How to Find a Summer Internship

How to Find a Summer Internship
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Summer is the perfect time to take on a student internship. Your class load is lighter, so you have more time to explore options in your preferred industry. There isn’t as much competition from your peers, either, because many have gone elsewhere for summer break, leaving opportunities wide open for you to take advantage of now. Internships open doors in your professional and academic careers by adding to your work experience and offering you a chance to see what a career in your major or interest is truly like.

The Best Places for Finding Internship Opportunities on the Internet

Here are some of the places you can go to search for a summer internship in your chosen career field:

  • Chegg Internships: The textbook retailer has a site dedicated to internship opportunities that is among the most sought-after resources for students. Chegg lists opportunities throughout the United States in many different career fields. The listings are straightforward and the application process is easy to understand.
  • Indeed Internships: Along with the wide variety of job opportunities listed on Indeed, there are also internship listings from some of the biggest named companies in the world. You can apply directly to an internship post thanks to Indeed’s easy-to-follow application system.
  • LinkedIn Internships: Building a professional profile on LinkedIn while in school has its advantages. It allows you to seek opportunities to work with the companies you admire most on LinkedIn, including internships. One of LinkedIn’s best features is the ability for prospective employers to take a look at your profile and see for themselves what makes you stand out as a young professional.
  • The website has been around for decades and remains a valuable resource for students looking for seasonal work. Internships are listed on a separate area of the CoolWorks site for easy access. Opportunities exist in many of the country’s National Parks and camps, resorts, and US landmarks. Anyone looking to enter an adventurous profession can apply for an internship to see if it lives up to their expectations.

You can also chose to visit the employer of your choice’s website to see if they have internships listed. Look to the top or bottom of the page for a heading called “Internships.” You may learn about an opportunity through a company blog or email and its social media accounts. That’s why you should follow the companies you admire and want to work for as it helps you stay on top of everything they have to offer.

How Internships Help Further Your Professional Career

A summer internship can increase your chances of landing your dream job once you’re out of college and may lead to scholarship opportunities while you’re in college. Internships also look great on student resumes. A well-chosen internship will further your career opportunities, expand your work experience and give you hands-on knowledge and expertise to broaden your skillset. Internships also help build connections with companies and organizations in your chosen industry that could lead to a job post-graduation. Make the most out of your summer by pursuing internship opportunities!

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