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Pokémon Takes Over College Campuses

Pokémon Takes Over College Campuses
Susan Dutca-Lovell

College students are on a campus-wide hunt, trying to catch 'em all with the latest mobile app craze, Pokémon Go. The 1990s kids' card game laid low the past several years and now people of all ages are catching Pokémon fever - it's even on the brink of overtaking Twitter when it comes to daily usage. From bathroom, to office desk and on campus, fans are finally living the ultimate dream: having Pokémon come to life and inhabiting our world.

Pokémon Go lets players participate in an "augmented reality" that uses a smartphone's GPS to track players' locations and creates a virtual-Pokémon world on the screen. Players can view their physical surroundings as well as that of the Pokémon characters, and the goal is to catch them. Colleges seem to have caught the fever too and are embracing the trend. While focusing on campus safety and reminding students to pay attention to their surroundings, schools such as The University of Central Florida offered shuttle services to students who were playing Pokémon Go on campus during late hours. Some students have stayed out as late as 3 a.m. to play the game.

The buzz has "exploded" since last Thursday and according to Central Florida's campus police, "half of the community was tweeting about what was going on in Dallas; the other half was tweeting about Pokémon Go." Some believe that the game allows for even the most introverted, house body students to get out of their dorms and walk around campus, meet new people, and explore their campus. One student even went as far as claiming that students are "becoming more aware of things that are on campus because they have to walk to these different 'Poké Stops'."

Students aren't the only ones eager to play. College faculty like Samantha L. Jackson, a Coordinator for Academic-Advising Services at Central Florida is "currently on Level 10" and hopes to "level-up by the end of the day." Even the President of Wheaton College posted a photo on Instagram of a Poké Stop on his campus.

Pokémon Go is popular not only because it is easy to download, but also because it is free. If you have a passion for game design or computer science, check out our scholarships and download our FREE mobile app, too!

