Profane Professor Recorded Berating Student, Dropping F-Bomb

Profane Professor Recorded Berating Student, Dropping F-Bomb
Susan Dutca-Lovell

A New Jersey community college professor allegedly shouted obscenities at a politically-conservative student during a sociology lecture on sexual harassment, which has ignited complaints about the college being a "liberal atmosphere where alternative political viewpoints are not tolerated." According to other students, this incident was "one of the many disagreements" that took place over the course of the semester.

During a Sociology 105 class, Professor Howard Finkelstein of Brookdale Community College shouted "f--- your life" to his student Christopher Lyle and pounded his hands on a table during a conversation on sexual harassment. During the discussion, Lyle "insisted both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment," which was met by the professor's outrage and cursing. The incident was documented by a fellow student on their cellphone and the video was shared on the Internet as an "example of growing liberal indoctrination on college campuses."

Lyle claims that he is "being discriminated against at my school because of my's a shame." Furthermore, he asserts that Finkelstein's "outburst is part of the professor's pattern of dismissing and disrespecting Lyle's conservative viewpoints." Finkelstein allegedly tells Lyle to "shut up" regularly and "criticized him for owning a gun and dismissed his opinions as 'the reason American is not great.'"

Joey Smith, the student who recorded the incident, claims he videotaped the class to "show his friends why he hates the course." "He is basically just lecturing this one student for the whole period...we are sitting there and he is speaking directly to Chris, going back and forth about personal thoughts," says Smith.

Lyle was pulled out of another class the following day for owning a gun - the college is aware that he is a gun owner and "wanted to make sure he wasn't going to hurt anyone," according to Lyle. He believes that the school is more concerned about "him being a gun owner than a professor berating him." Lyle still attends Finkelstein's class, claiming, "I have to stand up for myself and my beliefs...I pay money to learn. I don't pay money to get lectured on my beliefs."

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