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Quarantine Graduation Party Ideas 2020

Quarantine Graduation Party Ideas 2020
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Graduation is right around the corner for the class of 2020, and given the copious amount of event cancellations, many students won't have the traditional ceremonial experiences they've been looking forward to the past four years. Times may be changing, but the graduation festivities can still go on in extraordinary ways - don't forget you can always plan for an official, in-person party at a later time, when things calm down. For now, here are unique ideas for throwing your upcoming quarantine 2020 graduation party.

Create a Virtual Yearbook

Just because you can't physically sign a yearbook doesn't mean you can't commemorate your high school or college memories with your closest friends and peers. In fact, hundreds of students have created virtual yearbook accounts on Instagram to acknowledge their classmates' achievements, share jokes and memories, and leave words of congratulations and good luck.

Students submit their school portraits, post-graduation plans, quotes, and other personalized mementos to designated Instagram pages. Page or account administrators then edit the content into a uniform layout using software like Google Slides, PicsArt and Unfold. Fellow classmates, including underclassmen, can then post in the comments section as a "signature" in the virtual yearbook. To participate, check Instagram to see if your school and graduating class has an existing page. If not - and if you're up for the task - set one up!

Host a Virtual Graduation Party

If you're a graduating senior this year, you can celebrate your milestone with your family and friends while adhering to social distancing rules by hosting a virtual graduation party. In order to do this, you'll want strong Wi-Fi, a webcam and a video chat platform of your choice. Free and popular video chats services include Google Hangouts and Zoom - the latter of which is optimal for larger groups of people. Although it's free to sign up with Zoom, unpaid plans limit group meetings to 40 minutes. For an additional monthly cost, you can host meetings for as long as 24 hours.

Evite, Punchbowl and Paperless Post let you create, personalize and send free online invitations for your virtual event by way of text or email. Send a private invitation to those you want at your party, including a meeting link and password to avoid virtual party crashers, as well as details regarding the time of the event, theme, and dress code (at least from the waist up!)

Decorate your space for the virtual grad party with streamers, balloons, and homemade décor that align with your party's theme and which can be easily viewed by your party attendees. If you let them know in advance, you can encourage them to participate in the theme in any way they can. Having games or activities at your virtual graduation party is one way to keep the party going, such as karaoke or "Never Have I Ever." Don't forget to carve out some time for speeches, a toast to the graduating class of 2020, and for cap-throwing!

Host a Grad Photoshoot

You can do your 2020 graduation photoshoot from the comfort and convenience of your own home by setting up a backdrop or using the yard to replicate the photoshoot experience. Get crazy with props, create a mock diploma and don your cap and gown, if you have them. These pictures will be worth more than a thousand words when you look back on them and reminisce about the time you graduated high school or college in the midst of a global pandemic.

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