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Gun-Toting College Girl Faces Backlash for Grad Photo

Gun-Toting College Girl Faces Backlash for Grad Photo
Susan Dutca-Lovell
Photo obtained by ABC News.

A gun-toting Tennessee college senior showed her support for President Trump and guns while holding her shirt up to reveal her handgun in her graduation photos to "show who [she is] as a person." The photo, which went viral on Twitter, gained both positive and negative feedback - some of which claimed she was "brandishing a firearm for a photo shoot or showing it off to try and look cool."

Brenna Spencer was surprised "to see the amount of hate [she got]" after posing with her handgun in her jean waistband. The senior at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga also claims to have received several messages "alleging that she broke the law by having her weapon unconcealed at the museum." One user went as far as linking an article that lists the Hunter Museum among galleries that prohibit handguns inside. The photo was taken outside of the museum and Spencer allegedly did not enter the facility with her handgun and therefore, "did not go through any kind of museum security," according to Spencer.

Spencer claims to know the Tennessee state gun codes, never carries the guns on campus, and has personally owned handguns for the past six months. In your opinion, was this type of graduation photo appropriate? Why or why not.

Comments (8)
Brent G 4/26/2018
I agree with Joseph S. Also she has a right to take a photo like this. I like strong American women. Plus she is cute.
Bobby S 4/19/2018
Absolutely appropriate. She's cute, and the firearm adds 10 pts to the scale.
Marie D 4/15/2018
What did she expect what was going to happen? Especially with all these shootings going on.
Sam K 4/13/2018
I think with everything going on with the shootings and the scandals with Trump.. what did she expect. You’re gonna take a “political stand” so take the backlash too. More than half of the U.S. didn’t vote for Trump.
Flora Harrington 4/12/2018
Good for her. Nothing wrong with a good strong American Women. This is the kind of girl you would have wanted on your wagon train settling the wild west.
neal m 4/11/2018
When will we as a society realize that there will always be those who disagree with us no matter what stand we choose to take. These pics were unnecessary,and so were any comments about her actions. I am all for free public discourse. Can we please discuss something that matters? The second amendment underpins the first. I have been in and out of 41 countries on the one planet we all must share. In countries where there is no private ownership of firearms there are not as many freedoms such as we enjoy in the U.S. If you want freedom then the populace must defend it.
Kevin K 4/11/2018
Well said Joseph S
Joseph S 4/11/2018
I think the main issue with all of these controversial topics and politic debates is why what someone believes in and does matters at all. A girl who wanted to show her support for a right she believes in took a photo expressing her political support for guns and Trump. No different than a Clinton supporter taking a picture with a bloody clothes hangar or Bernie Sanders supporter with a welfare check. When we discriminate against people because of their beliefs we are violating the very idea of freedom that our country was founded on. Everyone has the right to their beliefs and the groups they support unless ofc those beliefs or rights infringe upon others. Ironically, the same people who claim to be paragons of virtue and tolerance are the most involved in the silencing of dissenting opinions, labeling of opposition as any blanket group (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) when ideas clash, and actually advocate for the rights of others to be taken from them.
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