and closed the fraternity house on Monday, ordering members to remove their belongings by midnight Tuesday. He mentioned that the university was also considering whether those “most responsible” could be expelled, adding that he hoped they would voluntarily leave the university. Boren also posted a statement on his Twitter account in which he said of the men in the video: “You are disgraceful. You have violated all that we stand for. You should not have the privilege of calling yourselves ‘Sooners.’ Real Sooners are not racist. Real Sooners are not bigots.” (For more on this story, head over to The Oklahoma Daily.)

While there are plenty of upstanding Greek organizations, the stereotypical fraternity lifestyle is one endorsing excess in booze and exclusion under the guise of promoting brotherhood and academic excellence. What do you think of the latest scandal to rock a nationally-recognized fraternity? Do you think the university's actions were enough? Share your thoughts in the comments section. And if you’re interested in learning more about campus life, check out our College Prep section. While you’re there, conduct a free college scholarship search on for a complete list of scholarships that are personalized to you!

Comments (149)
Isa D 3/31/2015
I cannot believe some of you saying that referring to these legal adults as "bigots" and "racists" is "TOO FAR" when they were literally chanting a song about barring "n----rs" from SAE. Absolutely disgusting. Anyone stupid enough to create a chant like that, containing such a volatile racial slur, is a bigoted racist and a moron to boot. These are adult men we're talking about, not children. They deserve to face the consequences of their actions.
Lucy R 3/28/2015
The university did the right thing by expelling the students who led the fraternity in that song. They(the students expelled)are the type of people that hold us back as a society. People talk about equal rights and fairness for all, but lets face it, that's only talk. No in power ever wants to face the truth that that there is NO equality in America. I doubt there ever will be.
Erica T 3/25/2015
I am in disbelief that someone literally said that the students expelled were discriminated against.... We're all adults, everyone is responsible for their actions. They (whoever responsible) could've thought about consequences while they were creating their chant.
Jesse 3/25/2015
I don't understand why the students even thought this would be allowed. I personally feel the punishment was pretty good to show that the campus will not tolerate their behavior and make a example of those students. And lets not forget these are 18-20 year old in there not even "kids" so I feel no sympathy for these particular individuals. They are well beyond the point of being this childish.
barry stone 3/24/2015
Ban all fraternities in all universities. They are all unnecessary and take away educational value. Rich kids on mommy and daddy money. Who have never had to own up to a real job before. All spoiled brats.
Zaire R 3/23/2015
I believe that the university did take the right action when dealing with those students it shows that they will demand respect at their university or you will have some sort of punishment but I don't not believe that the university president should have said that they were "disgraceful" saying that they did not have the right to call themselves sooner was just enough but overall I respect and like their decision
Tim K. 3/20/2015
I was looking at the Help pane on this site and it has a link that's titled "Whitelist". While this is "not an indictment" of the Scholarship Organization I think it is a good typical example of what is the root cause of racial issues not only in this country but globally. And if that's not a glaring enough example of how ingrained these stereotypes are note how blithely gender bias terms like "fraternity" and "brotherhood" are used. I am resident of Michigan and witness also to the "SISTERHOOD" of three sororities from the U of M and their "equal" contribution to the nearly $400,000 of vandalism at two of our golf/ski resorts, in league with their brothers of three fraternities. I am also a graduate student. I say it is high time to reevaluate the relevance of fraternities and sororities in higher education. If all they do is provide a place close to campus with beer, brats, a bed while encouraging belligerence then it's time for all Universities to be pro-active and close them.
Alex G 3/18/2015
I don't believe in permanent punishment for temporary offense. The students that were expelled only learned that that they were discriminated against for their actions: meaning that discrimination is ok as long as it's socially acceptable. I doubt the expulsion taught the participants WHY what they did was wrong and in essence was just a PR move by the university to save face. My point is that two wrongs don't make a right.
Marie S. 3/16/2015
In my own opinion the closing of the entire frat seems a bit far if not all of the young men participated. With that being said the ones who did in fact participate in this horrible act of stupidity whether it was meant to be taken seriously or not should be removed from the school. If it were a HBCU chanting racial things towards whites then people would raise hell trying to get them out. My opinion.
Khalil B. 3/14/2015
It's crazy how racism is still an issue in america. We are all the same on the inside, just different appearances on the outside. We are all unique one way or another and we need to treat each other as such. God created all of us to be in his image alone, therefore we are like God and we are all the same. The punishment for the students at Oklahoma was good, but I feel as though that they should all do a sincere and thoughtful apology.
D.M.H. 3/14/2015
I'm an African American and I find a few of these comments to be ugly, disrespectful, and stupid. It's funny how some people say that we should just get over it, but if it were a group of black kids ganging up on a white kid not only using racial slurs but insulting words, there WOULD be a huge story on it. What I'm saying is, everyone matters and you shouldn't just look at the skin color of another person. Everyone is different in their own way. There are white people who do horrible things just as there are African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Asians, and any other race.
chanelle R 3/13/2015
I think that people like that are a disgrace to there own race we are all people no matter what color you are. This is a new generation leave the past in the past, black people have gone thorough enough over the years they don't need the past in their present or future. The college was right to do what they did.
Monet W. 3/13/2015
I personally believe that the college made a good decision in removing the students from the school. It's a shame that something like that would even take place considering the time we live in, in today's society. I am disgusted by the students who took part in it and I feel sorry for them as well. They've basically thrown their education away because their mouths are controlled by such hatred. However, I am glad that the college didn't push it to the side and consider it as "just a song" because then the college would be looked at as racist also. I am an African-American and I probably wouldn't feel safe attending the college.
D.M 3/13/2015
Those fraternity who uploaded and participated in creating that video should be expelled for their racism critics. If the president DAVID L. BOREN lets this past by with no consequences, in the future other students and these faternity students will do the same but in a more extreme cruel way.
Ciarra S. 3/13/2015
I am horrified by the actions of these men. From young age we learn racial slurs and who they are meant to harm. These students knew what they were singing, and what they were singing was racist and bigoted. I hope those responsible are not only expelled, but aren't allowed to even reapply to any schools until they have publicly proven they have changed their ways. Maybe they should have to volunteer with programs specifically to help black people. Racism isn't over but we can still actually take strides to eliminating it in all forms.
Desiree H. 3/12/2015
People are blind to the fact that racism still exists in the world. The people who got in trouble for this racist chant knew what they were saying and if they didn't mean it.... They should not have said it. Im glad they were held accountable. Anything connected to racism is wrong.
willie m. 3/12/2015
I have read some ofbthe previous comments and it amazes me how the majority of people want to offer some kind of pass to these young men. These are not high school seniors these are adults who should realize that their actions have consequence. AMERICA has never dealt with its racially biased history so when things like this happens most of us are uncomfortable. If it were a black fraternity they would be branded as radical, if it were a hispanic fraternity we would question if they were legitimate citizens. When adults make mistakes it costs and this should cost them dearly.
Hannah B. 3/12/2015
This leaves us with the question: "Did the students even believe or mean what they were singing?" Perhaps so, perhaps not. If they had created a video where they blatantly stated, "I hate this race, this race, and this race" then it would be a different issue indeed. This leads to my thoughts on the University President. Was it right for him to indirectly call these students "bigots" and "racists?" How is throwing out these names making the situation any better? I just feel there are better ways to react to these issues.
