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Is Harvard Biased Against Asian American Applicants?

Is Harvard Biased Against Asian American Applicants?
Suada Kolovic

Applying to some of the top universities in the country is undoubtedly unnerving given the quality of the applicants and the impossibly low acceptance rates. But what if because you were an Asian-American student seeking admission, you were held to an even higher standard? Well, that is what a coalition of 64 organizations is claiming.

According to the compliant, which was filed with the U.S. Education Department's Office for Civil Rights, Harvard University set quotas to keep the numbers of Asian-American students significantly lower than the quality of their application merits. It cites third-party academic research on the SAT exam showing that Asian-Americans have to score on average about 140 points higher than white students, 270 points higher than Hispanic students and 450 points higher than African-American students to equal their chances of gaining admission. "Many studies have indicated that Harvard University has been engaged in systemic and continuous discrimination against Asian-Americans during its very subjective 'holistic' college admissions process," the complaint alleges. The coalition is seeking a federal investigation and is requesting Harvard “immediately cease and desist from using stereotypes, racial biases and other discriminatory means in evaluating Asian-American applicants.” (For updates on this story, check out the Wall Street Journal.)

What are your thoughts on Harvard’s admission process? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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MRS 6/1/2015
As a host parent of Asian students attending a private local high school; I would agree. Many foreign Asian students should be held to a higher standard than American Asian students. AA Students are assimilated to American culture and typically understand ethics from growing up in the States. Unfortunately, I've witnessed a gap of understand the Asian students have regarding individualized learning. They believe sharing answers among themselves is acceptable and the only grade that is important is the final test score. 'Some' don't understand why cheating is a problem and why college professor's don't accept money for a better grade. Personally I don't believe every student has this belief, but many do and therefore caution should be on the side of University's. I believe many Asian students learn valuable American taboos before obtaining their undergraduate degree and this enlightenment cause an acceptable level of humility. AA 2nd gen should not be held to a higher std
Charlene C. 5/27/2015
Wow!I mean wow! That's just crazy. Why should anyone be discriminated against because of their race? I think that Harvard should definitely stop this. It's unfair not just to Asian Americans, but everyone. Any student applying to college should get just as a equal chance of getting in like the next person. No discrIminatipn! Bottom line!
Cindy C. 5/23/2015
Universities welcome diversity. They should reflect the diversity of the population in their country. If we follow this formula then Asians, who make up about 8% of the population, should make up about 8% of Harvard's students. As it stands now they make up about 20%. I think their numbers are well represented by Harvard.
Peris R. 5/23/2015
Yes, there is obviously a bias towards Asian students. There is no reason for these students to be placed in a situation where their applications are handicapped compared to the other students!
Cindy C. 5/22/2015
Colleges welcome diversity. Sometimes to keep that diversity going they have to accept lower GPA's from some groups and set the bar higher for others. My daughter (white) 4.15 GPA, tons of extra curricular activities, high SAT scores, didn't get into Harvard or UCLA for that matter. They can't take everybody. She settled for another UC and is ecstatically happy there now. Now she's glad she's not on the East coast far from home. I've heard Harvard is over rated anyway. In fact, I know someone who graduated from a UC and now works along side a Harvard grad., making the same amount of money. Smart kids are a dime a dozen. Let's not fight about it. Let's celebrate it and realize that they, and their peers amazing talents will uplift any college that they are at.
KPD 5/22/2015
Sandra - It sounds like your son has done just fine. If you feel the need to be "incensed" by what he may have missed by not going to Harvard, I pity you. It sounds like you are taking aim at African Americans and Latinos. But realistically; If your son had to compete against allkids with no regard for race, there would be 40 open slots that blacks and latinos didn't get (with a dozen exceptions) and the schools would be primarily Asian, Nigerian and about 3% white. Don't kid yourself - your kid got affirmative action too. 75% of whites never even go to college and it sounds like your kid is good but not great. There is an Asian kid out there that earned 8 Associate degrees while in college and works at an engineering company. He'll be dead at 50. There are 8 billion people in the world and only a couple thousand kids get to Harvard. It's not the end of the world or the end of a career. College is just the beginning.
