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Man Stabbed in Face for Opinion on Value of Higher Education

Man Stabbed in Face for Opinion on Value of Higher Education
| Staff

One man's opinion of the value of a college education came at a greater price than he ever expected: a laceration from the corner of his mouth to his ear.

According to an article in "The Chronicle of Higher Education", a verbal argument Friday night at Gunston Middle School in Arlington, VA concluded with a man drawing a pocket knife to slash the other across the face. The argument was initiated from a difference of opinions on “the worth and importance of college education”, police said. The crime report did not specify if the victim was arguing for or against the value of higher education.

Police say the "fairly large laceration" caused significant bleeding due to striking a minor artery. The victim was admitted to George Washington University Hospital, where he received 60 stitches. The suspect, who fled the scene, is described as a Hispanic man, 6 feet 3 inches and 220 pounds. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a pink Nike polo shirt and blue jeans. According to officials, the investigation "is ongoing".

Comments (16)
Alexis M 11/19/2015
There was absolutely no reason for the eman to stab the other with a knife over education. He was just voicing his opion on how he thought things should go. There is no problem with that. Violence should never be used when it doesn't need to be. Education is a valuable thing to have and many people don not want to spend thousands of dollars on getting a degree. Theres too much hate in this world as it is, we do not need hate for no reason either.
Damiira B 7/7/2015
There was no point for that person to be stabbed in the face for sharing their insights on the subject...I truly believe that there is so much hate and anger going on in the world right now for some unexplained reason. Educated people are the best people I'll say, but there's people like guys who harm those intelligent people for giving out their great thoughts on any subject to can think of. I hope that poor person who was stabbed is feeling 'GOD KNOWS' way better than how they felt when it first happened.
Dominique C 6/28/2015
The difference of opinions seem to be very dangerous now a days. Obviously everyone will not see eye to eye but something else had to have happened in order for someone to think it's alright to attack someone. All this comes about because instead of actually learning how to see the world from others points of view people can only see theirs and believe it to be truth. There's a better way to share opinions than arguing and someone getting hurt. People need to learn to agree to disagree.
Nit D 6/27/2015
Value of life and respect for others has just been slowly melting away. Not in my house !
Rambo G 6/24/2015
I wonder how heated the argument got to get to that point. It seems that people think their opinion is so important. It is better to use tact and diffuse situations than being "right." Most people don't attack until they feel threatened and there are better ways to get your point across than arguing.
Devora W. 6/24/2015
More senseless violence. It is a shame that instead of being able to carry on a debate, that the young man instead turned to using violence. I hope the victim can find peace, and I also hope that this does not stop him from continuing to voice his opinion. Education can help you get ahead in life. Not only will you gain knowledge, but you will be able to get a better paying job than if you did not have a college education.
Faroza N 6/24/2015
In my opinion, I believe that the suspect had used the education argument as an excuse to hurt the victim then left the scene. Getting a higher education is always a good thing and when you want to argue about education, fists shouldn't be used.
S. Terry 6/24/2015
Sad to know as a human race we are gradually falling apart. Before you know it we will be extinct species. Nonsense.
Andrew C 6/24/2015
They need to find the man who did the cutting.
Tim Kalota 6/24/2015
Another senseless act!!
Yolonda Nelson 6/24/2015
I'm sorry the young man had to go thru that ordeal, nothing is worth that act of violence. My family just buried my 16 year beautiful nephew from a stabbing that took his life. I am firm believer of education because that's the key. Apparently this kid that conducted this act of violence wasn't educated on how to conduct oneself in public no matter what the situation also to think before you act, because there are consequences. I live in one of the murder capital in the US, but didn't think that one of my own would be taken like that, my nephew name is Trenton Nelson and he was killed on June 2 of this year, he was a good kid, I miss and love him so much. The two suspects were twin brothers and the two and the family doesn't show any remorse for this violent crime. I tried to reach out to kids in the community, trying to educate them, mentor them but there is only so much we can do, I just hate I couldn't get to the two brothers, maybe it could have save my nephew's life, HELP
Willieyour A 6/24/2015
What a disgrace. Is this what we are coming to. Violence is not the answer. Education is the equalizer. Fighting and senseless killings causes mankind to appear as salvages.
Amador hernandez 6/23/2015
I find it very astounding that an arguement about education could go ad far as assulting another human being. I for one know how important it is to become somebody in this world and not be stuck in some minimum wage paying job. I'm attending college at a young age and like my other peers see it everyday throughout our lives; people who were" too cool for school" are stuck in a local area living pay check to paycheck, but those who were wise enough to pay attention in class are living well off.
Anthony M. 6/23/2015
A person's opinion should be respected and honored instead of an argument being heated up and causing violence and tension within society. It's sad that individuals in society have hate and anger towards those that are just putting their input in about the current educational and economic system of the nation.
ursula. s 6/23/2015
This is horrible. I know education is important but my word to go as far as to slash someone with a knife. What a mess
Jennifer Sweet L. 6/23/2015
We all have the right to have our own opinion about anything. It was uncalled for to slice or cut someone. Even if the truth hurt but that is to far.
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