Our Guide to Overcoming Senioritis

Our Guide to Overcoming Senioritis
| Staff

After all the stress of worrying over grades and college applications, an exhaustion can set in. We even have a name for it: senioritis. The problem is that this fatigue gets confused with laziness, and that doesn’t help anyone.

High school seniors are not lazy, they are tired. And understanding that can help you in your fight against slowing down your last year. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you finish strong in twelfth grade.

Celebrate your victories

If you got into college, take a moment to get excited! You did a great job and achieved your goals. Make some time to celebrate with friends or family. Now’s a good time to make some memories with the people around you, before you head to the next stage in your life.

Schedule time to work...

Take a look at your classes and make informed decisions about how to use your time. If you have never been a big planner, now is a good time to experiment with scheduling. For a month, try to block out your activities down to the hour. See what works best for you. Above all, avoid procrastinating! You’ve come so far, don’t overwhelm yourself with impossible last-minute expectations.

…And to rest!

Slowing down may not be an option, but don’t swing so hard the other way that you become burned out. You have most likely been in a frenzy of standardized tests, extracurriculars and senior activities. You deserve a break here or there to relax and check in with yourself.

Join study groups

A great way to get motivated is to work with your friends and classmates. Whether this means studying for finals or brushing up on new materials, study groups are a great way to get inspired by other learners. They allow you to reflect on your academic strengths and on the areas where you need work. Study groups are great for college courses, so now is a good time to get familiar with them.

Finish strong in AP classes and finals

Remember that schools are keeping an eye on your grades even after you’ve enrolled. Do your best and crush those last weeks of school and final exams to be sure of your admittance. Continue your AP work to its fullest as well. You can place out of general education requirements if you do well on your exams.

Search for scholarships!

Taking a look at the grants and scholarships out there can help inspire and excite you. A free scholarship search at will deliver opportunities you qualify for and can apply to right into your hands. Here’s another reason to keep succeeding – good grades can open up even more scholarship opportunities. Challenge yourself to do your best and see what kind of offers you can earn from your hard work!

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