Li L. 3/12/2015
I believe that the students at the Oklahoma University knew exactly what they were chanting, but I don't think they realized consequence of it all in that moment. After all, there is racism all over the world, so why should it be any different in this case? WRONG! Whether the school decides to expel them or not is completely up to them, but I do believe these students' actions and words must be justified. The words that they chanted were indeed, VERY RACIST and very threatening. Overall I hope that they learned their lesson and will not repeat this again.
Hannah B. 3/12/2015
I agree with Maddie R. It was a terrible thing that they did but is the idea of a fraternity to blame or is it a few members of the fraternity who were extremely out of line in their conduct and respect for other people. I'm not sure if shutting down the fraternity was the best reaction if the latter is the actual case. Additionally, I agree with DejaneeA on the fact that expulsion may have been to severe, and I also don't think that University Presiden't Boren's message on Twitter was necessary either. I'd like to note that the students were singing a song. It wasn't an appropriate or positive song in any way, but it was a song. Almost everybody sings songs that they know whether they truly believe or have considered the content of the lyrics. Are there many people who consider the meaning of every word that they sing or that sing only the things that they believe with the deepest sincerity? I strongly believe that the answer to this question is "no."
DejaneeA 3/12/2015
I think that the closing of the fraternity stood as a message that frats are not above anything, but maybe expulsion might be too far. People should have the right to say what they feel but, at the same time if the college was to reopen the frat and apologize to the members in the video as someone suggested what message does that also send? At the end of the day this is getting more media coverage than it deserves. There are bigger issues going on in the world than dumb kids exercising their right to free speech. a message to those involved, great job in showing the world how ignorant you are and that you still live in the past. To those hurt by the video, it's a minor set back, actions were taking meaning people care, You Won well at least in this case
Esther A 3/12/2015
I don't understand how the college "overreacted" according to Andre Tobon. People use this freedom of speech argument so liberally. Yes we do have certain freedoms, but those fraternities boys were not exercising their freedom of speech. That's almost synonymous to saying the KKK burning churches was just exercising their freedom of religion or freedom of petition. You could even say that those boys were threatening the life of black people by saying that they could hang from a tree. Is a making a threat exercising freedom of speech? Last time I checked, threats had some serious consequences. The college did the right thing in disbanding the society. And the chant was not allegedly racist. It was racist. If using derogatory terms and talking about lynchings is not racist, I don't know what is. I fully believe that we need to move on from this whole racist thing. We've already come such a long way, but instances like this make me question how far we have really come.
Arieal H 3/12/2015
I will never understand why we live in a world that shows so much hate. We say "All men are created equal" but African-Americans are constantly reminded that they are beneath people. The school decision on the students was the right call because we live in a world that should be equal to everyone. Thank show that is just not SAE in Oklahoma it's everywhere this fraternity should be banned at any school. The world is changing we finally have African-American president and people are still not happy quoted in his speech in Selma he stated there is still work to be done we cannot allow people to constantly be disrespected because of the color of their skin. It only makes me question how safe are we people are talking about how we could hang from a tree and they see no harm in that they just want to treat us like animals. And it goes both ways I don't condone any African-American person talking about a caucasian person either. If this was to happen they too be expelled from school. if anyone should apologize it should be the students who made a fool of themselves for discriminating against African-Americans
Kourtlyn C. 3/11/2015
In response to Andre Tobon, first there is no need to put air quotes around the word racist, the video was indeed racist. In response to your belief that this is a violation of a first amendment right i say this, when you enroll and attend the University of Oklahoma you acknowledge the right to release some of your rights that go against what the university stands for. You cant be a nurse at A hospital, speak negatively and tarnish their reputation and then expect to keep your job. Likewise if you tarnish the reputation of the University of Oklahoma the You should no longer call yourself a sooner. It is truly sad that you believe anyone owes these people an apology.
Jordan SB2k15 3/11/2015
I have read a few comments and I would just like to say , there are some very ignorant people in this world . (You and the boys of this frat) lol The schools actions are not harsh that is just what they deemed necessary because of the repor they would like to uphold . If they do not agree w/ the boys or the beliefs of the frat , they have all rights to dismiss them . Just if you had a friend you dnt see eye to eye w/ you would dismiss them. it is not like they had the boys arrested. They simply don't agree and does not wish to associate themselves with something of the sort. Also, if the school was to sacrifice revenue and reputation for the ignorance of a few boys, they would be foolish ! As a black woman I would not send my child to university that would condone such foolishness. What they did was a disgrace and slap in the face to those who believe we are progressing as a country. but I digress. if any errors , sorry . I'm in the car on my way to spring break in Miamiiiiiiii
Cindy H. 3/11/2015
Racism between blacks and whites cuts both ways. I've experienced it myself. I think disbanding the fraternity was a good idea. But instead of letting those boys go, the university missed out on an opportunity to re-educate them. As a stipulation to stay in the university, they should have had to take a couple of multicultural classes and join a multicultural club and had assigned volunteer time in that club as well. Sad that the world changes so slowly.
Maddie R. 3/11/2015
I think it's awful what they did. I do wonder if all the fraternity was involved or if just some members were responsible, if that's the case they should do further investigating and only punish those involved warning the remaining members that the name of the fraternity they are apart of will have a bad reputation from now on and whether they still want to be apart of it is there choice.
Saleen V 3/11/2015
I think that the fraternity made the right decision. No school should condone any of that behavior. For those saying that their chant is protected by the first amendment, it isn't. Freedom of speech only goes so far. Their chant was done out of hatred. In no way do I believe that the college overreacted. As a matter of fact, I would expel every student that was in that fraternity. By apologizing to those students, it would make them believe that their behavior was acceptable. Personally, it seems that everyone who is saying that the boys should not be kicked out of school are condoning their racist chant and are telling these boys that it is okay for them to be acting in such a way. If I were these boys, I would volunteer to leave the school. Although the university is giving them that option, I am 100% positive that there are many other students who will not stand for their behavior and will go out of their way to rid the university of these students.
Chantelle R. 3/11/2015
They are right. People fail to realize that you have to be aware and take full responsibility for your own actions. Even in modern times, we still live in an era where people get offended with racial slurs and insults of ethnic identities. Whether they are joking or they are truly racist does not matter in deciding their punishment. They are college students; they are not children who do not realize what they are saying, like a little kid saying a bad word for the first time. They need to realize that even when there are some people in the African American culture that may not take offense there is an equal amount that do. What they did was insult and dimimish a different culture and taunt "African Americans", whether they realized it or not. Behavior like this is a huge stepping stone as to why there is so much controversy about white on black crimes. Every little thing like this adds and continues to build on to how ethnic groups are being viewed, both negatively and positively.
WhitneyG. 3/11/2015
The college did the right thing. Show those students and the world that racism isn't tolerated at college. Maybe this will show the damn world that racism needs to end. What did any African American child do to them?...Not a damn thing. I don't think that just those that are most responsible should be expelled, all those that were in the video needs to be expelled. They all were chanting they all were shouting they should be held responsible.
Oraynab Mohamad 3/11/2015
I commend President Boren for moving as swiftly as he did after confirming the identity of the fraternity. He vowed to make the university an example of intolerance for bigotry and lived up to that promise. My daughter attends OU, and although I initially had reservations about her applying to to the school, I am now relieved and proud that she is being taught at a university with such high values. For those who believe the university's decision to shut down the fraternity was too harsh, keep in mind the growing rate of sexual harassment of young women at those campuses whose administration were less proactive. We must send a clear message to our kids that abuse and harassment of any type will not be tolerated. President Boren's reaction is the only way to protect our children and help them become accountable adults.
