Nervous About Rooming with a Friend? Relax

Nervous About Rooming with a Friend? Relax
| Staff

It’s one of the first pieces of advice future college students receive—don’t live with your friends. I beg to differ. Whoever began this vicious rumor—I hate to be the bearer of bad news—was probably a poor roommate to begin with. Yes, living with a friend may lead to sporadic tensions, but so will living with anyone. And the pros of sharing a space with someone you already know generally outweigh the cons. Here are few reasons why living with a friend may actually be a good thing.

You Can Practice Your Social Skills.   College is a great time to practice your communal living habits. Unless you plan to spend the rest of your days on a parents’ couch, you will move out someday—probably with someone you care about. Living with a friend will teach you how to compromise and to respect the space of someone you would like to maintain a relationship with. If you know that you can easily ditch your roommate the following year, putting forth a serious effort may be more difficult.

You Know What You’re Getting Into. Going on a year-long blind date may seem exciting---at first. Sure, things often work, but when they don't, roommate problems can get ugly. Even if you're not completely familiar with your friend’s nonexistent sanitary habits—though you've probably been tipped off at some point—to some extent, you'll know what to expect. Things could be much worse. I've seen a roommate who stayed inside a one-bedroom dorm 24-7 playing videogames, one who left trash bags in their roommate’s bedroom after a party (not to mention the dirty plates that lined the hallway) and a few who decided that their significant others would make the perfect third party.

You Can Create a Stronger Bond. Yes, you bond with high school friends, but it’s just not the same as living with them. Even when things get awkward, when you’re mad but don’t want to talk about it, living with each other will bring you closer. You may not realize it until you've moved out, but once things are all said and done, you’ll be able to reminisce about what you went through and hold debates about who was most obnoxious.

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