KPD 5/22/2015
Now here is the solution for Asian kids with 4.0s and 2400 SAT scores, oh and tons of extracurriculars - go to Asia - any Asian country - and build your own Harvard. There, I said it. Apparantly, you are too smart to get into American schools so try to build some schools that you can get into and stop whining about an educational system that you have not really contributed anything to. No school can accomodate 4 billion people; all clamoring for the good life. Harvard discriminates. Its discriminating. That is why it's Harvard and not University of China or University of South Korea or better yet, University of India. If you think an Ivy is your key to the good life, you will be disappointed. You have to learn to build something for yourself. Go do something and stop whining. When you create the next Apple or Microsoft, Harvard will give you an honorary degree. Until then, go build your own schools or go to a state school. They are just as good.
KPD 5/22/2015
I love all the comments about how affirmative action and African Americans are the reason that more Asians and more whites don't get into Harvard and other Ivies. Don't you people realize that Ivies only accept 5-7% African Americans and many of those are Nigerians that are outscoring Asians. You fools. Even if the Ivies never admitted another black kid until 2050, they still couldn't accept all the Asian kids that are applying with 4.0s and 2400 SAT scores. Even if they stopped accepting the causcasion kids (whose families built these Ivies and not so that Asian kids could take them over), there would not be enough slots for all the overachieving Asian kids who think Harvard is salvation. All this talk is just making Harvard greedy. Harvard doesn't give out scholarships at nearly the rate that other schools do. Why? Because every whiny kid that can't get in has a meltdown and raises the stakes that much higher. Now Harvard is charging $63,000 for a stinking bachelors degree.
ww 5/21/2015
Asians are not victims of the achievement gap like Latinos and Blacks. As a White person, I welcome asians to the world of affirmative action! If you don't want Asians to be held to higher standards because they do better on tests, then we should get rid of affirmative action completely. nobody ever complains about things like this with White people who go through the same thing.
AP 5/21/2015
Asians are NOT NATURALLY SMART. Reading this article makes me mad. Asians study hard and focus on their work. That is why they are successful in life. In fact, the top priority for most Asian parents is education. And, NOT ALL ASIANS ARE SMART. Now, I am NOT saying that people from other races do not work hard. Did Barack Obama become president in a snap? No, he did not. He worked towards his goal and that is why he is seen as one of the most powerful men in the world. Being an Asian, it pains to hear that we are being discriminated against by Harvard. In fact, it shouldn't matter what races get into Harvard. The students who score the highest and work the hardest have full priority into getting into Harvard. Race SHOULD NOT matter. If you are complaining about how Asians get into the best colleges and you don't, well guess what, WORK HARDER AND YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. Asians work hard, and for that, they must be rewarded.
Olivia W 5/21/2015
While I applaud the effort of many to achieve academically, I do not want any university to be reflective of solely one culture - where would the diversity be if the only consideration were grades? I have been a teacher for many years and I believe that every one brings something to the table - not just a minority. Inclusion matters and so much so that basing admission solely on grades would exclude many who offer other gifts and viewpoints.
Nancy D 5/21/2015
Making generalizations about all African Americans is ignorant and bias. My daughter graduated with a 4.0, took many AP classes, performed outstanding on her SAT and ACT exams and she did not get into any of the Ivy League schools she applied to. She worked hard, volunteered, danced, did theater, played sports, sang in chorus, did marching band, and played the flute. She didn't receive any of these so called special considerations because of her race. Everything she has ever received, she has earned. It wasn't given to her on a silver spoon, bequeathed in a will or trust fund, she was given anything because her mommy, daddy, or grandparents knew the right people. Not every African American benefits from affirmative action, and when they do they are over qualified for the position, work the hardest, earn the least, and promoted last. Do I think it's fair to discriminate against any race? No I do not. But I am tired of people acting like all African Americans are the same. We are not!
Sandra 5/21/2015
This absolutely stuns me. In fact I am so incensed by this accusation that I, for a split second, rather fancied lobbying parents of Caucasian applicants that didn't get into Harvard to join me in a law suit too. A recent newspaper article relating to an African-American boy who declined ALL of the Ivy's because he didn't want student loans/debts upon graduation, made me really think about all of this. My son surpassed this boy's academic qualifications, so much so that he will graduate with a degree in financial engineering and economics in only three years from his college choice. My son worked diligently from an early age and his academic qualifications are outstanding, He didn't get into Harvard. From his high school, several other students, all African/American or Asian were ALL accepted into Harvard. Their academic qualifications were nowhere near those of my own son. This law suit has NO merits whatsoever - just sour grapes in my opinion.