Nikki Mallory 3/11/2015
You all are idiots who think the university overreacted. The didn't act well enough giving them the option to leave. Had those been students of color ,rather it be at a PWI or HBCU, those students would be gone and have charges brought against them with no questions asked no hesitation if their skin was a bit darker.
Beatris M 3/11/2015
I think organizations like a fraternity are great to boost ones confidence and security at a university. The only problem with a fraternity is that there's no secrets its all personal in between each other, like if they had grown up in a barrio together,so the problems start there. A brother would do whatever it takes to protect his brother. The University did a great job handling the situation because even if no colored man was harmed the idea of being racial is enough to hate them, hate kills and that's dangerous. Although there is nothing you can do to end racism or prejudice, it doesn't hurt to try and minimize it. Back to the point the University did its job and the fraternity had to learn a lesson for them to be better people and great citizens.
Andre Tobon 3/11/2015
I believe the college overreacted. The singing of a chant, even one that is allegedly "racist" is protected by the first amendment, the college had no right to close the fraternity or ban those boys. If you ask me the fraternity should be reopened and the college owes those students an apology for their rash overreaction to a constitutionally protected action.
PriscP 3/11/2015
Dev M I feel your comments are based on ignorance as well as entitlement. One, to state that African Americans don't have much here in America is plain stupid. Second, to say that everyone is most likely racist but that some just know when and when not to act is absurd. I honestly think these frat guys acted stupidly and the person who videod it and posted it is an idiot. Social media, lack of self control and PC liberalism is out of control in this country. I don't think these boys need to be kicked out of school. They acted in appropriately. Let ye who has not done something hurtful and stupid cast the first stone. People can't be held as criminals because they might not like a certain race. That's stupid, too. It's not very accepting of others to feel that way but you can't do that. Next they'll be arresting people because they believe homosexuality is wrong (oh wait they do that already) ... People! You can't MAKE people do the right thing. Everyone has a choice.
Marcia W 3/11/2015
In response to Renee N...... Blacks are not raised to hate other races. There is anger (rightly so) due to lower than normal treatment in society and history teaches them they won't b given a chance BC the color of skin. Cmon Renee I know this issues touches all races not just blacks. Be honest look at the recent cop shootings across the country. R blacks really looked at with respect by whites. They won't get the good paying jobs even with the same degree. Check out the stats that are available.
Raina C. 3/11/2015
I feel that the university took the right actions in punishing the fraternity. Any fraternity displaying or are under suspicion of having the tendencies of a typical frat house (i.e. booze, wild parties, humiliating hazing, participating in illegal activities [i.e. rape, drugs, general harassment]) should be immediately disbanded. The students should also be expelled from the school because they willing participated in said activities without any regard for the people they hurt; they did it solely to fit in.
Me 3/11/2015
Those with comments on this page using white or black or any other defining race or gender is also guilty. We are human beings as someone stated, so any degree of delineation is the start of segregation.
Cameron K. 3/11/2015
It is very interesting to me that we live in a country that, while criticizing individual racist events such as these, still have a substantial amount of racist groups such as the KKK and various Neo-Nazi chapters residing in the public areas. If these groups are allowed to outright exist in the United States, can we really consider a moral high ground on a bunch of frat boys being morons (which is typical)?
Ant. M. 3/11/2015
I feel like racism is and will be apart of reality in any setting; Being black myself i have learned to manipulate my reality to make it however I see fit. So i find racism to be nothing more than mere ignorance from the horse's mouth itself, being said that stupidity can be over looked. If they want to live in a racist manner, who am I to judge. Freedom of speech, and with everyone having equality by law i will equally speak out without oppressing racism and its followers, because that would be hypocritical. But I feel the situation was not handled but merely satisfies the reputation of the college, president, town, and citizens. Real justice will take across the nation as a whole.
Joslyn J 3/11/2015
Everytime something controversial about blacks and whites airs there are always those who feel the need to reference black music, black culture and black people. I am so sick of people making excuses for wrong! Wrong is wrong! Everytime this type of hate crime occurs, it is played down by some people! Flip the script and put yourself in the shoes of the African American sooners. Or better yet, would you feel justified to hear a song about black people using racist slurs and talking about killing off whites? I don't find it humorous and I don't think it means that people have thin skin. Words are powerful, so what if they never "touched" a black person would shutting the frat, which is a reflection of the school, been justfiable if they had? We are in a society now where we are trying to stop bullying before it progresses. What are we teaching or kids? It's ok to call the cashier a b***h as long as you don't touch her.? Come on people WAKE UP!!
CandiceG 3/11/2015
Sadden to know that we have not made it to a place of living together with respecting each other as human being on the same earth at the same time. Hoping this doesn't make more enjoy or go more undercover with the hate.
R.A 3/11/2015
They deserve it !
Madeline W 3/11/2015
I think that the actions of the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are a disgrace to their fraternity, their campus, to greek life, and to humanity as a whole. As a greek woman, it sadness me to see that some of the stereotypes that follow greek life are being confirmed and even worse. Showing the world the absolute very worst that there can be when it comes to greek life is a huge step back for greek men and women. There is so much more that we do stand for, we all strive to do good on our campuses and in our communities, and it's a shame that this is what they will be remembered for. Instead of the legacy that could've been left for future Sooners, and members of SAE. I think that the university's actions were just and accurate. These men need to be punished for what they have done. And I believe that SAE was right in closing this chapters doors, and banning these members from continuing to call themselves members of SAE.
Taylor M. 3/11/2015
This incident is a horrible black eye on the Greek system, and especially that particular frat house. The problem is that in closing down this egregious fraternity, the black eye over time will begin to fade (i.e., as people's memories over time will fade!), when it absolutely should not be allowed to fade away. If the fraternity were permitted to remain open, the black eye would not go away. Their ugly, segregationist racism via that specific frat house on campus would remain a permanent reminder just by their shear physical existence.
G.W 3/11/2015
What are some of you people saying???? We should be able to say whatever we want as long as we're not hurting anyone? This is completely racist in all accounts. Those who join fraternities are building relationships with others who may grow up to be large business owners etc. If we allow groups like this to recruit and grow this type of white only ideology we could be halting the progress we've made this far when dealing with things such as racism. I don't see why anyone at all would think this is okay or they were punished too harshly. If they were chanting about how the jews were bad and singing about thier horrendous past i'm sure more of you would be on board and not be so "but it's just a group of kids expressing freedom of speech." Yes the whole black vs white thing is at times over exaggerated by media and more i would say so. However that doesn't mean that actual racism such as this doesn't exist. Groups such as the KKK are still out thier and i'm sure they're all singing too
Jessi 3/11/2015
The only difference between people in this world is the color of their skin. A white man can commit the same crime a black man can and a black man can be a great CEO like a white man. Either way if both want to become something great they must both work hard to make it to that goal.
