National Scholarship Month is Here

National Scholarship Month is Here
Izzy Hall

With college application season in full swing, it’s no surprise that November is National Scholarship Month – and there’s no better place to look for scholarships than But what’s all the hype about scholarships? And why use’s free scholarship search to help you find them? It’s simple: Scholarships help you pay for college with no strings attached – and can quickly and easily match you to personalized scholarship opportunities with a free scholarship search.

Why Scholarships?

College is expensive. That’s why most families try to put some money away to pay for their kids’ college tuition. When the amount of money saved in a college savings account isn’t enough to cover the costs of four years of college, parents and students look towards financial aid. Scholarships are one form of financial aid, and they’re one of the best.

What makes scholarships stand out among the other forms of financial aid? First of all, scholarships can be found anywhere – at the local, state or national level, from a private donor or a public company, and even from colleges and universities that you may apply to. Secondly, scholarships do not have a fixed amount. You may find scholarships that offer a few hundred dollars and ones that can cover all of your unpaid tuition – and even give you a full ride. Finally, and most importantly, scholarships are FREE and do not have to be repaid! Unlike loans, scholarships have no fees and no interest rates. When you win a scholarship, it goes directly into your tuition with little to no strings attached.


There are many places on the internet to find scholarships, but’s free scholarship search. makes it simple and easy to find open scholarships that match your unique student credentials. When you create a free account, you have the ability to select academic majors, schools and hobbies, and much more that you’re interested in. Then, you’ll receive a long list of scholarships that you qualify for – and can potentially win! Our database is highly vetted with the best scholarship opportunities for students of all stripes and from all around the U.S. Plus, like any legitimate scholarship search, it’s totally free.

This November, take control of your college financial destiny and apply for scholarships. here at! Thanks to, the ability to pay for college is in your grasp.

We make it simple and match you to college scholarships you qualify for.