John G 5/21/2015
I think that if they are biased against them it should be stopped just because they're Asian doesn't mean they're geniuses. Unless they came from China or some Korean country in the 11th grade then it be seen as biased. If they're American raised like everyone here and go to the same school as everyone else then they're the same. There isn't a difference.
Alfreda P 5/21/2015
Accepting students on the basis of something besides an SAT score is not discrimination. Kudos to Harvard for realizing it not necessarily a high SAT score that defines a great student.
Marilyn D 5/21/2015
Look at the testing data at public schools that include a significant Asian population. They regularly out perform other races, White included. Is it because of superiority in intelligence? Absolutely not. It is a culture that brings about the high test scores. Google the Asian mother's method of raising children. When I was happy that my child had raised her midterm 'C' to a 'B', my Asian sister was going bonkers that her child had brought home a 'B '. She was ready to strip the child of privileges if that were not raised to an 'A-' or higher. Lower than that is failing. I also noticed that many of the children were not well adjusted socially and their problem solving in the real world was stunted. They literally spent most of their time from a young age, studying. Conversation falters if the subject requires divergent thinking, i.e. A is NOT the answer. So, I get it. Harvard needs to keep the student population balanced, it enhances the educational experience.
Mary C 5/21/2015
All Universities discriminate against all students because the government requires them to be diverse regardless of the person's GPA, extracurricular activities, etc. The same occurs when money is given to students. A student should be admitted to school based on their academic performance and not their race or sex.
Mary C 5/21/2015
All Universities discriminate against all students because the government requires them to be diverse regardless of the person's GPA, extracurricular activities, etc. The same occurs when money is given to students. A student should be admitted to school based on their academic performance and not their race or sex.
Jon M 5/20/2015
I think it's better to just not report your ethnicity. That way you know it isn't a factor. This would guarantee that all the applicants are judged based on the same criteria. I understand that institutions of higher education want ethnic diversity, but I don't think the standards for applicants should be bent in order to ensure this. The best way to not discriminate based on a criterion is to simply not ask for that information. Then you can't be discriminating because of it.
Ralph M 5/20/2015
The truth is they do discriminate. The numbers don't lie. The notion that Asians are one dimensional and only study is stereotypical nonsense. As a parent of adopted Asians kids, they are no different from any other kids, yet we know fist hand how a well rounded Valedictorian with a 2300 SAT score, AP Scholar, Coke Scholar national finalist and state ethics scholar, etc..was systematically wait listed or rejected from every Ivy because she refused to not to hide her ethnicity on her application. The Ivies are morally bankrupt instititions and thankfully she attends a school that wants her for who she is and rivals them in education.
David Lee 5/20/2015
This nonsense about Asians having not good enough extracurriculars is quite ludicrous. Nearly every president of a club in my school is Asian. Go to a national FBLA, DECA, or Speech and Debate conference, and you will see Asians are heavily represented in both the qualifiers and winners- proportionally more than any other race. The majority of Intel Finalists are also Asian- and it is the most valuable award a high school student can receive. The only reason that schools like Harvard are trying to have these quotas is to try to attract as many applicants as possible. If Harvard didn't give blacks and latinos that 450/270 point bump, a lot less would be admitted- that would discourage other blacks/latinos with low stats from applying in future years. Smaller applicant pool = higher acceptance rate = less prestige/lower US news ranking. Therefore, Harvard continues to admit these students to draw large applicant pools.
Nicole Sutton 5/20/2015
Discrimination is discrimination. Everyone should be treated equally the special interest groups for racially vested individuals should be abolished. The only groups that deserve consideration are the truly disabled. America is always bending over for everyone however if you intend on becoming a U.S. citizen then you should acclimate into this society. And we should be giving scholarships to those who are deserving. Not because of race or religion etc. Also all monies should be given to US citizens no countries give money for the US children to receive education. Harvard is a huge amount of liberal snobs. Bill and Belinda Gates also will not fund Asians and whites for any funding for further education. It is on their website.
