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Judge: “Dreamers” Will Get In-State Tuition at U. of Arizona Campuses

Judge: “Dreamers” Will Get In-State Tuition at U. of Arizona Campuses
Suada Kolovic

Immigration disputes have long commanded top billing when it comes to our nation’s political agenda but as of late, it's begun seeping into the educational realm as well: Immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents will qualify for in-state tuition at colleges in the University of Arizona system, the Board of Regents decided on Thursday.

According to reports, the decision from Superior Court Judge Arthur Anderson comes in a lawsuit files by former Attorney General Tom Horne against the Maricopa County Community College District. "Federal law, not state law, determines who is lawfully present in the U.S.," Anderson wrote. "The state cannot establish subcategories of 'lawful presence,' picking and choosing when it will consider DACA recipients lawfully present and when it will not." The judge’s ruling will set a precedent for Maricopa County only but could help back up arguments by other colleges. (For more on this story, head over to The Chronicle.)

Do you support Arizona's decision or oppose it? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Comments (6)
Really?? 5/16/2015
This is not fair... if US citizen students that have lived in the United States all their lives can not get in-state tuition the "dreamers" should not be able to. "Some" of the parents bring their kids here just to get the benefits . UofA's out of state tuition is $29,000, in state is $11,000.00. How is that fair?? mom has been paying taxes for 55years but I can't go to an out of state school and get in state tuition so how is it that you have a right and I don't?
Mike O 5/16/2015
To finish of my thoughts, why stop someone from getting an education? I'm a DACA, but I'm also a full time college student (4 classes) as well as a full time employee (40 hours ) and I still manage to get good grades. Although if I had the chance I wouldn't be working (as much as I am). Since I'm a DACA, I don't qualify for fanicial support. But that doesn't stop me from working to get my education and do to what my parents brought me into this country illegally for.
Mike O 5/16/2015
I would have to agree with the article and disagree with Lynn C. Although most of 'US' dreamers are illegal. Most or some of us have kept up with our taxes (without getting any returns back). Not to say Lynn brought up the equality factor into it. As a DACA, is it my fault for being brought into a country illgally? Did I make the choice? Although I don't blame my parents for wanting a better life for me and my siblings. I do however disagree with their methods. The thing is, I consider myself "American" but in reality or in papers, am I? Nope. I been living here (the United States) more than I lived in Brazil. So is it truly fair to take benefits away from children or young adults who parents used the wrong method to supply their children with a better life. I truly believe illegal immigrant should go under a process, and given the chance at a citizenship, under the proper requirements. As far as college goes. WHY stop someone from getting an education.
Jose A 5/16/2015
Question state and colleges should ask: will these young people stay here or not? most likely yes, so why don't support their education and make sure they become awesome contributors to this society, since they know how to study and work hard.
Adriana H. 5/13/2015
As a dreamer I do agree with paying in-state tuitions. Since Obama gave us the opportunity to study and work legally through the deffered action, I have been paying my taxes. It is only fair that we have the right to pay as a resident because we are complying with our obligations. Moreover, my mom and that are permanent US residents, who also contribute with tax money.
Lynn C. 5/13/2015
I do not agree with allowing illegal immigrants to obtain in-state tuition from a state and / or federally funded instituition. Illegal immigrants have not contributed tax money into the educational system, yet they are eligible for this type of benefit? Out-of-state tuition costs are in place to help offset the fact that taxes were not contributed to the state where the student attends school. If illegal immigrants want in-state tuition in Arizona, they need to become legalized U.S. citizens, reside in Arizona and pay all state and federal taxes. The cost for higher education for illegal immigrants in Arizona should be no different than it is for a student who resides in California and attends school in Arizona. THAT'S EQUALITY.
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