E.P. 3/11/2015
I think the confusion with the argument about racism is that the newer generations do not fully understand the difference between racism and being prejudice. So here are the definitions: Racism-the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. Prejudice-preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. Blacks or any other Minority race CAN NOT be racists. I do believe that they can be or raised to be prejudice, for example a black man/woman's parent's being against their children marrying a white man/woman. Only a superior race can be racists seeing as how minority groups can not suppress the superior group. As for the Universities actions, I wouldn't jump to expel, but to find a psychologist to discuss the situation and push for a break through that they open their minds to the possibility that it is okay to be different, but equal without violence.
liliana barrientos 3/11/2015
As much as fraternities are respected, the fact that they are recognize by bad alcohol habits and racist remarks makes it evident that a fraternity is no longer a center for young men to come together and share insight thoughts; but rather a place where all kinds of unacceptable behaviors take place. Further, the university has every right to take action and expel the members, as they are both giving the school a bad reputation and revealing that fraternities roam in as part of the university stereotypes where they are displayed as badly influenced and shameful.
Nadia N 3/11/2015
RACISM IS NEVER OK and to those trying to justify it by calling it freedom of speech it really isn't. there is a point where it isn't freedom of speech. Once you begin affecting someone else with your words and actions then no, you aren't allowed to. Then that's the point where you have to stop. Like seriously people we are in 2015 already, Racism shouldn't be an issue. It really blows my mind how ignorant some people can be. Its not freedom of speech if you violate another person and make them feel vulnerable. Its really not. Islam at least doesn't allow racism. Im just shocked that some of the people here that are commenting are in COLLEGE or UNI for gods sake and they still are ignorant. Blows my mind.
Jannah J 3/11/2015
Racism is acquired through a few options: observation, experience, and teachings. Children are born without prejudice. Racism/Prejudicial hang ups are home grown through a family member. When it comes to various cultures, racism is handled in different ways. If these students are singing and celebrating racism then the question is now, where did they get it from and who? So many people have said that racism is dead, but is NOT and never will be. One thing is true though; It is not as prevalent & blatant as it once was.
MeganA 3/11/2015
For @DC There are rappers of several differrent races including white. Rappers more often than not include vulgar language rather than racial slurs in their music. That rap music that is more popular, for instance plays on the radio. You stated "Why can a rapper use profound language in a song or video and become a millionaire but he or she is not considered a racist" and that simply put is because profound language has nothing to do with being racist. not only was what was said in this video EXTREMELY offensive, but as a fraternity, there are rules to follow and ways to behave when representing such a prestigous group of people. This is a group that would have helped them gain social networks in the workforce in the Future. There is a preserved code in fraternities and sororities and i felt like it was broken when these young men created this chant against their brothers.
Note Taker 3/11/2015
It's a very good many of you in the comments below were pointing out that famous rappers use the N-word all the time. Well NEWSFLASH, most educated black people despise the public use of the N-word by anyone including those rappers with you feel like give you a free pass to use the N-word, too. Maybe if you publicly lynch these annoying famous rapper perpetrators for us this problem would be solved and conversation over *rolls eyes*. (sarcasm)
Eboni M. 3/11/2015
I believe that America is the most stereotypical country in the world. We try to label people and find anyway to separate ourselves. Racism will probably always exists, because there will always be fear of the unknown. I was not flabbergasted at all about the situation. Because, ...that's America for yah'
OU Student 3/11/2015
OU is a racist institution. Research the demographics. 98% of the students are white. 1.5% are black (which 1.0% are on the football or basketball team), remaining 0.5 consist of other ethnicity. I am a student there and racism is worse than people think. If this incident did not reach media, Boren, OU Board of Regents, or Office of Student Conduct would not have done anything about it. A racist incident happened to me, nothing happened. The institution actually told me that I would be banned if I went to the media. Keep in mind, blacks have not made any statement about this until this incident occurred, because of repercussions by the university and also their 5 min. of fame. The fraternity will reopen next year. Trust me! The students remain enrolled at OU. They have not been expelled. Racism will continue at OU and hopefully it will be recognized enough that enrollment numbers drop and people see how horrible of an institution that OU is!
Jane M. 3/11/2015
Aw Doc S. are these your brothers getting expelled?:D Anyways it's unnatural and unhealthy to just accept abuse,following that mentality is what allows horrors to continue and grow into full hells. This racist chant is an attack that alludes to more, it's intention is to create an unsafe environment and threaten. There is no room in the world and specifically in a college to allow such behavior. For EC:Black people rarely use the actual n-word ending -er that was used against them, they created a whole other revision of the n-word ending in -ga as a power reclamation for themselves. For Scott: The same free speech laws do not apply on a college campus and this is not simply an opinion, it is an attack to create a hostile learning environment for these black students.Also they're allowed to speak(they're not going to get arrested for doing this),others do not need to accept it especially not a university trying to maintain a good public image and a safe learning environment
Tevyn G 3/11/2015
I find the people that live in this mindset are beneath the world. Your so limited in your understanding that you don't benefit society enough to be something of value. I am a black man and I have never personally encountered blatant racism like this, but it is truly a disgrace. The thing that gets me though is I will never be able to address it directly.
Dev M. 3/11/2015
Okay look. What everyone has to understand is that African Americans don't really have much here in America. Everyone wants to complain about all people are equal. But we shouldn't be ignorant to the fact that we're not. Because African Americans come from so little, they have no choice but to rap. And chances are they don't have the same education, the same upbringing as a white kid. So you can't get on them for using bad words in songs and videos. It all starts with the parents. So if these kids on the Oklahoma campus were brought up that way, I'm meaning to be racist, then that's all they know. Just because you don't walk around yelling out racial slurs and offensive statements doesn't mean you aren't racist. It just means you know when and when not to say dumb things. Unfortunately they thought it was okay to record a video of what they were doing.
Brittney hines 3/11/2015
I think expelling is a great option. Not one racist person, regardless of skin tone, should be allowed to work in corporate. What if they become doctors? Will they kill someone because of their race? What if they become politicians? Will they make sure laws effect African-Americans or other ethnic groups while benefiting whites?
Nicole H. 3/11/2015
First @DC, The word N@$&%# should not be used period, however they claim to use as a term of endearment, but it is no different then white people embracing the term "I am a redneck", or when other females call the girlfriends "bitch". I know that I better never ever call a white person (someone I do not know especially) "redneck", and I better not call a women that I don not a "bitch" not unless I am ready to fight! @renee n., I don't understand your comment "Blacks are raised to hate other races"? I am African American(black) and I was not brought up to hate other races, maybe we don't trust other races, but I and no one I know was brought to hate another race especially if they did nothing to us. And I am not say that there are not (blacks) out there that hate other races, but I it doesn't stem from racism, it stems from distrust. To be racist "you must think that your own race is superior then others", and treat the other race as if they are inferior to you with prejudice.
Will G 3/11/2015
Honestly it's ignorant to put an entire group of people in the same boat just because a few chose to be a certain way. All Germans aren't Nazis, all white people aren't homosexual, and all Christians aren't hipocrites, just because a few or an overwhelming number may be. Any educated person, and or person with common sense knows that we are individuals with free will.
Jen Jen 3/11/2015
How do fraternal racial slurs from and profanity (song/rap lyrics) equate? Let's not stretch the issue at hand to substantiate the fraternity's wrongdoings. Greek organizations have a responsibility to promote academic and social excellence. Academia is a global endeavor, and American universities reflect diverse cultures and ethnicities. Addressing "hate" and "racial bigotry" at the national level will hopefully avert it at the international level.
ebony 3/11/2015
Everyone keeps referring to rap music lyrics. Yet, I've never heard a rap song talking about killing or enslaved white ppl.