Belle H. 5/20/2015
What's unfair is the fact that people automatically assume that Asians are smarter than other races because of their ethnicity. Being intelligent doesn't come from genetics; it comes from hard work and focus. Asian parents also spen a lot of money and time to help their children improve on their studies all for the sake of a better future. Some of them don't have the luxury to buy and do whatever they want, because they're busy trying to improve themselves. So it's incredibly rude to disregard all of that effort with comments like "Asians are naturally smarter." And don't even try to argue that Asians don't have extracurriculars! Many of the Asians I know have multiple clubs, sports, music, and volunteer work to back them up, and yet, it pains me to think that they might not be able to get into top universities solely because people hold them to extremely high standards.
Bhalaji 5/20/2015
Number never lie. Based on the number below only Cal Tech has 42% Asian. Do you think the same may be the case on other top colleges if there is no quota? Name % Asian/ Pacific Islander Cal Tech 42.0 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 24.0 University of Southern California 23.0 Harvey Mudd College 22.0 Rice University 21.0 Duke University 21.0 Princeton University 20.0 Johns Hopkins University 18.0 University of Chicago 18.0 Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art 18.0 University of Pennsylvania 18.0 Stanford University 18.0 Washington University in St Louis 17.0 Northwestern University 17.0 Columbia University in the City of New York 17.0 Yale University 16.0 Harvard University 16.0 Swarthmore College 15.0 Dartmouth College 14.0 Amherst College 13.0 Brown University 12.0
Chey 5/20/2015
Being close to Asian American myself (Half Chinese, half Caucasian), I can vouch that there is high discrimination against those who have Asian blood running through their veins, whether it be through education or even in the work force. We do our best to work hard to compete against everyone around us because, at least what is stereotyped against us, we understand that it is academics and schooling that get you higher in life. And, for those of us who decide to go to college (Yes, some of us don't actually move on to college. Shocking....And, just for the record, not all of us are good in math. So please flush that stereotype down the toilet), we actually do our research and see what is required by us. But, no matter how good we do, the African America with the 3.0 GPA and 10 volunteer hours will be taken in instead of the Asian American with 4.0 GPA and 100 volunteer hours. Why? Simple. We. Are. The. Wrong. Minority. We are stereotyped against, and I am done keeping my mouth shut.
John G. 5/20/2015
I attended Vanderbilt, which although it is not Harvard is still prestigious. A point to ponder... Asain Americans are held to a higher standard and claim discrimination. African Americans are held to a lower standard, which is a form of discrimination whether they see it that way or not. Why not hold all Anericans to the same standard, and let the chips falls where they may. If people want race to not be an issue, it can't always be one of the first five questions asked on every application for colleges and jobs.
KPD 5/20/2015
PM: There are just more Asians than anyone else. 90% of Asians in China and India live in dire poverty and do not excel at anything - just like 90% of other people. Asians are not smarter than other people, there are just more of them than whites and blacks. Of the 8 billion people on earth, 4 billion are Asian - 1.2 Billion in China and 1.5 Billion in India alone. 90% of those Asians are poor and have no education. The best and the brightest leave their country and come to America to be educated. That is great, but Asians are not anymore entitled to attend Harvard than the other 95% of kids that get rejection letters every year. America is not obligated to pretend like a test score makes a whole human being. Disgruntled children, Asians, Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics: It doesn't matter where you attend college, it matters what you do in life. Period.
julian p 5/20/2015
supply and demand. way to many asians are applying most likely.
RP 5/20/2015
This sheds some light on some things for me. Our neighbor, an Asian-American male, scored a perfect 2400 on his SATs, has a 4.0 with the max amount of AP classes his school offers, plays on the varsity tennis team, prodigy on the piano, number one in his class, valedictorian, president of honor society...but didn't get into Harvard. Maybe lacks community service perhaps? I couldn't figure out anything that would hold this kid back from being admitted to Harvard, and then this article comes out. Maybe some truth to it.
KPD 5/20/2015
Asians make up 50% of the world. Approximately 10% of any group of people will be outstanding or score in the top 10% of tests. Therefore, there are more top scoring Asians than any other group in the world. It is simple math. The problem is that every person that tests well and spends their entire life studying believes that they are the 2nd coming. America was built on ideas, principles and action - not test scores. Harvard can not simply admit all the Asians in the world because they score well on tests and study to death. The best schools are looking for well rounded people, not test takers. Scoring well on a test does not prove that you are a leader, or creative, or even capable of contributing anything to society. It only proves that you are a competitive test taker. Many of the magnet HS programs in NYC have entrance exams. The schools are now 90% Asian. How does that benefit NY? America? Society? to only use test scores to determine who should be educated? It doesn't.
