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Scholarship Poetry Contest

Scholarship Poetry Contest
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Wooing a girl with poetry may be a bit seventeenth century, but today’s students can still take advantage of their creative talents. Scholarship poetry contests are common, and writing a poem sure sounds more fun than writing an essay on, let’s say, how Lincoln’s study of law prepared him for the challenges of presidency (those who disagree may visit to see if they are eligible.) If you can do better than the trite “Roses are red” love tribute, you may have a shot at winning money for college. Take those poems out of your diary, and share them with the world: it can pay off.

Below are four scholarships for the poets at heart. For other options, you can conduct a scholarship search at

Poetry Out Loud Scholarship: Competitive students will like this one. A Poetry Out Loud Contest winner must compete at the classroom level before advancing to the school level. After that, winners move on to the state and then finally get to compete at the National Finals. State winners will receive $200 and an all-expense paid trip to Washington to compete in the national competition (the runners-up will win $100). At the National Finals, a total of $50,000 in scholarships and school grants will be awarded.

Live Poets Society of New Jersey: This is an annual poetry contest for students with a poetic flair and a passion for expression. If you miss this year’s deadline, just give it another shot next year: all high school students are eligible. There are many prizes so everyone should try. The best poet will receive the “Poet of the Year” $1,000 scholarship. There will also be a first place winner, 4 second place winners, and 6 third place winners. Numerous honorable mention winners and hundreds of regional winners will be recognized.

Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship: The Amy Lowell Scholarship will award students of any age the chance to pursue their education while traveling abroad. Although winners are not required to be enrolled while living abroad, they will not be able to come home either—not even for family visits. Bringing plenty of pictures and singing up for long-distance phone plan is a good idea. The prize is hefty, so those who are willing to cut their strings can make a bundle. For the 2008-2009 year, the award is $49,000. One member of the English Department at Harvard University, two recognized poets and a group of trustees will be judging the entries so proofread twice.

Comments (2)
Anonymous 12/4/2008
Rain is my cover\r\nFrom the ocean to the sky\r\nLike a blanket falling from heaven\r\nIt is like cold icesicle hitting my face when im sad\r\nIt is warm milk on my skin when im happy\r\n\r\nBut you sometimes scare me rain\r\nYou turn the sky black in the middle of the day\r\nYou throw angry strips of lightning in the clouds\r\nYou thrash at the calm water in the lake\r\nYou drop like a waterfall hitting the sharp rocks at the bottom \r\n\r\nBut just as quickly you come, you go\r\nTaking your safe but scary cover with you\r\nLeaving me alone \r\nAlone in my thoughts \r\nWhere even silence has sound\r\nA place I dare not stay \r\nFor sometimes in my mind I become my own enemy \r\n\r\nThe song says rain, rain go away\r\nBut in my case never leave me ,stay to wash me clean\r\nStay to cover my tears when I cry \r\nYes rain you are my cover \r\nMy safe wet blanket\r\n\r\nPeople may dislike you\r\nCurse when you come\r\nBut me I welcome you \r\nYou are my ironic sunshine \r\nThank you rain
Rebecca J 11/13/2008
my head is like a crazy maze\r\nas I sit and stare into a daze\r\nMy heart is slipping into the grains\r\nas my head goes crazy in the brain\r\nI feel it close but so far away\r\nbut my vision is blured into a fade\r\nAlone. Alone. Alone.\r\nby myself in what I call home\r\nI hear the whispers of the wind\r\nand russling leaves in a blend\r\nMy mind is going insane\r\nmy body aches with pain\r\nOne two three it all goes away\r\nIn the silence my still body lays.
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