Denise 3/11/2015
I think natural consequencs will result from the media attention and the school has taken a great first step to show their horror at what happened. Even though these students are young, this is the type of act that may haunt them for decades. If names are reported, attached to this story, I fear for the students when it comes time for landing a job. I pray people wake up and realize this behavior is not okay. What were they thinking and why did no one stand up and say stop? This is wrong!
Samantha H. 3/11/2015
Personally I believe the video is a shame. Yes, I know racism still exists and the thought of that deeply saddens me. It's 2015 and I really hoped that we could see past the color of someone's skin by now. I believe that the university and President Boren handled the situation swiftly and tactfully. A big concern, of mine, in all of this, though, is the media. No, I don't think racial discrimination should be taken lightly, but I also believe that the media is just adding more fuel to the fire. As for Greek life in general I have mixed feelings. Some of my friends are Greeks, but at the same time other Greeks that pride themselves on being gentlemen/ladies and leaders can be found bashing people on social media and, some of them, partying. Yes, I know non-Greeks do the same thing but when they say they pride themselves on being a gentleman/lady and leader and then do something like everyone else. Is that really setting them apart from the crowd?
gemgal b. 3/11/2015
Inciting race hate is not freedom of speech, and borders on hate crime, which is illegal. You get to speak your mind as long as you are doing no one harm, and you must except the consequences of speaking your mind, if your viewpoint has the potential to incites others to violence.
Miranda H 3/11/2015
The only way that would be unconstitutional is if they were talking about it amongst themselves and the exercising of their free speech was not infringing on another persons rights. By having a video up they could be considered infringing on another persons well being which makes it a viable reason to remove the fraternity from the university.
Lauren M 3/11/2015
Yikes to many of these people commenting who cannot use proper grammar and English... especially O.J.L good luck getting into the university with those grammatical errors. Racism exists EVERYWHERE- whites/blacks/Asians/Indians/Middle East/etc etc etc shall I keep going. Sure it was caught on tape and created a scandal... but every rap song has racist slurs in it themselves and most use the *N* word. I don't think anyone should have gotten expelled for freedom of speech although it was hateful and I don't agree with
Ebony B 3/11/2015
The fact that people are on here commenting and saying nothing should be done is crazy to me. Yes!!! There will always be racist but I don't care if you are black or white purple or green it shouldn't be tolerated. No, I don't believe they should shut down the fraternity. I think those involved should be kicked out even if that means everybody in the fraternity. Yes I am black and for the people I know they are taught to love everybody our ancestors' fault too hard to make things better for us for anybody to be racist. Anybody whose ancestors were racist that's their ignorance BE BETTER THEN THAT ITS 2015
Andrea M 3/11/2015
Brotherly love should be first priority in a fraternity. You know there is something wrong with a person's mind who is an instigator of hate when they don't realize what an uproar they will cause.
Logan H. 3/10/2015
Ok, all races are prejudice. Most of the chants and song in fraternities date back to the late 1800 and are tradition so everyone just needs to suck it up and get over it. there is nothing wrong with tradition. its not like the killed somebody. secondly, I believe that the universities actions are wrong. they have no place in expelling students for their beliefs.
J 3/10/2015
I think this was way too extreme. Either nothing should have been done or the fraternity should have been reprimanded but nothing more. The members were more than likely very drunk and also we have free speech in this country.
Jamie H. 3/10/2015
for those that believe in the freedom of speech, realise that such a freedom does not include hateful, bigotry comments. That's a problem with people these days. It's thought just because there is a sense of brotherhood or kinship that people can say what they want and not have it come back on them because of a law that they believe to understand. This is not the case. Every action, every word is scrutinized. I am also hughly annoyed with people who dismiss such behavior as a boo hoo race card moment. I wonder if the same thing would come up if someone made a hurtful comment about something or someone you care about. I also do not believe that people are still using the rapper defense for the n-bomb. Rappers say horrid things for money, fame and sensationalism. To pay attention to such nonsense or to believe that they speak on behalf of all black people is a gross falicy of everything that has been achieved in history.
Bruce W 3/10/2015
All people groups and all generations must contend with the reality of inherent prejudice potential and also the constant tendency to be bigoted in our reactions/emotions. I would not say that we are all immediate profiled racists, but I would say that we are always vulnerable to those feelings. Our reconciliation comes when we engage this tendency with a self discipline to not go there. If we deny it, we become more vulnerable to expressing the very prejudice we despise.
Rob B. 3/10/2015
As a former president of a west coast chapter of SAE it brings me great shame to admit these boys are my fraternal brothers. I am was a minority president who suceeded several other outstanding presidents who themselves were minorities including African Americans. The idea of fraternal bond has always promoted bond of men of all types/backgrounds/races with similar goals, values, and aspirations to succeed and serve the community. This does not respresent our fraternity as a whole or the entire greek system. Unfortunately in all organizations there are bad seeds and impressionable young men who are followers and not leaders. I still have faith that the world we live in is improving but unfortunately we have these obstacles as a society to overcome. With sincerity from a mexican,italian,puerto rican , colombian SAE!
Naomi b 3/10/2015
She said NOT Renee n.
Morgan B. 3/10/2015
As a young black female, I am disappointed in our race as humans. We were put on this earth to create, explore, and love. There is a dignity that our generation has yet to find. We fail to love one another because of ignorant boundaries established by our ancestors. Make it a point in to be educated on valid facts and history. Push to be open minded and encourage diversity. Respect others even when it is challenging. All life is important and has purpose. Let us be the generation that embodies this and spreads it to future generations.
Erica B 3/10/2015
I don't understand racist white people. Racists white people be the main ones talking about they believe in Jesus, but Jesus loved every one, no matter what color you are. So what kind of Jesus do you guys believe in because it's not the Jesus I know about. But judgement day is coming.
TC of Alaska 3/10/2015
SEEMS LIKE A FEW PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND, HELLO IT'S 2015, THE UNITED STATES HAS ENOUGH ENEMIES. WHEN IT'S TIME TO GO TO WAR WOULD YOU WANT JUST ONE RACE FIGHTING FOR THE U.S. CAN YOU IMAGINE ? Now, can we get back to reality and realize we have true enemies that are not using words or guns but bombs. If we can stand together on the battle field we might just be able to save our own lives, for without unity we are not powerful. Last point there are some pretty special people of all races, and nobody and I mean nobody is know more superior then anyone else. If anyone believes they are, go stand in front of a car and see if your scars look any different then anyone elses.
Anon G 3/10/2015
I will admit that is too far to say a racial slur and talk about lynching. I had a black nanny who raised me to judge others by their character not because they were a different color than me. You've always got turds in the punch bowl that say things they shouldn't or do things they shouldn't. I stand with the fraternity though because those students are protected by free speech and their opinions are their opinions, it is an awful reality but we've all got to deal with it. Also, they pay good money to go the school, so if they say things that someone disagrees with why should they have to leave because someone has a problem with it. Plus, keep in mind the University president called them bigots. When he said this he made himself a bigot by being intolerant of opinions in a public university on United States soil. Boom there is my opinion.
S.W... 3/10/2015
Why does everything have to be referred to Black People..... I mean everyone is the same in a way but don't judge people by their color....I mean Slavery already happened....
anna a 3/10/2015
The school did something but not enough and honestly that just makes that school look bad , it's public and everyone knows about it and now there trying to make more changes to the students sentence.