Isabella C. 5/20/2015
Growing up as an Asian American in the Bay Area, I really identify with my peers in knowing that admission to Ivy League schools is hard to begin with, but much harder if you go to a top-ranked, competitive school where your peers are also Asian and much more high achieving than you (even if you already have high scores, etc. to begin with). Many Ivy League schools have quotas to fulfill, and cannot admit more than a certain number from a certain school or race. With that said, I do also agree that over-generalization is not a good idea either. In my opinion, a possible good idea would be to completely do away with race or perhaps even last name identification during the college app proces.
Sun-Hee K. 5/20/2015
I think this is ridiculous. I am Asian-American and I do not have a 4.0. My parents do not force me to get good grades, they encourage it. I play sports and I am also an abstract-surrealist artist. White Americans, Mexican Americans and African Americnas can push themselves just as hard as Asians to get the stereotypical "top grades" if they want to. It's not a matter of race. It is a matter of devotion to schoolwork.
Jane S. 5/20/2015
Although I do agree that from this article Harvard is seeming biased, there is very little other information on the students accepted other than their race and scores. There could be others factors to why Harvard picked Asian students with higher test scores, such as they have fewer extra curriculars or they have slightly lower GPAs so the higher test scores balance out their weaker areas. Also, intelligence is not an environmental thing. Some people are born smarter than others, it's just their choice of whether or not to utilize it fully. It doesn't make them any less smart if they choose not to be valedictorians, just lazy. Therefore Asians aren't necessarily more intelligent (although some are, as with every other race), just some are more hard working. GPAs and standardized tests are only a partial gauge on how intelligent a child is anyways.
S. B. 5/20/2015
I have no doubt Harvard is biased against white males. Almost all universities are. They play the jelly bean quota game. SCOTUS says race can't be the SOLE criteria so the universities find another way to do what they've been doing for years. I'd love Harvard to publish the average ACT & SAT scores by race and gender. That will tell you all you need to know.
Life-is-harsh 5/20/2015
The fact they Harvard is discriminating against Asian American is indisputable. Many Asian American students work to the tether of their capacity but still couldn't get a ticket to those top universities. However, I do understand that why Harvard is setting quotas on racial background. If Harvard does not squeeze some amount of slots out of Asian American students, it could not maintain a balance in diversity, which relies on admitting other minorities. Simply put it, Asian students are powerless to crush the hierarchy that controls the college application. Harvard needs those big bucks and connections brought by pedigreed students.
mg 5/20/2015
Chilax people, you've got it all wrong. Without an actual interview of every applicant all the admissions counselors have to go on is a paper application AND their experience and history of watching their admitted students progress through college. If a potential student's application is very similar to a student who thrived in college, participated in various organizations, engaged the professors and administrators, and continued to be part of the University years after graduation, then they will be accepted. If a potential student's application is very similar to a student who did not engage in the school, stayed in his/her room, never caused problems and graduated with honors, this student will NOT be accepted. The ugly truth is we are compared to those who went before us and only slightly compared to our peers.
Jordan D 5/20/2015
I believe that they are doing what they need to be doing. I read another article that talked about how many Asian-American students, who often have very high test scores, do not typically have as many extra-curriculars as other students, because many are focused solely on grades. With this being said, it would make sense that their test scores need to be higher for admission to equal out the lack of extra-curriculars they are not in.
MelG 5/20/2015
The entire process is bias. They are not admitting the most intelligent or the hardest working. They are cherry picking kids in their own attempt at social engineering, or gain a winning tennis team. My son who completed Cal 3 before his junior year was rejected from MIT. How can that happen? And yes he had a 4.0, tons of community service, 15 AP classes, leadership...blah, blah, blah.... his only problem was he was a white male with no athletic ability.
Eric S 5/20/2015
It's not necessary to appeal. Instead, Asian Americans can just boycott those so-called "best" universities which discriminate Asian applicants in college admission. Universities like Harvard are not really competitive; they just rely on their histories. If no Asian applicant applies to these universities and they cannot enroll any Asian student within 10 years, they will soon decline and lose the "top 10" places in the ranking system.
