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Professor Sent Abroad After Posting Hateful Tweets

Professor Sent Abroad After Posting Hateful Tweets
Susan Dutca-Lovell

An associate professor in security studies at Georgetown University who, last week, wished "death and castration" to GOP senators supporting confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is no longer teaching but will be "traveling internationally for university research."

In Carol Christine Fair's Twitter tirade against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, she wrote, "Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist's arrogated entitlement." All "of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps...Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes." In response to the incident, the university decided to send Fair on a "previously scheduled internal research" leave in order to "prevent further disruption to her students and out of an abundance of caution for the security of our community."

Fair has since taken to Twitter to state that she does not condone violence, but was rather attempting to make "YOU as UNCOMFORTABLE as I am using the language of the abuse I receive by the hundreds." Days before, Fair had also called the embattled Justice a "rapist" and "perjurer." Kavanaugh has since been confirmed and sworn in as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. In your opinion, did the university handle this situation properly? Why or why not?

Comments (11)
Sam B 11/1/2018
I don't support Kavanaugh at all, but I think that was an awful way for a teacher to act. At that point, she's just name-calling and making uncalled for threats, and that's not ok. Yes, have your opinions, and I'll have mine. But don't lash out like that, that's not okay to do to anyone on either side of these kinds of debates.
Amy K 10/24/2018
I find it ridiculous that teachers can act like this and not be held accountable because they have tenure. This goes beyond not caring for a situation into killing individuals and watching them suffer. There's something off with her and she should be terminated and sent to seek psychiatric help. No one should be teaching students that has those type of anger issues.
Joseph M 10/17/2018
Classy example of leadership. Calm down... take a breath...
Rowen W 10/15/2018
What she did was absolutely uncalled for and should be taken seriously as a death threat. It is unfathomable that we now have college professors indoctrinating students with their ideologies and opinions, telling them how to think rather than thinking for themselves to come to their own conclusions. The shielding of different opinions and viewpoints by classifying them as "hate speech" is causing our generation to be unprepared for the real world as we will not know how to handle opposing viewpoints or a civil conversation about said viewpoints. The division in our country is only going to grow if we keep teaching people to not tolerate opposing viewpoints. The effect this sort of thing is students throwing temper-tantrums toward others who dare to think differently from them. We have a Bill of Rights for a reason. The first amendment exists for a reason. Until this practice stops in college campuses, the division in this nation will only deepen.
Steve 10/14/2018
Using your voice and words to extreme is sometimes necessary and right and he by no means should have been scolded, this isn't elementary school. People are entitled to their opinions. The so called President of the USA is making fun of her. Judge Kav is taunting the senators who questioned him and he had to apoligize several times: I'm glad the professor spoke what millions of Americans are thinking. You should not shy away from your beliefs. Also, there is conversations and wording like Trump who chants lock her up and tells Russia to go ahead and hack the USA I think that is a little bigger deal then this.
Karen B 10/13/2018
I never want my children to be taught be her. We can disagree. But hate will get us no where. What a shame
Steven P. 10/13/2018
This woman typifies the leftist attitude of hate. Lashing out like she has is disturbing to say the least. Would she want a relative or friend treated in this manner? How about Susan Collins, GOP Senator from Maine; how would she be treated? This Carol Christine Fair is a first class loony tune and is an embarrassment to herself as an educator.
DS VCU 10/12/2018
It is very dangerous to use rhetoric like this, as I have recently seen from so many left wing Americans and Politicians. I consider myself aligned with neither of the two parties, but respect both for different reasons. However, I'm beginning to garner a lack of respect for those on the left because so many are calling for violence, as well as the silencing of free speech for those who are not aligned with their beliefs (Google, FB, Twitter, YouTube, SNL... all are trying their best to silence Republicans.) For example, and I hope he sees this, Senator Corey Booker was quoted as saying that people need to "get up in the faces of [Republican senators,]" and since such comments were made, senator Rand Paul has had many a tough day trying to enjoy peace in public, being harassed often, and even had someone post his home address on the internet. Booker needs to retract his statement, and he and his colleagues need to be careful with their choice of words.
Iris 10/11/2018
Christine Fair should have been dismiss from college right away. She should know better than that how to behave as an adult and professional that students look as an example. When she comeback hopefully her behavior and hate for people that desagree with her may change but I do not believe she will.
Anon 10/10/2018
Doing that was very very stupid. It sets a terrible example for students that they get to cry and whine like children when they grow older. Instead of preparing our students for the real world, many colleges have taken it upon themselves to pamper and baby their students until they graduate, "shielding" them for alternative views or removing the first amendment right on campuses. Its disgusting and its a practice that should be stopped.
Rebecca C. 10/10/2018
This woman should not be teaching at an institution of higher learning, not only for her hateful, terrorist-like threats, but also for the very unprofessional stance she has taken on this issue. Ms Fair is reacting like a spoiled child in reaction to her parents’ more level-headed, unbiased judgement. I’d like to tell her, “Go ahead and throw your temper tantrum- like those kids who shouted loudly and obnoxiously at our US Senators after the hearings- but do it on another country’s soil, not ours!” Doesn’t she realize that her words reflect poorly back on her, and that our Congressmen have a right to express their opinions and vote in a way that their constituents would have them do so, without fear of retribution, threats and vicious name calling? I believe in the right to free speech, but not when someone speaks to deny another that same right!
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