PM 3/10/2015
Many comments approached the subject of rappers using the N word. As an African American, I don't like it, however I know the term is not used in a racist way in their songs. Freedom of speech is one thing but their actions violated the school rules..that's why in my opinion it became a problem
JC 3/10/2015
There should be no room for racism by any ethicity. But racisms among black is because of everything that whites have done to blacks in the past to the present. Blacks are descriminated againsnt in every shape or form. So blacks have legitimate reasons to be racist not whites.
shyntavia. h 3/10/2015
Yes we have the freedom of speech, but they never said having that freedom would make a person not deal with consquences.
Janice F. 3/10/2015
Janice F. The fraternity "Sooners" who participated in this disgusting racist behavior should be expelled. Keep in mind that they developed these racist attitudes and beliefs from some source,usually family members. This ignorant, racist behavior is usually taught and learned from older members of the family.I hope that they have embarrassed their family. I hope that their families neighbors,co-workers,congregation members,and others find out about these racists and bigots!
Jane H. 3/10/2015
I have lived in the South all of my life, but have never heard such a song of hate. Although the song was in very poor taste, I do not feel the fraternity should be shut down. What happened to freedom of speech? People should not be judged by what they say privately. This was not at a public venue. I am surprised the students who were expelled don't sue the university.
Christopher L. Wagner 3/10/2015
Today, my school teaches me that our generation is a little backwards compared to the upcoming genration. That doesn't mean that we can't be a better one. For years people have been abusing their right to express themselves. How far are they really expressing themselves? Perhaps too much. It is such an unfortunate fact that college students of this generation has that ignorant mentality. It's one thing to say how you feel, it's another to act according to what you feel. The flaw is everywhere. One of them is students of 2015 that have ideologies of the past. The other one is that we put the blame to those students 100% when we should be aiming at the parents. I totally agree that they should loose their privilege of having their fraternity, but I also think that these people need to be educated a little bit more. If that doesn't work, at least educate them on keeping hateful thoughts to themselves. Let's not forget that one day, these students might be parents soon.
Marianna G. 3/10/2015
Shutting down the fraternity should only be the first step. There needs to be sessions held showing what the real meaning of that chant is. They need to have their eyes open to the reality of the situation and what people went through to get freedom and fairness.
Brianna. L. 3/10/2015
Fraternities and Sororities are meant to represent a group of people representative of certainvalues. These groups can specialize in certain areas, for example the first fraternity: Phi Beta Kappa founded in 1776. Originally these involved secret meetings: debates and ideas to further spread values. Even at some points women were elected into men's fraternities (a small but obvious example of open mindedness). A school wouldn't allow a fraternity/ sorority to exist unless it promoted upstanding values and any reason those values aren't met, that group should be reevaluated and possibly expelled. Yes racism happen all the time, everywhere , but as society progresses, it is our job to reduce the severity. If we didn't take small steps like handling issues like this, the big movements (marches, sit in etc) wouldn't have as much impact. In war it's not just about the soldiers on the front lines, but what happens on the inside.
Vanessa R 3/10/2015
Good for the university! Glad that they stood up to the fraternity instead of staying silent on the matter. People need to learn that racism is reprehensible.
Sloth 3/10/2015
DC: What? Your reasoning doesn't even make sense. You say that rappers use profane language, but what does that have to do with race? And don't deny that racism towards minorities doesn't exist. If any Caucasian brother or sister were standing in the shoes of a African-American, Asian, Hispanic, or Middle-Easterner, I swear you'll feel the profound difference within a day.
Sam P. 3/10/2015
If this was a group/club of Middle Eastern students with turbans singing about killing white people, everyone here would be screaming for their expulsion and probably even for prison time. I bet the FBI would even get involved. But because they are white boys, people say "Boohoo, there is racism everywhere" and to ignore it. No, the actions of the university will not get rid of racism at the school, and there probably will always be some racists out there, but racism is unacceptable in modern society, and someday society will view it as disgusting as owning slaves. The school did the right thing by removing the fraternity and letting some of the boys stay. They were dealt a very real and very severe punishment so they know the seriousness of their actions, and the other students of the school know who they are now, so they will receive plenty of peer punishment as well. If they transferred, they would likely receive no peer pressure to change.
Michaela O. 3/10/2015
Racism exists within societies throughout the world and this prejudice will always be here for one reason or another. The behavior of the students within the fraternity was inexcusable. The university president took initiative and punished the students in a manner which was reasonable. I fully support the decision of the president and hope that the reason behind his action is understandable. I honestly do not see how you can correlate this to rappers and their music. Rappers put out their music to those who want to listen to it, it's out in the open for a reason. I'm positive that the students within this fraternity had no intention of putting their chant out in the open, especially considering the outcome of it. Racism can easily be found directed towards any, if not every race or ethnicity. White people just happen to get more blame thrown their way b/c of what our history books taught us.
Vg 3/10/2015
Why can't we can't we all just get along no matter what skin color your are or where you are from why can't everyone just be kind to one another
Demetrius S. 3/10/2015
It is heartbreaking that in 2015 we still see things like this that would make you think we're still in the 60's. I have always been aware that racism still exists but I never imagined it would be taken to this extent.
Hope E. 3/10/2015
Doc S. You are the exact reason why the struggle with racism is stagnant. Just because all types of racism exist does not mean you stop fighting for it. You don't continue to bask in your own ignorance because there's nothing you can do about a certain conflict, you need to inform them to let them know why and what they're saying or doing is wrong! don't become numb to racism, once that happens there's no hope for going to happen in the future. So no I will not get over it, and no we should not stop talking about it because people need to know!
Ka 3/10/2015
I think what the university did was good. It's not In their hands wether a group of students want to act foolish, but they did act upon it. Good job!
Clarice M 3/10/2015
Actually Renee Blacks are not raised to hate all races and for Marcia all whites are not raised to hate black people I am a black woman married to a Mexican American and my best friend is white people choose to be ignorant there is racism in every race and it's unfortunate but it will not be tolerated for any race My son was thinking about transferring to this school Im having second thoughts about his decision
Victor V. 3/10/2015
I am not really shocked at all most of the fraternities and sororities are open to one race or the other it seems, there is a small number of inclusive frats and sororities.The song/ chant by SAE was written during the time of Jim Crow Laws and a variant is sung in orders all over the country... The president of every college and university in the nation should examine the members of each frat and soroity and their racial demographics. We push liberality and diversity but there isn't really anything done about it until something is "in your face" for lack of a better term.
Andy T 3/10/2015
Renee are you an idiot? Reread what Marcia wrote.
Kellie R 3/10/2015
Latiza 3/10/2015
Well this is a pretty messed up country.
Shel S. 3/10/2015
Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. What these young men said and did was unacceptable, and the school's actions showed that to them and the rest of the student body. It's important to remember that while the government can't tell us what to say or not say, U of Oklahoma is not the government. It has every right to punish its students for saying something violent against other students.
Marie H 3/10/2015
Shutting down the fraternity or expelling the students won't end racism at that school, but it will discourage it. Racism exists and probably will always exist, but that doesn't mean you should turn a blind eye when you see something wrong. Kudos to the school for taking action, because racism is a BIG problem, even if you can't always see it. I personally think that whoever was singing in the video needs to expelled. If nothing is done, it will seem like racism isn't a big deal, and may even normalize that kind of behavior. Free speech is a right, however, this university clearly values respect, honor, integrity, etc., which is really obvious from just poking around on their website. This kind of behavior is contrary to the values of the school, so they have every right to disband the fraternity. When you agree to go to a school, you agree to abide by their rules. If you break certain rules in high school, they have the right to expel you, so why shouldn't a college have that right?
