Get Involved at School – It’s Important!

Get Involved at School – It’s Important!
Kayla Herrera

During my freshman year of college, my main goal was to be involved in as many literary activities that I could. There weren't many at Michigan Tech, but I joined them and I felt good about being part of a group that meant something to me. I had not been too involved in high school, except for the volleyball team and a book club so I wanted to take advantage of my new environment.

I avoided the campus newspaper at first; I joined smaller newsletters and wrote for those. I wanted to go against the grain and fight for the smaller literature but in a way, I think I was afraid of how official the newspaper felt. After Christmas break that year, I was recruited by a hallmate to join the newspaper and I stayed on until just this year, getting practice in my writing and working with others. If you can't find an organization to join, don’t worry: You can create your own! It takes filling out a form and gathering interested members – an easy process that yields limitless options.

Why is it important to be involved in college? Unlike high school, students in college are more open-minded. Organizations can allow you to express a passion you have and meet others who share the same feelings, which eventually leads to lasting friendships. They teach life lessons, business skills and people management. Being involved can play a major part of your college experience by brightening your resume or just making you feel motivated to go that extra mile when it comes to something you truly care about. I look back now and I realize my college experience would have been dull without joining an organization. You will meet people all through college but since I’m involved on campus, I'm a third year and still meeting new people!

In addition to being a virtual intern, Michigan Tech student Kayla Herrera is a media coordinator for the Michigan Tech Youth Programs, a writer for The Daily News in Iron Mountain, Mich., and a writer for She love a tantalizing, action-packed video game and can't get enough of horror movies (Stephen King's books always have her in their grip, though she prefers the old over the new). Writing is what she has always done, and that is what she is here to do.

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