Happy Halloween from!

Happy Halloween from!
Izzy Hall

It’s finally time to don our costumes, light our jack-o-lanterns and celebrate Halloween! While this year’s celebrations may look very different than years past, there are still fun and socially-distant ways to celebrate Halloween and all things spooky and scary. Check out these college events for inspiration for your Halloweekend fun.

Virtual Costume Contest

If you and your friends love to dress up, try holding a virtual costume contest on Zoom or Google Hangouts. Take turns walking down the virtual runway and vote for the best dressed or spookiest look. Or take inspiration from Harvard’s Undergraduate Council costume contest and let social media decide! Post pics of all your costumes on social media and set up a poll so your followers can vote for the winner.

Halloween Movie-athon

Halloween movies can give us the chills – or make us laugh with campy antics. Cinephiles can pick a favorite movie to stream in a virtual meeting room. Unsure what to watch? Take a cue from the University of Rhode Island. They’re hosting a virtual movie night and plan to show the cult classic Hocus Pocus and the eerie Get Out.

Pumpkin Carving

It’s a time-honored Halloween tradition – and depending on where you live, a fun outdoor activity as well. Gather some pumpkins and some friends for a socially-distant pumpkin carving party in your backyard or local park. Make sure to save the pumpkin seeds for a healthy fall snack! If you need some inspiration, State College is hosting a virtual pumpkin carving event featuring a master pumpkin carver with 17 years of experience.

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