Free Cookie Tradition Yields College Camaraderie

Free Cookie Tradition Yields College Camaraderie
Susan Dutca-Lovell

One Faculty Master is keeping his free cookie tradition strong for College House residents, even while he's on sabbatical. Every Wednesday at 10 p.m., freshman line up Master Dennis DeTurck's apartment for a sweet snack and the singing of show tunes. This is only one example of the many food-centric traditions found at the university.

Some of Penn's famous traditions are the ones hosted at college houses, where residents are able to come together for a meal and "college camaraderie" and "break the routine of school." At Gregory College House, students enjoy the "I Love TV" tradition, where Professor Wahlert cooks a dinner meal for students watching a marathon of a TV series.

The college traditions aren't only about food. Gregory College House Dean Chris Donovan noted the "hidden historical significance" in the college house system, which was "inspired by the models of Oxford and Cambridge." The frequent social gatherings mimic the "traditional family dinner" and "bridge the academic and the living into one low-key event." Even the students have taken initiative and opened their homes to house deans.

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