Yara k 3/10/2015
To DC, In history, a white man calling a black man an N word was a derogatory comment. Often being that the black man was his slave or he felt as if he was beneath him. When one race believes that they are superior to another, in the instance above, it is considered racism. Which is why when one black man calls another an N word, it is not considered derogatory or racist. And for others who believe that this does not matter because racism exists, you're right, racism does exist. But just because it does, does not mean we need to tolerate it. By the university shutting this program down, other fraternities and sororities will learn that they either need to keep there racists hearts within or behind closed doors or there will be consequences. We might not be able to change everyone's heart but everyone needs to be aware that a change needs to be made.
Meagan Mwanda 3/10/2015
The sad thing is that these young men probably are not racist. They may go to church, have friends of many backgrounds, might even volunteer with a local little league team. But their ignorant comments are what caught the attention of our country. Do I approve of what was said by 20 drunken white college students on a bus, of course not. But I have to ask myself, would this "chant" be a big deal if no one was caught. Again, these students may have not been racist. The ignorance in their chant is what will always be remembered. We as a nation have to stray from such comments, especially ones as sensitive pertaining to race. Change doesn't come from speeches, a verdict, or even expulsion from a school. It starts with ourselves, and until we change how we think about others, it's just a matter of time until white college students post a picture wearing "blackface" as a joke.
Tiffany C. 3/10/2015
We have the freedom of speech. If students want to protest about how rasicm is present in our "modern" society then let them be. They shouldnt be expelled for what they believe in. This literally goes against their rights. If they are bothered by the protest then oh well their rights should be respected.
Otito M. 3/10/2015
Of course racism will continue at the school. But you need to realize that it's a step towards the right direction. The school is saying that they do not condone nor take a part in the inappropriate behavior of the SAE and I'm happy the Dean did what he did!
Thea P 3/10/2015
I think their action are horrible. The lack of acceptance of others keeps America from being the best that it can be. We certInly live in a yet to be united states. Unfortunately, they are taking their lead from leaders of this country who are willing to compromise our democracy to uphold their disdain for folks who do not look or act like they do. We can accept differences without rejecting their Humanity.
Kyle G. 3/10/2015
Free Speech does not include racist chants and threats against other races. What do you think happened in Nazi Germany before Jews were marched to the death camps. When people try to use 'Free Speech' as a defense for racial extremists, it just proves that this country is still in its infancy, and no claim of 'being over racism in 2015' should then be made.
Sabrina S. 3/10/2015
I don't understand at all how anybody would think they shouldn't get in massive trouble for talking about LYNCHING someone? I don't care if you hate black people that's really cruel, and you think they shouldn't get anything at all because "there's racism everywhere"? Perhaps stores shouldn't call the cops when they catch someone stealing because "there's racism everywhere"
Amber b. 3/10/2015
“While we dance in the streets and pat ourselves on the back for being a nation great enough to reach beyond racial divides to elect our first African?American president, let us not forget that we remain a nation still proudly practicing prejudice.” Harvey Feirstein expresses the truth about a universal issue that has gone on way too long. While having a person of color in high government still does not protect the people of color from the government or anyone else
D. Lewis 3/10/2015
I think what most people are forgetting is that the chant also included a reference to lynching. Which speaks to one of the lowest & most disturbing points in our American history. This alone has no place in anyone's chant, rap or song. Free speech is one thing, but to taunt with a historical act of brutality & violence while coupling this with excluding admission a certain race to any institution is a means for expelling the students and probably any other action the university wants to take.
Lydia P. 3/10/2015
Love Doc's comment. Get over it. Yea, ok. Sounds like you are a bit racist yourself.
Claudette C 3/10/2015
My only comment is it's 2015 come on y'all this should be all beneath us and we should all be showing love to one another. This is crazy.
BJC 3/10/2015
People are quick to point out that rappers use foul language, but rappers are not students of an academic institution so there really isn't an argument there. These are suppose to be educated white people and the fact that they are just makes them biggots so stop your whining about the poor white kids that got in trouble that does not even begin to compare to the killing, humiliation, and exploitation of people of color (not just blacks) have endured throughout the history of this nation and that obviously continues to exists. I'm not sorry that people with better moral judgement poor or rich, white or black, and everything in between will continue to push for change.
Marie D 3/10/2015
Real Sooners are not bigots! Thank you David L. Boren for making an excellent decision. It seems the individuals in the fraternity were blatantly racist. They should have known the power of social media and cell phones with video recording options. Basically, they wanted the world to know. A few bad apples will spoil the bunch!
Marie D 3/10/2015
Real Sooners are not bigots! Thank you David L. Boren for making an excellent decision. It seems the individuals in the fraternity were blatantly racist. They should have known the power of social media and cell phones with video recording options. Basically, they wanted the world to know. A few bad apples will spoil the bunch!
Courtney P 3/10/2015
Really Marcia W? Just because someone joins a greek org they need to specifically take a class. You clearly have no idea what sororities or fraternities have to go through as a chapter to stay accredited. This is bad behavior of a few people who happen to be greek. Anything that is done when two or more greeks of the same letters are together is considered a letter event And if something happened during that "event" it's on the sorority or fraternity. Don't condemn all greeks and thats prejudice. Racism is prejudice. So why don't we all just avoid prejudice And have an open mind. If greeks had to take a class like that then maybe independents should need to take a class on the history and philanthropies of greek organizations. I condemn what those men said and the fraternity to allow that but don't be so shallow to assume things about greeks that you see on Hollywood shows.
Logan 3/10/2015
I think the university is taking the punishment to far! The article states that "members were singing a song that included a racial slur for african-americans and made reference to lynching" but it doesn't say what song it was there are hundreds of songs that use the n word and people sing them all the time that doesn't make them racist. To completely shut down a chapter and expel members is ridiculous. If a group of regular students did the same thing there wouldn't be an consequences.
Deej C 3/10/2015
It is very simple. If you aren't Black... Don't use the word. Me using the word does NOT personally offend Whites. Whites are not an opressed people. I do not benefit from racism. Whites do. That is what White privilege is. You may not yourself be racist but you DO benefit from it. If I am Black and I feel comfortable using the term (obviously NOT in the same way as used in this video) then a non-Black person's opinion is of ZERO value to me. Your opinion means nothing on this topic. The word, the opression, racism, historic underrepresentation, constant injustice... Affects me personally. I can use the word how ever I want. Now, if another Black person has an issue with that, it is between us to discuss. There is nothing a non-Black person can say that will matter. This same thing goes for other oppressed minorities. Stay away from racial slurs that don't apply to you.
Kailyn 3/10/2015
I think what they did was wrong but he didn't have to shut down the fraternity he could if just punished them.
Jahnjeri 3/10/2015
I am black. I have no issues calling myself black. Despite all the so call new expressions of certain persuasions, racism will never end. This country always has to classify a person. I understand statistics can help a society but until we end classism we will always have racism. The definition of RACISM- the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. The definition of CLASSISM prejudice against or in favor of people belonging to a particular social class. Until we get rid of the box we put ourselves in society will never change.
Mia W. 3/10/2015
Thanks to all of you who actually took a stand on this situation, including the President of this University. It means a lot to me, especially since I am of an African American background. This tells me that our country is really making changes to end racism, and this is a good step considering how far we've come since the 1960s. And for those who don't care, well, there's not much to say. Imagine if someone CONSTANTLY treated your race with such disrespect. I doubt if you'd say, "Get over it".