Jeff P 5/20/2015
Any individual that works hard and earns the good grades should be given the chance for admissions. Seriously, why can't we end all this bias and negativity and start moving forward in a positive way for future prospective students. If Harvard continues this, it may damage its credibility. There shouldn't be any expectations whatsoever
Morgan M 5/20/2015
ACCORDING TO HARVARD, "The mission of Harvard College is to educate the citizens and citizen-leaders for our society. We do this through our commitment to the transformative power of a liberal arts and sciences education." Their mission is not to accept the highest test scoring student. A test score does not tell if you would be an active part of the college community. A test score does not tell if you will be an active and engaged alumni, that would contribute to the school not only financially but also socially. A test score does not predict if you would actively commit to social political agenda of the school. Harvard has committed to all of American society -especially to the historic undeserved community. So they have the right to make holistic selections for their university community. Harvard is not the only Ivy league or university of higher education there are other choices.
Lisa L 5/20/2015
I think Harvard is being bias. Intelligent has nothing to do with a race. Most Asians get good grades because of their parents and how they were brought up in an environment. I am Asian myself, and I don't think we are the smart ones. Every race and enthicities can be smart, it depends on if they are willing to try hard and reach their target.
McQ 5/20/2015
The answer is for Harvard and every other University/College both private and public to drop any and all quotas. Period! The people with the best scores and best academic accomplishments should be admitted. That is equality. Everyone has the opportunity to work hard and be accepted. No special consideration. One of the reasons we have become a 2nd rate nation is: quotas! If you don't earn it..., you shouldn't get it! Period!!!
Sue M. 5/20/2015
Its discrimination, nothing more. Everyone should be treated equally. My son graduates in 2017. His Determination to succeed, his drive to learn, his excepting nothing less of himself are his values that he has set for himself. He is an honor student and maintaining them isn't easy. He has to stay on top of homework, study and when he slides, Mom steps in and slightly dispense foot to his rear. He is not gifted he studies and If Harvard is claiming that Asians are naturally smarter I say dump your third party research and get back to equal standards for all.
Wayne Y 5/20/2015
Although I certainly don't have enough information to form any opinion on whether Harvard's admission practices are fair or not I would disagree if the judgement is being based solely on SAT scores. I would caution using SAT scores alone as the criteria for entry into any institution.
Bob 5/20/2015
I guarantee that the test score differentials given don't tell the whole story. What about socioeconomic backgrounds? How much effort do the parents put into the children's education? What schools do the children attend? How much preparation for the exam have the parents given or paid for? I am sure Asian parents will be much more willing to put an onus on their children to do well on these exams, and for other students like me, their parents don't know anything about these tests and just naturally expect us to do well on them. I attend Harvard as a Latino and my scores were at the median of admitted students (35 on ACT). I had an outpouring of love and support from my parents, but the actual preparation was on me. These scores are only one thing that makes up a person, and to cry foul over one aspect of admissions makes this lawsuit bunk. What this article doesn't tell you either is that the percent of Asian students admitted has increased from 17.6% to 21%, but let's leave that out.
Anthony S 5/19/2015
Reading some of these infatuated comments irritates me. Do you even understand what you are saying when you put Asians under the blanket statement claiming all of us to be 'naturally more intelligent'?! I'm asian myself and I know for a fact that genetics has nothing to do with intelligence. Intelligence is something you build throughout the stages of your life, not something given to you. Anyone can be intelligent if they're willing to work towards it. The most probable reason for making such an uneducated comment could be that you were mis taut by the media, a phenomenon common in our society. I know for a fact that intelligence is not gained through genetics because a majority of the Asian population at my school attain grades like "D's" and "C's" and are completely happy with themselves, and yet other the remaining minority of Asians at my school excel but aren't quite happy. I agree that intelligence (which here, I think you misinterpreted this for success) relies on the environment surrounding that person, but look at the environment out schools create for students. Our society is devolving, running down the spiral steps of evolution instead of up. Many students simply do not care, and so it gives students the false sense of relief as they think that because their peers do not care, they do not either. It is up to the parent, now, to push children towards a higher intelligence and a more successful life, but a majority of parents nowadays couldn't care any less about their student's school career than the students themselves do. This is where the hard work comes from that lead students to success and a higher intelligence. Not genetics
Alexis T 5/19/2015
It doesn't matter what ethnicity, color, race etc. you are.. Anyone can do it, some just have to work harder than others. It's not fair that Harvard is bias, and discriminitive, that's not right.