Comments (16)
Danone H. 7/27/2016
Pokémon Go is so great. I started playing Pokémon as a kid in the 90's, and for me and so many others it's opened a door to something we dreamed about since we were kids. Since so many of us have started playing were going outside more, meeting people we would've never met, and going to place we didn't think we would. Everyday I go to the park and sit outside and walk around for an hour or so. I'm meeting people and I'm so glad it's taken off like this. It's doing wonders for so many people.
Arianna A. 7/26/2016
Pokemon Go, let's face it, it's one of the most popular games out there now. All in less than a month. I've started Pokemon Go because i was such a nerd when it came to the original shows. So to hear that there's an app where you can actually travel and go look for Pokemon, and you can also battle and find gyms. I was excited, I downloaded the app immediately. Though the app wasnt wasn't easy to get a hold of. I mean first the servers would always go down and you would have to fight the app to actually work half of the time. Also your poor phone's battery life when decreased within 2-3 hours of playing your game (or less depending on your phone). Although there are so many problems with the app, you in up in the day happy that you caught a Pokemon, met some of your teammates (team Valor) and you got out of your house and not stay as a couch potato. I love this app I'm in level 11 no almost 12 n my Pokemon are getting stronger every time I travel a different state.
Jasmine B. 7/25/2016
Pokémon Go has taken over the lives of many since it's release in early July. It provides a common outlet for people of different backgrounds to gather together to "catch em all." I know the 1990's babies are experiencing nostalgic feelings while playing. It requires us to get out of the house and move around in order to progress in the game and achieve goals. You have to walk a certain amount of miles in order to hatch eggs. The game encourages people to travel to uncommon places in order to find rare Pokemon. There have been many safety concerns, so those who play need to be cautious of their surroundings.
Zyon J 7/24/2016
Pokemon Go universe is a wonderful game that forces people to go places they wouldn't typically go, therefore exposing then to me things and experiences. Pokemon Go is also an amazing stress reliever. This game also forces you to exercise. The game is designed so you have to walk to achieve certain goals. If this game continues it could maybe one day end child obesity. This game is one of the best made but be sure to beware of your surroundings at all times.
Dominick M 7/22/2016
'Pokemon Go' has changed thousands, maybe even millions of people's life's, all in a short span of about a week. 1990s babies are almost adults or they're perhaps people whom already have obtained degrees from credited universities. They've grown up but that doesn't mean that the thing that used to give them happiness can't give it to them now. From experience, I have went to places I never really imagined I would go because of 'Pokemon Go' and along with that I have met people who also enjoy Pokemon and the game on the phone. The game can easily make you connected with people just by having you and someone else both going after another wild Pidgey, even if you both already fifty.
Alan-Mykel Bond 7/14/2016
The Pokemon Go universe is an unique application that has its multiple use of benefits. This app has a way of getting the user to experiment with their imagination and also go to places that is not an everyday idea towards them. The app is still growing and updating to make it better for trainers. Soon to have a trade system and possibly use the camera feature to help identify new Pokemon you've missed training. The game is brand new still, but the creatures have made it clear that as you go for some fresh air and different horizons to be aware of your surroundings and environment at all times. I believe this game is the next big marketing step towards Nintendo's growth and making improving games and systems. Possiblities are endless and how the game begins with the three main starters of the Kanto region plus Pikachu if you adventure during the start instead of choosing charmender, squirtule, or bulbasuar. This game possesses new heights, but again be aware of your surroundings to prevent endangerment of both yourself and others.
Tamara R. 7/14/2016
The Pokémon Go universe has made quite the change in the lives of many people, from bringing those who have refused to leave their rooms in the past out into the sunlight and fresh air to helping them communicate with others whom already share a common interest. This new application and game does create a new virtual world that aides in the real world but also possesses some dangers, to those fellow Pokémon trainers: be alert of your surroundings!
zcasavant 7/13/2016
It's quite amusing- but also pretty ingenious- that the main thing driving kids out of their dorms and homes is an app!! Welcome to the new generation! I am stil holding back from downloading it, but every day I become a little...... bit..... weaker......
Oscar C 7/13/2016
I am not surprised. just another money making gimmick with a facade of being good for people - going into nature and enjoying the world "without the game", getting into exercise programs and healthy eating habits, as well as relaxing and meditating would be my recommendation.
Sierra S 7/13/2016
I think it's a good way for kids to get exercise as well as interacting with other Pokemon people!
Adrienne K 7/13/2016
Recently the app Pokemon Go was made available to everyone last week. Something I've noticed in the past few days about that app is that it is extremely addicting. I haven't downloaded it yet and I probably won't because I think the app would put me in danger. The reason that I think that because the app takes you places and Heaven forbid it takes me somewhere unsafe. Like the middle of the road or a shady neighborhood. I also read an article about two men who used the app to try and break into a woman's home. I'm not trying to convince anyone to get off the app or anything, I just want others to proceed with caution when they use this app .
Quyen T 7/13/2016
At first, I thought it's just one of those Pokemon games where your avatar is located in a made up world. But I didn't expect the game to take place right here in a location I'm in. the game creator even added actual landmarks from around my town as poke-stops and gyms. It is impressive enough for the world to get hooked on this ap.
Taylor W 7/13/2016
I've loved Pokemon since I was 5, so the past 15 years! This game is a dream come true and has so much potential. I cannot wait to battle and hopefully trade with others. What I think would be pretty neat is for Pokemon to appear visibly in front of you using virtual reality!
Brianna E 7/12/2016
I think that Pokemon Go is a great way to get people out of the house and on there feet. It gets people of all ages the extra exercise that we need in a fun and creative way!! It challenges the users strategy skills and pushes them to have more endurence!!
Brianna E 7/12/2016
I think that Pokemon Go is a great way to get people out of the house and on there feet. It gets people of all ages the extra exercise that we need in a fun and creative way!! It challenges the users strategy skills and pushes them to have more endurence!!
Ben L 7/12/2016
I believe Pokémon Go has become so popular because it is easy and fun to play. Not only are Pokémon fans having fun with this app, but people who have never played or heard of Pokémon before are getting into it. Social media these today is all about keeping up with the latest trends, if thousands of people are obsessed with this game, its going to make someone download this game and find what its all about.
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