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National Women’s History Month 2020: Scholarships for Women

National Women’s History Month 2020: Scholarships for Women
Susan Dutca-Lovell

March is Women's History Month, dedicated to celebrating women's contributions to culture, society and American history since 1987. Each year, the National Women's History Alliance selects and publishes a yearly theme; the 2020 Women's History Month theme is "Valiant Women of the Vote." The theme honors "the brave women who fought to win suffrage rights for women, and for the women who continue to fight for the voting rights of others." In recognition of these stellar past achievements and the opportunities they brought - as well as the current and future contributions by our nation's women - organized a list of college scholarships for women for Women's History Month. For a more extensive list of scholarships for women, click here.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship

Award Amount: $2,500
Deadline: August 1
Scholarship Description: The Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship is open to all applicants; membership in HWA is not a requirement. Applicants for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship must be female or transgendered female and submit work based on the horror genre.

Brown and Caldwell Women in Leadership Scholarship

Award Amount: $5,000
Deadline: Apri; 15
Scholarship Description: The $5,000 Brown and Caldwell Women in Leadership Scholarship supports female students that are interested in pursuing a career in the environmental profession. Applicants must be a United States citizen or permanent resident, full-time student enrolled in her junior, senior year, or graduate program at an accredited college/university, declared major in civil, chemical, mechanical, electrical or environmental engineering or one of the environmental sciences. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required.

Empower Her Scholarship

Award Amount: $1,000
Deadline: April 1
Scholarship Description: The Empower Her Scholarship gives student moms the financial support they need to continue their education through their pregnancy and afterward if they choose to parent. To apply, the student must be a female undergraduate or graduate student at a college in Lincoln, be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours for the upcoming school year, and be either pregnant or parenting. If pregnant, the student must intend to parent or place the child for adoption. Must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

JLB Young Women Voluntarism Scholarship

Award Amount: $1,000
Deadline: March 31
Scholarship Description: The JLB Young Women Voluntarism Scholarship program awards $1,000 to a Maryland female graduating senior who has performed outstanding volunteer service during her high school years success.

SVCF Marie A. Calderilla Scholarship

Award Amount: $20,000
Deadline: May 4
Scholarship Description: Applicants for the Marie A. Calderilla Scholarship must be female students who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree or certificate program or a graduating high school senior or re-entry student planning to attend a college in the San Mateo County Community College District. Must have demonstrated financial hardship and be serious about improving her life through education.

The Sara Scholarship

Award Amount: $8,000
Deadline: April 30
Scholarship Description: To be eligible for the Sara Scholarship, applicants must be female high school seniors with the intention to graduate at the end of the current school year. Must have a minimum 3.3. GPA, demonstrate financial need, an excellent character, and demonstrate active involvement with the sport of golf. Skill in playing golf is not required.

Lady Legacy Scholarship

Award Amount: $16,000
Deadline: March 11
Scholarship Description: The Lady Legacy Scholarship is for a senior high school females who are residents of the counties of Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, Walker or Tuscaloosa, and have an interest in golf. Must demonstrate academic excellence, good citizenship and sportsmanship, and have a minimum 22 ACT score. Must be in need of financial assistance to pursue an undergraduate degree as a full-time student in a four-year Alabama college or university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges.

Black Girl 44 Scholarship

Award Amount: $1,500
Deadline: July 31
Scholarship Description: The Black Girl 44 Scholarship was created by former Obama White House alum Deesha Dyer and includes contributions from more than 55 Black/African-American women who worked in the Obama White House. This private and independent initiative will award three $1,500 scholarships to Black/African-American women college students who have earned a Washington, D.C. internship that relates to policy, community engagement, community service, advocacy, global relations or politics.

Women in Manufacturing Scholarship

Award Amount: $500
Deadline: May 31
Scholarship Description: The Women in Manufacturing Scholarship is designed to help female students going into the manufacturing sectors of Michigan get a quality education and prepare them for the evolving technology-driven manufacturing environment of the future. This is a tuition-only scholarship (does not cover books, rooming, etc.) and must be conducted through the appropriate channels at the school the selected candidate is enrolled in as seen fit by Diamond Press Solutions. Must have a 3.2 GPA and be an American or Canadian resident. Recipients notified in July.

The Women in Aerospace Foundation Scholarship

Award Amount: $2,000
Deadline: June 18
Scholarship Description: The The Women in Aerospace Foundation Scholarship awards four merit-based scholarships of $2,000 to rising juniors and seniors in college. Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and have completed at least two and a half academic years of full-time college work at the time of application. Applicants must also be currently enrolled at an accredited college or university in the United States or its territories, working towards a bachelor's degree, and plan to continue to be enrolled in the subsequent academic year.

National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation Women's Scholarship

Award Amount: $2,000
Deadline: October 15
Scholarship Description: The National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation Women's Scholarship is designed to support those who identify as female, ages 17 and older, to enter into the field of strength and conditioning. Applicants must demonstrate they have been accepted into an accredited institution and are working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree in the strength and conditioning field.

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