Alexis T 5/19/2015
I'm asian, but I'm not as smart as anyone else... The only reason why people use the stereo type and think that asians are smart is because they make good grades, most of asians that people see in society are successful is because how they grew up. Most asian parents, or gardians are very strict and wants what's best for their child. They push them to work hard and make good grades because they don't want them to fail, and live a low income life. They want the most live compfortably, and they teach them that it does not come easily, you'd hard to work hard at it. By teaching them this, they are also very disciplinary.
Emily C. 5/19/2015
Most Asians are naturally better in the studies. So I can see why they would hold them to this standard. Now this is being a little to based off the stereotypes though, this is ridiculous how much they have to hold up. No one, white, black or hispanic should have to work that much more than another race. Harvard University should be able to keep their opinions and maybe even be able to set the standards slightly higher for them, but they should not be able to hold that high of expectations.
Corey E. 5/19/2015
@ Joesph. For you to use genetics as an excuse for Asians having higher intelligence is racist. They should not be held to higher standards because it implies that racial genetics must play a very strong role as to why races behave differently when it is usually based on the culture of the individual, not their race, that shows whether someone is adequate about deserving to be admitted to Harvard.
Alexandria D 5/19/2015
No Harvard should not be descriminating from Asians. Asians are born in a higher educational environment. Rather than other ethnicities are born in a more lenient environment. Asian parents force their child into learning at a faster speed. In the environment being raised in has a big factor on how intelligent you are, along with your own endeavor in education. Ethnicity should not be dependable on admission to any college.
Michael b 5/19/2015
I think Harvard is in the wrong if they are doing that. All people should be given a eacual opportunity no matter what race they are.
Joseph 5/19/2015
People are oblivious to how intelligent naturally Asians are. Genetically, Asians are more intelligent than even Caucasians. Therefore, it is right to hold them up to higher standards. Otherwise, it would not be fair to us non Asians to have to compete against Asians. Of course hard work has its factor, but genetically, Asians are more intelligent since they are in a pro education environment and practically have the edge over non Asians. Therefore, I think it is justified to hold them to higher standards.
Jamie W 5/19/2015
This may be because of affirmative action and how a certain number of a minority group has to be accepted into areas, such as business and academics. And if you have to admit a certain number of students in, you might as well have the brightest. I say get rid of affirmative action then see what Harvard's standards will be.
jess .s 5/19/2015
Harvard is not being fair in their admissions.No race is smarter than another.You have to work hard to be smart.Smartness should not be based on color or ethnicity
LG 5/19/2015
Everybody has the right to be tread equal It doesn't matter what race or were you came from.
Jamie B. 5/19/2015
If Harvard bases admissions criteria on race and/or ethnicity - that is discriminatory on many levels. Why do they have to score so much higher than an African American? That speaks volumes as to the perception and deep rooted beliefs that blacks are intellectually inferior. Strategic discrimination. Disgusting!
Antonio S. 5/19/2015
My thoughts on the matter are that Harvard is truly not being fair. You can't just assume that since your Asian smart no its not like that. If they're smart it's be a use of the education their parents provided for them. They're not smarter than any other race in the world. They strive just ad everyone else does to they're very best ability to get where ever they want in life. Harvard just happens.
Wow 5/19/2015
They can complain that they are held to a higher standard because they're asian, yet if a white person complained that a black person can go to college merely for being black, that'd be racist
A. Ulmer 5/19/2015
It's standard practice for universities to combat ethnic stereotyping by setting lower requirements for people who tend to come from a lower socio-economic background. The attemp is to help those who are likely to be at a disadvantage primary due to their upbringing. The intention is good and I have no problem with it.
Andrea H. 5/19/2015
I believe that this process is very prejudice and is not fair. Everyone works hard to be able to go to their dream college. Being Asian does not mean that they are significantly smarter by default. Asians just appreciate the work their parents have done and work hard to achieve it. It's not that Asian Americans are naturally smarter than any other race, but that they may, in some cases, have much more of a will and work ethic than others. Not to say that every Asian is hard-working, just looking at the races in general there are more Asians that push themselves than any other race.
Diamelys C 5/19/2015
No, I think that harvard biased is not against asian American applicants
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