Metallica Foundation Offers Trades-Based Scholarships

Metallica Foundation Offers Trades-Based Scholarships
Kevin Ladd

Metallica, an extremely popular heavy metal band from the 80’s, is recently enjoying new-found popularity and relevance with a new generation, thanks to the popular television show “Stranger Things”. Not only did they create the incredibly popular song “Enter Sandman” and “One”, they have also founded the Metallica Scholars Initiative. $100,000 in scholarships will be available for students studying in career programs through Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation (AWMH).

The Metallica Scholars Initiative is different than most traditional scholarships in that it is designed to benefit those pursuing job skills and focuses on the importance of career and technical education.

According to the AWMH official website, Metallica Scholars is a major workforce education initiative that provides direct support to community colleges to enhance their career and technical education programs. These programs provide skills and services to students who are looking to enter a traditional trade or other applied learning program. In 2019, ten colleges from across the country received $100,000 each to support more than 1,000 students training to enter the American workforce.”

The foundation currently supports 32 schools in 27 states. You can read more about the most recent winner as well as past scholarship winners by visiting the Metallica Scholars Spotlight page.

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