No More SAT or ACT at University of California Schools

No More SAT or ACT at University of California Schools
Izzy Hall

Earlier this week the University of California system agreed to remove SAT and ACT test scores entirely from their admissions and financial aid process. This decision is the result of a court case that the UC schools lost and will affect all nine UC campuses across the state of California.

The University of California schools had already begun moving away from standardized test requirements. Last May, the University of California Board of Regents voted to begin a five-year phasing out of SAT and ACT requirements, with the end goal to develop a brand-new standardized test that would better reflect the skills that the UC schools want their incoming students to know. In-state students who applied this past year to the University of California schools did not have to submit test scores, though they could if they wished.

Now, admissions at all of the University of California schools will be completely test-blind. This change will make the University of California system the largest and most well-known higher education system in the country to divorce itself from SAT and ACT scores. The decision will impact both in-state applicants and out-of-state applicants, the latter of which were still required to submit test scores for the previous admissions cycle even as their in-state counterparts were not.

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