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How to be a Real Man 101

How to be a Real Man 101
Susan Dutca-Lovell

We've all heard the phrases, "man up" or "be a man," but what exactly does it mean to be a man? Through the Margaret Cuninggim Women's Center, Vanderbilt University will host "Healthy Masculinities Week." There will be a series of lectures and discussion panels to educate males on the politically correct way to be masculine. Other discussions will include: "Maintaining Bro Status" which investigates issues of masculinity and mental health as they pertain to fraternities, "Masculinity XXL" which addresses the flawed portrayal of manhood in Magic Mike XXL, and "Policing Masculinity in the Gay and Bi Communities."

The event flier depicts a shadowed male and his thought bubble, which houses keywords such as "don't cry," "man up," "have sex," "play sports," and "major in business." The intent of the program is to critically explore "how boys and men are pressured to behave…to consider that sometimes masculine norms harm men who aren't always taught that emotional vulnerability, cooperation, and sensitivity are valuable human traits." The event will be started with "The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt [Women] and How All Men Can Help," featuring author Jackson Katz. However, not everyone supports women teaching men how to be better men - especially when hosted by a strongly feminist organization, as evidenced by mrcTV.

Do you believe this event would promote better understanding of the social normative surrounding masculinity, as hosted by the Women's Center? Also, if you have a passion for women studies, sociology, anthropology or the like, see how much free money you can earn in scholarships for your high education dreams.

Comments (14)
ZCasavant 6/15/2016
Is this organization also teaching women how to be real women?
I dont believe it would work your talking to men. Men are pretty set in their ways. what you need to do is target children, young men, and children to let them know that its important is that they know everyone is created equal if you can start young you can change the world in the moment.
Bryton B. 9/15/2015
I feel like a woman teaching a "How to be a Real Man" seminar is like a football coach teaching a history class. I feel that teaching should come from experience and I am fairly certain that few women have had the experience of being a "Real Man".
Ramufhi. S 9/15/2015
To be a really man is to know god, and crave for wisdom that will built his family with clear understanding of god's word. Is to built in the foundation of god and to allow god to be the one who built in his power.
Alyssa T. 9/11/2015
A real man doesn't need to be strong and should never be cold. A real man should be a gentleman, like my grandfather. Opening the car door for a female, wither it be your wife, girlfriend, froend, daughter, or granddaughter; is something that is no longer common in these days but it is something I consider truly gentlemanly, and manly. Another thing is, a true man should be willing to be themselves. In society's eyes men are suppose to be brave, but how can you be brave if you are too afraid to be yourself.
Xiu Z. 9/10/2015
Being a man depends upon his feeling or his mind and environment that he lives and treats.There is no one who doesn't want to become a gay without reason.If he want to protect his nearest person or people, he will become brave.Although he is a gay,he will know how bad it is. I want to give "The more bravely we act,the stronger we will be".
Macy P 9/10/2015
To be a real man you need to be the provider. You should work hard to put food o the table and to support your family. You should be strong in your faith. Being a man isnt about who is the physically strongest its about who is the best person inside and out!
BM 9/10/2015
Can you highlight any sessions on "How to be a real woman" given by a men's group?
Noah A 9/10/2015
That is one of THE most junk classes I have ever heard of!
Muremi MN 9/10/2015
I would love to enroll at centre for training Project and Development to do a certificate in business management. Unfortunately I can't manage the tuition fee of $17800.
Concerned young man 9/9/2015
If you want to learn how to be a real man, learn it from, not a feminist organization.
Quintechette J. 9/9/2015
How to be a real man is a very interesting topic. From my perspective being a man is simply taking responsibility for the choices you make while being an adult or entering into adulthood. Also when a young man enters the field of becoming a man it is suggested that that men think and take responsibility for themselves. A man no longer has to ask to make certain choices, he generaly thinks and does things without any assistance from a parent or guardian. When your a boy you ask someone to show you how to wash, cook, clean, and conduct yourself in a presentable manner. You are a man because you should know better and have learned the basics in life by time your at least 18 years of age or older. If a 40 year old doesn't know how to tie his shoes you would instantly say saying I thought you were a man. So being a man is society way of saying you suppose to know better by now.
Alexsander H. 9/9/2015
"Man Up", "Don't be such a sissy", "Rub some dirt in it!"These comments are made from both genders towards both genders. These don't make things better, and they certainty do not make anyone more or less than who they are. But as a male myself, I've been told to fit the norm of society. I have to play sports, I can't cry when I'm hurt, I have to be better than other guys. Well, I don't have to play sports, I can cry, I don't have to be better than someone else. Men are as emotional as women. We get our feelings hurt too! Why? Because we are all human beings. Men are told how to live life in society, but no one showed them how to live their life the way they desire it. Same goes for the ladies out there. Society have told you how to live you life, instead of having someone show you how to live your life the way you want it. We are all human beings. We should live life the way we desire it instead of having society live it for us.
Joe C. 9/9/2015
A woman writing about how to be a real man? These blogs went from bland to exciting back to this crap? There is absolutely no flow to the writing content published here. At least the Cannibus one, Naughty Teacher and Queer Sphere were interesting and well written.
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