Cale W 3/10/2015
Wow people have a thin skin, wish you could hear all the blacks kids saying lovely things about white kids...ha would never make a big story
KB 3/10/2015
Their actions are not covered by free speech, and the university is not being unconstitutional by expelling these students. The Constitution protects people from being prosecuted for their speech. Doesn't mean you can go around saying whatever you want wherever you want without having to face some negative consequences!
Breanna N. 3/10/2015
I think what the university is doing is completely correct. Racism should never be allowed. It doesn't matter whether you are African American, white , Mexican, Asian, etc.. The problem with society today is that we have accepted it. Where I live the N word is used all the time, by African Americans themselves and using the term "wetback" seemed to be okay with Hispanics. Now, I am not saying that is okay but why do we each other races and get upset with other races when they use those words. We need to change this. Using the N word or wetbaacks, and using any racial slurs are not okay. In order to stop this watch what you say and speak up. I will be completely honest, I have used the N word many of times, and it wasn't okay. I've made racial jokes about the Asian ladies in nail salons, its not okay. I changed how I speak, I am more aware of who my words are affecting and it not a joke anymore. Also when you hear someone joking around, tell them to think about it.
anonymous 3/10/2015
I just wish everyone could look past race. No racist actions should be condoned with "well black people do this or white people do that" It unacceptable. chanting and such about lynching is wrong period point blank, whether a black person says it or a white person. GOD help us all. This world is doomed if we can't come together because the same hate is taught to our children who know no better. Adding fuel to the fire and continuing to point out what "other people do isnt going to solve the problem" If you are offended by a black person's actions, do something positive that might bring people together not tear them apart.
Deion m 3/10/2015
There are racist songs that are sold on CDs. Anything by Johnny rebel and David Allen coe's "rated X". They should be able to say what they want as long as they aren't antagonizing specific blacks at their school. Shutting down a Greek organizations is a HUGE blow to it's members.
Kevin B 3/10/2015
This is stupid. I miss when people could do whatever the heck they wanted as long as it doesn't physically hurt anyone else or hinder somene elses ability to do what they want. No black people were harmed in the making of the video, nor were they set back. The university is just mad because it reflects on them and they could lose money because of it. They don't care about black people or ending racism.
Lary K. 3/10/2015
I'm glad that the school isn't going to put up with that kind of behavior. Freedom of speech is one thing, but no one has the right to even attempt to make anyone else feel lesser. As a society we all really need to work toward colorblindness. P.S. It would be a good idea to check your comments before posting ; it's ironic when comments about education have a bunch of grammar mistakes.
Sarah T. 3/10/2015
Some say that it's their right to freedom of speech but what everyone should remember is that there are always limits to what people can say and that goes for any race. A person can't just yell 'bomb' an airport and get away with it without consequences so I feel like this is like that same situation which should be dealt with appropriately.
Keith J 3/10/2015
Renee Whites typically hate blacks for no reason because they are born into that hatred from parents, grand parents, great grand parents, etc. IT SADDENS ME BECAUSE I know BLACKS ARE NOT RAISED TO HATE OTHER RACES. She was expressing how White people are raised into racism, and black people generally are not. Just clarifying.
Shannon R. 3/10/2015
I wish I were more surprised that a frat house was discovered to be terrible.
Rachel B. 3/10/2015
The actions of the fraternity are detestable. The school should expelled the students most responsible. The members of the fraternity should have known better; what they did should have never happened in the first place.
DC 3/10/2015
EC, your right they dont talk or aing about hangings, they talk about shooting, not in todays world have i seen a white person hang a black, but I do hear about shootings everyday!!
j everly 3/10/2015
Because something exists doesn't mean we should "get over it". Racism is wrong. Have the courage to stand up to it, regardless of the outcome. Also, to the person who stated only white people raise their children to be racist, and that black people never do, your comment is based on a racist opinion, not facts. The college president responded appropriately, however, the students do need to be expelled. Proposing to lynch someone does NOT qualify as freedom of speech, Scott S. The constitution protects your right to state an opinion, not the right to make terroristic threats, which is what SAE in fact did.
G.N. 3/10/2015
O.J.L, is your entire post a joke? You decide to comment on a page devoted to higher education, but use bad grammar such as "people is" instead of "people are" and "wouldn't of took" instead of "wouldn't have taken." Instead of worrying about college, you should make sure you can pass high school english.
renee n. 3/10/2015
Seriously, Marcia? "Blacks are raised to hate other races"?? What world do you live in?? There is prejudice across all races, nationalities, and gender!
Doc S. 3/10/2015
Boohoo. Racism of all kinds exist. Get over it.
O.J.L 3/10/2015
What the University is doing is good. It lets you know that people is not about to get away with racism. I'm glad the University is doing this, because it's always been my dream to go there. If they wouldn't of took any action in this I would be going to a different school.
EC 3/10/2015
Comparing racial slurs to those of rappers doesn't even tie hand in hand in my opinion I feel as though the N word shouldn't be used at all considering what African Americans went through when this word was first derived. But what I will say is musical and racial use is totally different I've never heard a rapper rap about hanging other African Americans...I'm just saying!!
Marcia W. 3/10/2015
Just because they got rid of the frat doesn't mean the racism will stop at the school or the individuals who leave the school. Racism still exists! PERIOD. No expulsion or closing down frat houses will stop it. I do feel that all frats and sororities should have to volunteer or take a class on ethical issues across the cultures. Whites typically hate blacks for no reason because they are born into that hatred from parents, grand parents, great grand parents, etc. IT SADDENS ME BECAUSE I know BLACKS ARE NOT RAISED TO HATE OTHER RACES. But blacks do have a right to stand up to such IGNORENCE that breeds on all college campuses (especially predominantly white campuses). Let's just face the facts people.
DC 3/10/2015
Why can a rapper use profound language in a song or a video and become a millionaire but he or she is not considered a racist? But....the second a white person says or does something offensive, they are considered a racist, doesn't make much sense to me.
Jalia D 3/10/2015
It is a major blow to fraternities everywhere because people will become more inclined to believe the negative stereotypes about fraternities. The university's actions were adequate, but they shouldn't be Debating about whether to expelled the "most repsonsible" students or not. They should expelled all the students found singing in the video, no questions asked. If they are so outraged why don't their actions back their words?
Alicia C 3/10/2015
I understood that the fraternity people are the ones that rallied in protest to the video and based on this assumption, I say that they need to own up to their actions. The university is responding well considering the fact that I WOULD expel people involved In something as scandalous as this video. It's 2015, there should no longer be any racism.
Scott S 3/10/2015
Speaking out against racist speech and discrediting it is an appropriate response. However,it must be remembered that in a country that protects free speech in its constitution, people have the right to express opinions which are unpopular and unsettling. If only speech that the majority likes is permissible then there is no freedom of speech. Therefore, the move to try to expel the chanters from the university seems unwise and probably unconstitutional. We need to educate and enlighten rather than use strong-arm tactics to silence.
CSUN Student 3/10/2015
This is inappropriate behavior for anyone, not only fraternity or sorority organizations. I am glad that the president of the university did NOT act as a bystander and let this behavior continue without consequences. Of course there will be individuals with different values, morals and beliefs and it will take much more to shift that fact, but this is a step in the right direction.
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