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Professor Shoots Himself in the Foot...Literally

Professor Shoots Himself in the Foot...Literally
Suada Kolovic

The ongoing debate to allow guns on college campuses took an awkward turn on Tuesday when a professor at Idaho State University accidentally shot himself in the foot.

The incident comes just two months after a bill was signed by Governor Butch Otter (R) allowing those with concealed carry permits to carry guns on state and college campuses. The bill – which made Idaho the seventh state to allow concealed guns on campuses – prohibits guns in dorms, arenas, stadiums or theaters. And while it is still unclear what cause the firearm to discharge, Lt. Paul Manning of the Pocatello Police Department told the Daily Beast the unnamed professor’s handgun was in the professor’s pants pocket and was not visible during class. The professor (who possesses an enhanced concealed carry permit) was treated for non-life threatening injuries and an investigation is currently underway to determine if he will be charged with a misdemeanor for discharging a firearm within city limits. “When they passed this law, it was bound to happen," ISU President Arthur Vailas told the Idaho State Journal; an opponent of the bill, he described the incident as "scary and embarrassing.” (For more on this story, click here.)

What are your thoughts on having concealed weapons on campus? Do you agree with gun advocates and the stance that more firearms would increase campus safety or do you think it would do the exact opposite? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Paige S 9/17/2014
Having a concealed weapon on school grounds is absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason for a teacher to be carrying a gun. People often use the excuse, "how can we defend ourselves if we don't have guns?" But honestly, guns have been legal for many years and they have never stopped a children from getting killed. They have actually made it much easier for children to be slaughtered. We have to teach our children to hide and run from the sound of gun shots in schools because it is a common thing to hear about elementary schools being shot up. Instead of teaching children to deal with being shot at, why don't we try to stop people from shooting up schools! The people who say that teachers should carry guns around at school are idiots. A teachers first instinct should be to get students out of harms way. Can you imagine what would happen if a group of teachers all abandoned their kids and went charging into where they thought the assailant was? Having a gun on you does not mean that you will be in an opportune spot to do something about the problem, it just means that you are adding more chances for something horrible to happen. Most importantly though, you don't start a fire to put out a fire. If someone is being violent and shooting at people, adding more bullets to that mix is not the best way to solve the problem.
Nadine S 9/12/2014
I believe that having a concealed weapon on campus is out right ridiculous. What is the point of having a weapon on campus? You go school to learn and if you feel threatened in any way then you should let your school security know. Students don't have the responsibility to punish another individuals and neither do teacher's when we are talking about weapons. We have seen what happens when weapons come into a school building like with the Sandy Hook elementary school. It is our duty to try and understand why these things happen. Then you teach one another why it happens and you do that because you want to stop what is happening. I disagree with gun advocating because I am a college student and I want to know that when I go to school that I am save.
Lesley W 9/11/2014
I don't think guns should be allowed on college campuses, but at least this time he only harmed himself and not some innocent bystander.
Tariq M 9/10/2014
What is the purpose of college? To get a valuable education so you can pursue a career, and then do something for yourself and your people. I think it is a unwise thing to do to allow weapons on campus. How can we have a secured education if you are not in a secured environment. A weapon is meant to harm or kill an individual. If I am under that system, where guns are allowed on campus, then my life is in danger and so is my education.
Joshua H 9/9/2014
It is unfortunate, for him, that he shot himself in the foot. These types of accidents are possible consequences of being willing to put yourself in harms way to defend students, from psychopathic killers. If a psychopathic killer were to go on a rampage, personally I would want to be in this professors class, despite the unfortunate accident. It is better to have these accidents than to stand helpless in the case of ever increasing mass murders in public places.
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