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Sizzling Summer 2019 Scholarships

Sizzling Summer 2019 Scholarships
Susan Dutca-Lovell

We're bringing the heat with these fiery summer scholarships for which you can apply this summer break. While scholarships are offered year-round, many students have more free time during the summer to devote to scholarship essays and applications, so we encourage you to prioritize financial aid in-between basking in the sun.

Summer tends to be a slower application season, which may work to your advantage, especially if there are fewer applicants. You may be up against a much smaller pool of qualifiers than you would once college classes resume in the fall. So take advantage of your time off, bring in those application materials, and apply for a few scholarships this summer. You may find yourself in more comfortable financial shape come fall. Here is a preview of the many sizzling summer 2019 scholarship opportunities to apply for over this summer break:

  1. Elmer Carvey Scholarship
  2. ASPET Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF) Individual Awards
  3. Chad Smith "Smalls" Scholarship
  4. First Responders Children's Foundation General Scholarship
  5. Men of Principle Scholarship
  6. Turco Muñoz Domestic Violence Survivor Scholarship
  7. BBB Ethical Torch Essay Scholarship
  8. Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship
  9. American Fire Sprinkler Association Second Chance Scholarship
  10. Pursuit's Inaugural Scholarship Competition
  11. Steadman Foundation Art Scholarship
  12. LGBTQ Scholarship For Senior High School Students
  13. Jim & Anna Hyonjoo Lint Scholarship
  14. 9th Island Cultural Club of Las Vegas Aloha Scholarship
  15. NBCC Foundation Military Scholarship
  16. The Rick and Sherry Murray Medical Futures Scholarship
  17. NCCF Survivor Scholarship Program
  18. Rockefeller State Wildlife Scholarship
  19. Connie Priscilla Fund Scholarship
  20. The George Geng-On Lee Minorities in Leadership Scholarship
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